30+ Bitcoin Statistics, Facts and Trends

30+ Bitcoin Statistics, Facts and Trends

By Charles Thuo - min read
Updated 15 November 2022

Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, has been the most popular cryptocurrency around the world. Since its launch in 2009, the cryptocurrency has remained steadfast even with the launch of thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

In this Bitcoin statistics page, we shall explore various Bitcoin statistics and facts to broaden your knowledge about Bitcoin.

Before delving into details, here are some of the key Bitcoin statistics you should know:

  • As of October 27, 2022, the total number of bitcoin coins that were in circulation was 19,190,693.
  • About 46 million Americans own a share of Bitcoin.
  • The average revenue per day for Bitcoin miners is $20.39 million
  • New Bitcoin blocks are mined after about every 10 minutes.
  • Every new block adds about 6.25 bitcoins (BTC) coins to the circulating BTC supply.

Bitcoin market statistics

1. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization

At press time, Bitcoin’s market cap was $396,989,745,642, with the market cap of its greatest competitor, Ethereum, being $191,181,646,454.

2. The highest price that a single bitcoin has reached is $68,789.63

According to CoinMarcketCap, Bitcoin’s all-time high is $68,789.63, which it reached on November 10, 2021.

3. The lowest price that a single bitcoin has reached is $65.53

The lowest price that a single bitcoin has ever sold at is $65.53, which was on July 05, 2013.

4. Over 19.19 million Bitcoins were in circulation as of October 27, 2022

According to CoinMarcketCap, 19,190,693 bitcoins were in circulation supply as of October 27, 2022. The number keeps on increasing about every ten minutes with the mining of new Bitcoin blocks.

5. New Bitcoin blocks are mined about every 10 minutes

According to Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, new Bitcoin blocks are mined and added to the Bitcoin blockchain every 10 minutes. And every block adds an average of 6.25 BTC coins to the Bitcoin circulating supply.

6. On average, 900 bitcoins are mined daily

144 Bitcoin blocks are mined every day. Multiplying that number by 6.25 BTC per block gives a total of 900 bitcoins per day.

7. The daily average revenue for Bitcoin miners is $20.39 million

According to YCharts statistics, the average daily revenue for Bitcoin miners is $20.39 million as of October 26, 2022.

8. Slushpool have about 200,000 Bitcoin miners

Slushpool controls about 12% of Bitcoin’s hashrate with about 200,000 miners. If 200,000 represents about 12%, the total number of Bitcoin miners around the world is over one million.

9. The average Bitcoin transaction fee is 0.0001 BTC/tx

According to YCharts, the average Bitcoin transaction fee is 0.0001 BTC per transaction which translates to about 2.05 USD per transaction using the current bitcoin price of $20,592.

10. The size of the Bitcoin Blockchain is over 434.22 GB

As of October 26, 2022, the size of the Bitcoin blockchain was 434.22 GB and it keeps on growing with the addition of newly mined blocks.

11. More than 775 million Bitcoin transactions have been completed

As of October 26, 2022, the total number of completed Bitcoin transactions stood at 775.03 million.

12. Bitcoin Average Confirmation Time on Oct 26, 2022, was 63.05 minutes

According to YCahrts, the average confirmation time for a Bitcoin transaction on October 26 was about 63.05 minutes. The confirmation time varies from time to time. It was 31.74 minutes on the previous day.

13. The average Bitcoin difficulty is 36.84 T

The average difficulty of finding a new Bitcoin block was 36.84T on October 26, 2022. However, the difficulty changed with time.

14. An average of 306K bitcoin transactions are confirmed daily

According to Blockchain.com, the number of bitcoin transactions that are confirmed on a daily basis has shot up to above 306,000 as of October 27, 2022.

Bitcoin adoption

15. About 85% of the Bitcoin community are men

According to a ‘Bitcoin Community Engagement by Gender Summary’ by Coin Dance, men constitute 85.77% of the Bitcoin community.

In 2015 CoinDesk conducted a survey that revealed that more than 90% of Bitcoin users were male. The figure has therefore reduced significantly as more women come on board.

16. Women constitute about 14% of the Bitcoin community

14.23% of the Bitcoin community are women.

17. The majority of Bitcoin users are aged between 25 and 34 years.

According to a ‘Bitcoin Community Engagement by Age (18+ only) Summary’ by Coin Dance, those between 25 and 34 years accounted for 41.35% of the Bitcoin community enjoyment.

According to the summary, those aged above 65 years are the least Bitcoin users.

18. Reddit’s r/Bitcoin community have more than 4.7 million members

More than 4.7 million Redditors have subscribed to the r/Bitcoin community so far.

19. More than 200 million people across the world have a bitcoin wallet

According to Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, there are currently more than 200 million people around the world that have a Bitcoin wallet.

20. MicroStrategy owns 130,000 bitcoins as of September 20, 2022

As of September 20, 2022, MicroStrategy, which is currently the largest corporate buyer of Bitcoin, currently owns 130,000 bitcoins.

The corporate bought 1,914 bitcoins for $94.2M on December 30th, 2021, then purchased 660 bitcoins for $25M during the first month of 2022 and purchased 4,167 bitcoins for $190M between February 15, 2022, and April 5, 2022.

21. Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in 2021

In February 2021, Tesla revealed that it had invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin; something that resulted in a sudden surge of demand in BTC sending the price of bitcoin soaring above $69,000 in November last year.

22. Tesla currently holds 130,000 BTC

Tesla remains the second largest holder of bitcoins after MicroStrategy with 130,000 bitcoins. Galaxy Digital Holdings is the third largest bitcoin holder with 16,400 BTC.

23. Tesla sold 75% of its bitcoin holdings in Q2 2022

According to Tesla’s latest earning report, the company sold $936 million worth of bitcoin, which is approximately 75% of its total holdings, to raise cash.

Tesla said it realized a gain of $64 million on the sale of its bitcoin holdings in Q2.

24. The FBI owns 1.5% of the world’s bitcoins

According to Forbes, the FBI owns about 1.5% of the world’s bitcoins; a majority of which are accumulated from cybercrimes interventions.

Bitcoin hacks statistics

25. Mt. Gox’s 850,000 BTC hack remains the largest Bitcoin hack ever

The Mt. Gox hack that occurred in early 2014resulting in the loss of about 850,000 BTC which at today’s bitcoin value is worth more than $17.4 billion remains to be the worst Bitcoin hack ever.

26. 120,000 BTC were stolen from Bitfinex in 2016

Bitfinex’s hack that resulted in the loss of 120,000 BTC is among the largest Bitcoin hacks after the Mt. Gox hack.

27. Bitcoin was stolen from the Zaif crypto exchange in September 2018

Zaif is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan and on September 14, 2018, it was hacked and an equivalent of $60 million in cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monacoin was stolen.

The hackers reportedly gained access to the exchange’s “hot wallets” through where the exchange held funds for immediate transactions. Tech Bureau the company that manages the reported hack to the police and the FSA.

After the hack, there was a suspension of withdrawals and deposits, until a bailout agreement with FISCO, a Japanese company that injected 5 billion yen in financial support into Tech Bureau.

28. 7000 bitcoins were stolen from Binance in May 2019

According to a post on Wired.com, on May 7, 2019, hackers stole over 7000 Bitcoins valued at about $40 million from the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange using a variety of techniques including phishing, viruses and other attacks.

29. Africrypt founders absconded with $3.6 billion worth of bitcoins in 2021

In June 2021, Africrypt founders were suspended after they escaped with bitcoins worth about $3.6 billion.

30. In December 2021, BadgerDAO DeFi users lost around $118,500,000 worth of bitcoin

According to The Verge, on December 2, 2021, users of the BadgerDAO DeFi lost around $118,500,000 worth of bitcoin and $679,000 worth of Ethereum tokens in a front-end attack.

31. In 2021, Malaysian police arrested six people for stealing 2 million in electricity to mine Bitcoin

Malaymail in February 2021 reported that the Malaysian police had arrested six men involved in a Bitcoin mining operation which had stolen US$2 million in electricity. The police seized 1,746 bitcoin mining machines.

  1. Bitcoin-related hacks have reduced in 2022

According to the data analyzed by the Atlas VPN team, blockchain hackers stole more than $478 million worth of cryptocurrencies in the third quarter of 2022. However, the Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystems were the most affected. Ethereum ecosystem lost about $347, Polkadot ecosystem lost about $52 million, and the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem lost about 28 million.

Bitcoin and other crypto ecosystems excluding Fantom and Solana ecosystems were categorized as ‘other’ and they jointly lost about $27 million.