What to expect as Chiliz edges closer to Chiliz 2.0

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Hottest New Crypto Listing On Major Exchanges

What to expect as Chiliz edges closer to Chiliz 2.0

By Motiur Rahman - min read

The introduction of staking could trigger a massive rally 

  • Chiliz is close to launching Chiliz 2.0.

  • The upgrade comes with multiple benefits, including staking. 

  • Investors can look forward to a rally once the upgrade is complete. 

Chiliz (CHZ) is one of the cryptocurrencies changing the sporting world. Through the Chiliz blockchain, sports teams can create tokens that can better interact with their fans while also unlocking value in ways never seen before.

Besides its ability to transform the world of sports, Chiliz has a lot of opportunities for investors. In the last Bull Run, Chiliz was a top performer, and it has what it takes to become a top performer in the next Bull Run. Chiliz is already making moves that could trigger a rally faster than the rest of the market. 

One of these moves is Chiliz 2.0. Chiliz 2.0 is the more advanced version of Chiliz. Several factors will see Chiliz 2.0 become a game-changer in the blockchain ecosystem.

Through Chiliz 2.0, the Chiliz blockchain will move to Binance Smart. This will make it faster and, with lower fees, suitable for its adoption. On top of that, Chiliz 2.0 is set to introduce intellectual property protection technologies and consumer rights technologies.

Most importantly, Chiliz 2.0 will allow investors to stake Chiliz. This is likely to drive up the adoption of Chiliz, as investors looking to earn a passive income will flock into Chiliz. 

All these factors combined could trigger a massive rally in the price of Chiliz once the market turns bullish again. 

Chiliz range-bound 

Source: TradingView

Chiliz is currently trading between an upper bound at $0.195 and a lower bound at $0.1897. If bulls can push Chiliz through the $0.195 upper bound, it could test $0.21 in the short term. 

However, if bears take control and push Chiliz through the $0.1897 lower bound, then $0.179 could be tested in the short term. 


Chiliz is currently working on Chiliz 2.0, which will make it faster, more efficient, and introduce staking. This could be a huge deal, as it could trigger adoption and help drive up the price.