TreatDAO is today’s top crypto: the best place to buy TREAT after 450% surge

TreatDAO is today’s top crypto: the best place to buy TREAT after 450% surge

By Joe Khalique-Brown - min read

TreatDAO helps content creators monetise SFW and NSFW content using NFTs, democratising the content space

TreatDAO is the top token in the crypto market today, with a humongous 450% rally today taking it to a new all-time high of $6.05. TreatDAO allows creators to tokenise and monetise photos, online magazines, and videos using NFTs, and the DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) is governed by TREAT holders. 

If you want to enter the fray today, read on to find the best place to buy TREAT.

How & where to buy TreatDAO in the UK and elsewhere

TreatDAO is available from many crypto platforms, including a range of both brokers and exchanges. See our list of regulated services below to choose your crypto investing home. Once you’ve made an account and added funds, you can start your TreatDAO trading journey right away.

Unlicensed and unregulated platforms should generally be avoided if at all possible. This is because the financial authorities don’t have oversight of such entities, so your investment is vulnerable to hacks, scams, and other dangers.

What is TreatDAO?

TreatDAO is aimed at creators of both SFW and NSFW content (safe for work/not safe for work). It aims to help democratise content revenue streams so that creators get paid more fairly for their work, instead of big tech and advertising companies getting the lion’s share. The project’s ambitions are noble, and the market clearly appreciates this. 

The TREAT token is used for governance and will allow users to run the DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) without a central authority. This could make the token valuable if the project is successful. 

Should I buy TREAT today?

Up by 450% in just 24 hours, TREAT is one of the most viral coins around today. If you want a quick return on a high-risk, high-reward investment, then TreatDAO could be for you. The project is still in its infancy, so early adopters could see huge rewards.

This article is informational only — none of the contents should be construed as financial or investment advice.