The Rise of GXChain on the Global Blockchain Stage

The Rise of GXChain on the Global Blockchain Stage

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

It was an exciting moment. On the afternoon of October 31st, during 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week, one of the most influential blockchain event in the world, Yunpeng Ding, Director of International Business Development at GXChain, highlighted the mission of GXChain in his speech, not only to the audience present, but also to the people who were watching the live broadcast all around the world: “GXChain is for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value.”

That was GXChain’s Breakout Session at the Main Stage: Epicenter during San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019. San Francisco Blockchain Week seeks to provide a world-class education for both consumers and developers with the goal of pushing the boundaries of blockchain innovation. That was not long after the crisis at GXChain’s office in China concerned with its personal data business, which has been adjusted corresponding to the newly enacted laws and regulations.

Mr. Ding also illustrated the future plan of GXChain in his speech. “The direction of development will stay the same. We will continue to focus on the ecological construction of the public chain and the development of trusted computing” he said.  In terms of our public chain, GXChain will continue to promote GXChain ecosystem, and give GXChain more use scenarios. More specifically, Mr. Ding illustrated in his speech: “We hope to further expand the number of both users and applications, and drive these applications to form a complete ecosystem by getting involved into users’ daily life, social and business experiences.”

In terms of data and trusted computing, GXChain realized that the current reforms in the data industry, including the introduction of new laws and regulations, is a huge opportunity for trusted computing. There is a need for technology as the solution to the current regulations. The demo of trusted computing has been completed, and GXChain is looking for application scenarios for trusted computing. The strict management in the financial industry is actually our opportunity. The data industry today requires a secure approach to data processing. The problem is how to find a good industry track for the first rapid commercialization. Although the process of commercialization may take longer than people expected, GXChain has taken action, and they’ve been looking for application scenarios for trusted computing.

After Mr. Ding’s speech, the Panel GXChain hosted invited included Alyssa Tsai, founder & CEO of PANONY & PANews; Alexis Johnson, President of Light Node Media; Archil Cheishvili, CEO of GenesisAI; and Charles Li, Managing Director of Spark Blockchain. They contributed their views on the differences of the blockchain industry between China and the U.S. Yunpeng Ding from GXChain raised the point that the business models might be different. “Compared to China’s focus on business model innovations, people in the U.S. may pay more attention to infrastructure models” Ding shared his opinion on this topic.

The panel also covered topics including the hyper volatility in the secondary market today, and regulations and compliance of blockchain in China and the U.S.

In addition to the official conference, GXChain was also invited to 2019 U.S.-China Blockchain Gaming Investment Summit during San Francisco Blockchain Week. As the representative for GXChain, Mr. Yunpeng Ding participated in the Innovation for Gaming Industry Panel in the Summit.

Recently, there are more great news from GXChain. On December 3, GXChain was invited to attend the “2019 CAN Summit · Everything Interchain”. The summit was held by the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government as the guiding unit. GXChain was one of the most popular booths in the past two days. What’s more, GXChain was shortlisted in the “Challenge AWARDs of Global Blockchain-Top Ten Public Chains” of the 2019 CHAINSIGHTS Financial Technology and Blockchain China Summit. Produced by Caida.

Not only in China, GXChain is making huge progress at the international stage. GXChain has achieved a strategic research partnership with the Blockchain Research Centers at major higher education institutes with global influence, including the one at Stony Brook University. GXChain was invited to attend and award to students during the End-of-Semester Meeting and Celebration on December 6th organized by Stony Brook University, due to the generous 2-year donation from GXChain (details can be found on the official website of Stony Brook University’s College of Business). At the same time, new progress has been made in the construction of GXChain’s overseas community. The Thai community has been added to GXChain global family, and a local blockchain enthusiast is constantly engaged.

GXChain will seize the chance given by the era and the industry, and be brave and confident to overcome all the challenges to develop trusted computing and the public chain ecosystem, as they always did.