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Vertex is the next step in ICO investments

he unique concept that Vertex has presented to the blockchain platform of providing a first of its kind suggests that this is the next step in the evolution of Cryptocurrency investments.

No longer are investors needing to be part of an elite group that is fortunate to be able to buy in with $100 000 or more.  There is no more need for a secret club mentality. Vertex is changing the face of investing in cryptocurrency and paving the way for a new dawn and how blockchain based investments will work in the future.

We have come a long way since 2009.  The market has been flooded with various ICO’s screaming to be the next best thing.

Vertex has addressed both of the above issues by changing the face of ICO investments forever.

From now going forward, the average investor will be able to get involved in the top ICO’s with as little as $50 and still be offered preferential prices.  They will also be able to invest with peace of mind due to Vertex stringent vetting process. This is not only a great thing for a wider audience of investors, but it is also great news for ICO’s established and new.

Vertex will provide a pooled audience of investors that have already been through the KYC process, and the market will have more liquidity due to early buy-ins.

Vertex is showing the next steps for ICO investments going forward as being a more robust and confident market which is open to a broader range of investors that can now be confident in how to get involved in the market as well as where to get involved.


Vertex is creating the first market of its kind and a unique token that combines trading, venture capital experience, and fair-value-based tokenization. Vertex will create a financial ecosystem that will ensure a high-end, profitable market for investments in cryptocurrency, through its platform. Vertex offers the first aftermarket for ICO’s, which will provide investors with strong opportunities to get returns and bring more fiat resources into cryptocurrency markets, by attracting capital through its ICO vetting mechanisms. Vertex.market is an OTC platform and will offer tokens before they are listed on exchanges, the moment an ICO is over.

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Offers 15 crypto coins to buy&sell including BTC, LTC, ETC, NEO and more
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