Uniswap Labs Buys Crypto The Game: A Huge Endorsement For This P2E Meme Coin?

Uniswap Labs Buys Crypto The Game: A Huge Endorsement For This P2E Meme Coin?

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Updated 18 June 2024


Uniswap Labs acquires Crypto: The Game on the Base blockchain.

The acquisition reflects the growing value of gaming to the crypto community.

Gaming platforms like Galaxy Fox benefit from the heightened interest.

Uniswap Labs, the team behind the popular decentralized exchange, Unisiwap, has acquired Crypto: The Game. This game is on the Base layer-2 blockchain and has become one of the most popular decentralized applications in recent months.

The growth of blockchain gaming reflects the overall sophistication of this industry. It is no longer a binary sector of trading crypto assets. Aspects like gaming and other forms of utility reflect the broad usage of this nascent technology.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is also making a difference for gaming enthusiasts. This play-to-earn game has launched in these exciting times and gained traction fast. The utility meme coin was listed on Uniswap in April and is on its way to becoming the next $1 memecoin.

Uniswap Labs Acquires Crypto: The Game

Uniswap Labs has decided to foray into web3 gaming by acquiring Crypto: The Game. The platform announced on June 10, 2024, that it had acquired the popular game that launched on Coinbase’s Base Layer-2 Network. This survivor-styled game is entering its third season, and Uniswap Labs looks to build on the momentum.

The Uniswap Labs team’s experience building blockchain apps should be decisive in the process. Uniswap Labs intends to add exciting themes, twists, and drama for its community. The terms of the deal are still confidential, but it will likely involve a combination of cash, tokens, and equity for the game developers.

CTG released its first season in January and became an instant sensation. Users contributed 0.1 ETH to join and voted until a winner emerged with rewards.

This acquisition leverages the game’s core fanbase to improve the product and elevate the gaming experience. Uniswap will benefit from the utility with more usage of its services.

Galaxy Fox Game To Benefit From The Visibility

The heightened interest in gaming comes at the right time for Galaxy Fox, roughly two weeks after the company launched its game in mid-May.

Galaxy Fox, a play-to-earn gaming and meme coin platform, integrates high-level gaming and greatly incentivises community participation.

The game involves players nurturing digital fox characters that engage in exciting battles throughout. They earn rewards for their efforts in regular tokens and NFT collectibles that add value to their portfolios.

Tokenized gaming is an improvement on traditional gaming. It democratizes governance and takes absolute power from gaming studios that previously exercised unchecked power. Additionally, players get rewards in valuable tokens, which makes their efforts worthwhile.

Investor interest in Web3 gaming will give this game some tailwinds. The crypto sector is dynamic, and anyone with innovation and boldness gets the reward for it. Galaxy Fox is building a vibrant community and is set to become a top meme coin from the utility. Accordingly, investors are scooping up this token to ensure they reap the rewards from the expected growth.

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Uniswap Labs has made a bold bet on the gaming scene and should pave the way for similar acquisitions. The approval of crypto ETFs has made it easier for external institutional investors to come on board and explore more gaming platforms.

Galaxy Fox fits the mold for such investment. Its utility token is a blueprint for gaming platforms to maximize innovation in this sector. Accordingly, this could be one of the best projects to launch in 2024.

Visit the Galaxy Fox website today to learn more about the project.

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