Web3 platform MYTH becomes the latest project to be adopted by TDeFi

Web3 platform MYTH becomes the latest project to be adopted by TDeFi

By Charles Thuo - min read

TDeFi, a startup incubator for DeFi assets projects, has announced that it will add MYTH, a Web3 platform built for fantasy, sci-fi, and horror fans. TDeFi works closely with companies and projects as a startup incubator and advisor while MYTH allows the fans to connect with each other through Web3 technology.

MYTH will join more than 45 other projects that are currently using TDeFi’s incubation program. Examples of projects that are in the TDeFi incubation program include Vulcan Forged, Gari, Biconomy, MetAmazonia, Bridge, and Sinverse among others.

MYTH joining TDeFi ecosystem

By joining TDeFi’s ever-growing ecosystem, MYTH will achieve its goal of becoming the go-to ecosystem for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror in the Web3 space.

Besides being adopted by TDeFi, MYTH has been on an upward trajectory with 14 partnerships featuring top names in Web3 gaming, NFT comics, gamified collectibles, and the metaverse. Through this diversification, MYTH is able to deliver original comprehensive fantasy-based content to its community members.

MYTH also has a native token called MYTH token, which is used as a governance token, for incentives and for empowering users to build their creations.

MYTH’s ecosystem is built around community-directed projects, play-to-earn (P2E) fantasy games, digital publishing, and fantasy art collectibles. All these facets support the creation of a unified pop-culture metaverse.

TDeFi’s incubator

TDeFi’s incubator helps projects from the launch phase and through every other phase of a project’s lifecycle until the project becomes a success. It provides startups with access to world-class mentors, necessary tech and tools, marketing, community-building techniques, exchanges, liquidity, partnerships, and industry connections.

One of the main advantages of TDeFi’s incubator program is that it does not require projects to make any upfront payments to join. TDeFi acquires a fixed percentage of a project’s token supply rather than charging a fee.

In addition, every project that qualifies for the TDeFi incubator program automatically becomes a partner to all the events that are hosted by TDeFi like the global hackathon BizThon that is scheduled for October.