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How to Buy Powerledger POWR - A Beginner’s Guide

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Australian Power Ledger was is a very exciting crypto project, with huge ramifications for the real world. Power Ledger enables people to buy and sell energy. You hear about that a lot these days. People with solar panels on their roofs sometimes produce more energy than they need. What if they could sell that right back to the grid? Power Ledger and its sister token Sparx makes this possible. We won’t get into the nuts and bolts of Power Ledger here, but we will show you how to invest in Power Ledger with Binance. All of these options will allow you to buy Power Ledger by a different method, one of which may be an excellent choice for you.

Where to Buy Powerledger

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Why Buy Power Ledger Now?

First of all, renewable energy is a market in its earliest infancy. It’s faster growing than any other corner of the energy sector, but it is far from an industry leader at this point. This is not to say that it won’t become an industry leader. Solar and wind costs are declining all the time, other forms of renewable energy are making further advances. Any cryptocurrency firmly enmeshed with renewables will stand to make enormous gains. From another perspective, Power Ledger is unbelievably cheap at the moment. Down from an all time high of almost $2 per coin, Power Ledger is now worth about $0.40 each (in late-mid July). When the market bounces back, you can bet that Power Ledger is going to rebound in impressive fashion. Invest in smaller altcoins before price rises

How to Buy Power Ledger Through Exchanges

If you want to actually own your Power Ledger so that you can use the Power Ledger network, you’ll have to use an exchange that sells real coins. Here are the best, which offer a unique service to investors.


  buy powerledger binance  

Binance won’t do the work for you, but they are a stellar cryptocurrency exchange. Here, you’ll create an account, deposit a spending currency like Bitcoin, then trade it on the Basic Exchange for Power Ledger coins. Once your new POWR has arrived in your Power Ledger wallet on Binance, transfer it to a Power Ledger wallet on your device. More on that in a sec.

How to Store Power Ledger in a Wallet

Like all cryptocurrencies, Power Ledger must be stored in a wallet. There’s no other way to own cryptocurrency. A digital wallet is a piece of software that keeps your crypto’s private keys safe, and allows you to receive, transfer, and spend cryptocurrency. Like we’ve said a few times now, Power Ledger is an excellent crypto project. This means that there are many wallets out there that support its storage. You can find a list of the very best crypto wallets on our site at that link earlier in this sentence. Choose the one that fits your needs best, and store your Power Ledger in it.


Power Ledger is an A+ cryptocurrency, which very well may change the way the world uses and buys energy. If you believe in its mission, you have a great reason to buy Power Ledger. If you simply think it’s a good investment, that’s another reason to take the plunge. You can use our short tutorials above to find a place that’ll make your Power Ledger purchase seamless and comfortable. Once you own these coins, all you have to do is wait and hope that Power Ledger lives up to all its promise. We think it definitely will!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Else Can I Buy Power Ledger?
 Let’s say that for some reason, Coinbull, and Binance are not available or acceptable to you. Where do you turn? Fortunately, there are a bunch of other places that sell Power Ledger. The following will give you a good place to start: Bittrex, Changelly, Cryptopia, Coinspot,, KuCoin, TDAX, UpBit.
Can I Store My POWR in MyEtherWallet (MEW)?
 Power Ledger is a proud ERC20 token. This means that the Ethereum blockchain was used to create Power Ledger. One cool thing about ERC20 tokens is that they can all be stored by using a single Ethereum address. Just make a MyEtherWallet account and send your Power Ledger there (if you want). You can also store hundreds of other ERC20 tokens at this same address.
Is the Power Ledger ICO Over?
You’re late to the party. We’re sorry. The Power Ledger ICO has been complete for months.
Can I Work for Power Ledger?
 Interestingly enough, Power Ledger makes it pretty easy to apply. This is a fast growing company always looking to take no people with expertise. All you have to do is create a support ticket on Put 2000 in the subject line. This code will let the good folks at Power Ledger know that you’re looking for employment. They’ll contact you with updates.
Can I Sell My Extra Electricity With Power Ledger?
 That’s all up to your energy provider. If you have a home energy source like solar panels, you’ll be able to make a lot of electricity. If you make surplus and want to sell it, contact your energy provider and ask them to become part of the Power Ledger network. The Power Ledger company can help you with this, so contact them about any efforts you’re making with your energy provider.