The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone to feature an advanced digital wallet

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Hottest New Crypto Listing On Major Exchanges

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone to feature an advanced digital wallet

By Charles Thuo - min read

Samsung announced that it shall be launching its new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone on February 25 this year and the smartphone will have a digital wallet.

According to a press release issued by Samsung, the new smartphone’s digital wallet shall allow users to store identity documents like student ID, passports, national ID, and digital car and house keys.

There were also reports that the digital wallet will also allow users to store and access boarding passes for access and air travel digital tickets. That means users could use the smartphone to store their digital event tickets. The asset wallet shall also offer ‘asset management’ to simplify users’ routines like showing ID or travel documents before flights and so on.

Other reports indicate that the Samsung digital wallet shall also be able to store cryptocurrencies.

The Samsung digital wallet is seen as a counter to the Apple Wallet that currently does not support cryptocurrencies or the storage of vaccination documents.

Current Samsung wallet

Currently, Samsung Galaxy users can store some documents and digital keys and even make payments through the Samsung Pay app.

Samsung has however not confirmed if the new Samsung wallet shall replace the Samsung Pay or work in conjunction with it. It is also not clear if the new digital wallet shall be compatible with the previous Samsung Galaxy models.

Samsung uses a technology called Knox Vault to make it possible to store crypto on its current digital wallet. It also uses a secure processor that separates sensitive data from the main operating system of the phone; meaning your passwords, blockchain keys and biometrics are always secure.

The new Samsung Galaxy however introduces new security features among them the ARM microarchitecture that will help prevent cyber-attacks targeting your operating system or phone memory.

The recent developments continue to shed more light on Samsung’s interest in blockchain technology. In January, Samsung announced a virtual flagship store in Decentraland blockchain.