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UbiatarPlay, the Revolutionary, Worldwide Telepresence System and Marketplace, Announces ICO for Ubiatarcoin

UbiatarPlay has announced the official launch of its much-awaited ICO for the Ubiatarcoin, the token that will power the most advanced telepresence system. The crowdsale will comprise 15 million Ubiatarcoins, and participants can use Eidoo a smart mobile wallet for Ethereum (ERC20) tokens, for taking part in the ICO in an easy and seamless way.

Be everywhere. One of the dreams of mankind that is commonly depicted in sci-fi movies is telepresence, and the UbiatarPlay platform is now ready for use in the UbiatarPlay Marketplace, where anyone can register as an ‘Avatar’ and offer their physical presence for hire to a ‘Usar’, or act as a ‘Usar’ and hire an available Avatar using the Ubiatar coin.

Ubiatar is the world’s first viable and real solution to acquire the power of ubiquity, the ability to be anywhere of one’s choosing, through its smart phone app. Ubiatar does to telepresence what GUI did to computers back in the 1980s. Instead of typing out requests with just a dim hope that it will be acted upon, Ubiatar brings control icons in the Usar’s hands, and they can lead and control what the video feed shows them.

Ubiatar is not merely a piece of technology, but an entire ecosystem that will help create job opportunities for everyone, anywhere, and allow for creation of micro-enterprises through HumanApps. For example, anyone in Cairo can create the ‘Egyptian Museum Cairo Experience’ as a HumanApp on the UbiatarPlay marketplace, and let Usars explore any room or masterpiece of their choice.

Another interesting part of the Ubiatar platform is the Human Empowerment Network. The marketplace will support a complete range of small to large third-party business projects. An individual or business can thus brand their Avatar identity, create a name, logo and description and set up a project page for the business, brand, charity or any legal entity. This makes the network more than a marketplace, and more than mere social networking. For those interested in e-commerce, the AvatarEcommerceServices allows the Usar to request the Avatar to buy any local product they have seen. Also under development are UbiatarPlayLiveBroadcastWorldwide, the largest live streaming, real-time video service for the world, and Narrative and creative cross-cultural contests.

”With Ubiatar you really have the power to be everywhere. You can find a human Avatar anywhere in the world and live those experiences. Avatars will have access to a cool fashion line and a very simple, open smartphone holding and stabilization system developed by UbiatarLabs. The ubiatar network is a peer-to-peer cloud-based, auto-scaling, cutting-edge system based on Amazon Web Services data centers,” says Fulvio Dominici, Founder and CTO, ubiatar inc.

The funds from the crowdsale of Ubiatarcoin will go towards marketing activities, since the software platform is already live, and fulfill the mission of UbiatarPlay to make the token value rise in the fastest and biggest way possible while creating job opportunities the world over. The concept and technology behind UbiatarPlay were presented at Las Vegas CES 2017.

The ICO of Ubiatar coins will be available through the Eidoo app from March 23, 2018 onwards. The ubiatar app will allow storing of not only its tokens but any ERC20 token and other currencies to be added in the future. The wallet can be used in conjunction with other third party wallets, or to exchange and spend Ubiatar coins using a ubiatar debit card.

“We believe that humans are far better than any robot and good will is more powerful than computers. We are giving an easy and honest job opportunity to anybody, anywhere. We are also helping people overcome their physical limitations to see and experiment any place, any culture, any interaction; making mankind better and each individual a better human,” says Fulvio.

Ubiatar inc is a US-based company offering patented technology, apps and software that make possible the Ubiatar Play marketplace. The Swiss based UbiatarPlay AG owns the marketplace and uses ubiatar technologies to offer its services to the public in a peer-to-peer, decentralized fashion.


For more information, please visit: http://ubiatarplay.io

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