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How and where to buy Pop Art Cats NFTs

Fact Checked

What are Pop Art Cats NFTs?

Pop Art Cats is a collection of colourful cats by artist Matt Chessco. The images have a grainy, stippled feel about them. Like cartoon oil paintings, each Pop Art Cat is unique—there are cats with hats, cats with tennis-ball eyes, and cats smoking dubious-looking cigarettes. There are cats treading water, perched behind fences, and sitting on grass. If you ever thought it would be impossible to dream up so many different ways to depict an eccentric feline then you haven’t yet seen Chessco’s NFT gallery on Opensea.  

Launched in early 2022, Pop Art Cats has rapidly grown in popularity. Holders gain instant access to the Pop Art Cats ecosystem where they can win prizes, canvas prints of their NFTs, and original art by Chessco. Significantly, art owners also hold some sway; purchasing an NFT immediately gives them governance rights. This means that they have voting power proportional to their holdings and can take part in company decisions that influence the project’s future road map.

Currently, that roadmap includes airdrops of Pop Art Luxury Suites to holders, creating a Pop Art Cats board game, an online merchandise store, and a cryptocurrency called Popcoin. There are also various Pop Art Cats sculptures to lay your hands on and much more besides. So, if you like what you’re hearing and want to become part of the Pop Art Cats community, you’ll need to buy an NFT.

To buy Pop Art Cats NFT, you’ll first need to buy Ethereum (ETH). Below is one of the best places to buy ETH. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an NFT Cost?

If you’re wondering how much it costs to buy an NFT, you wouldn’t be alone. But it’s a difficult question to answer because the price of NFTs is always changing. Much like the cryptocurrencies you buy NFTs with, volatility always needs to be taken into account; trends shift, things move fast and valuations change. The best way to find out the current price is to check out one of the marketplaces where it’s being sold. Places like Opensea and Rarible list their prices. On the day you want to buy Pop Art Cats, take a look and you’ll notice the floor price. This is the lowest price of an NFT within the collection. Prices for each NFT will vary according to where they are in the collection—number one will, most likely, be more expensive than number 9050—and how desirable they are.

Where can I view the rarity of my NFT?

You can view the rarities of all Pop Art Cats NFTs by visiting or RaritySniper. Rare Pop Art Cats NFTs are limited in supply and can be quite costly.

What is a DAO?

A DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation. DAOs are great ways for crypto and NFT communities to work together on projects and aim for a common goal. The decentralised nature of DAOs ensures everyone has their say.

How can I join the Pop Art Cats community?

Purchase a Pop Art Cats NFT, then head over to their Discord server and connect your wallet. You’ll access holder exclusive channels and the ability to take part in the Pop Art Cats DAO. The Discord server can be found on the Pop Art Cats Opensea page, on their website or on Twitter.