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Where to buy DPRating: big week for “Moody’s of crypto”?

DPRating is a  third-party cryptocurrency ratings agency. It aims to give impartial investment scores for all major cryptos, emulating the credit agencies of the traditional finance world.

DPRating, the third-party crypto ratings agency, states in its Twitter bio that it wants to “become the “Moody’s” in the digital currency sector”. Given its lofty goals, it is impressive that DPRating’s ERC-20 token, RATING, has rallied by over 200% in the last 24 hours.

Can an obscure crypto startup really attain the legendary status of financial institutions like Moody’s? Keep on reading to learn more about DPRating, as well as how and where to buy RATING tokens.

How & where to buy DPRating in the UK and elsewhere

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What is DPRating?

DPRating is a Chinese cryptocurrency ratings institute that was founded in 2018. Its token, RATING, enjoyed some success in the 2017/18 bull market, and also managed a strong rally this spring. It is now surging again, potentially marching towards new highs.

DPRating makes its mission very clear, openly sharing its admiration for the traditional finance (TradFi) giant Moody’s. The qualifications issued are identical in format to the scores issued by Moody’s for bonds: scores like AAA or BB may sound familiar to fans of The Big Short, a film in which bonds rated by this system play a pivotal role.

The Shanghai firm has rated a huge range of coins, from Facebook’s Libra to newcomers like Chainlink. If they can maintain a comprehensive overview of the investability of the sector, then there is no good reason why DPRating shouldn’t achieve what Moody’s has in TradFi.

Should I buy DPRating today?

With a highly successful blueprint to follow in the TradFi world, DPRating has the potential to become a household name in the future of digital assets. Currently priced at $0.0006777, RATING is still some way off its highs from earlier this year.

If RATING’s market moves can keep up its current momentum, it could rally back to these highs, and even make a run at the all-time high of $0.01921056. In the long run, investors who believe in the future of cryptocurrency could reasonably expect DPRating to stick around and potentially increase in value over longer timeframes.

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