50+ Interesting Cryptocurrency ATM Statistics

50+ Interesting Cryptocurrency ATM Statistics

By Benson Toti - min read
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A crypto automated teller machine (ATM) is designed to allow customers to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies – via cash or through credit/debit cards. Some of the machines, which work via QR codes and send purchased crypto to a user’s wallet, also allow for the selling of digital assets for fiat.

Since the world’s first deployment in 2013, crypto ATM installations have increased to hit their thousands across the world. The past few years have indeed seen an explosion of installations as more locations accept crypto, offering users a chance to effortlessly buy or sell different cryptocurrencies. Today, there are more than 38,600 crypto ATMs, most of which are in the United States.

Read on to explore 50+ crypto ATM statistics, beginning with the highlights below:

  • The first public Bitcoin ATM was launched in October 2013 at a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The first person to use a publicly available Bitcoin ATM was Victoria Hansen on 29 October 2013.
  • 81 people used the first Bitcoin ATM on the first day, buying $10,000 worth of BTC.
  • Bitcoin ATMs grew more than 3,900% between 2017 and 2022
  • 20,000 new crypto ATMs were installed worldwide in 2021, increasing the number from about 14,000 at the start of the year to more than 34,800 in December of 2021.
  • 60% new installations were achieved in 2021 alone, with a peak 7 new crypto ATMs nearly every day
  • The United States leads the world with the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs at 33,780, or 87.5% as of October 2022.
  • El Salvador, the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender has the fourth-largest share of crypto ATMs in the world with 212 installed ATMs.

World’s first crypto ATM launch

1.World’s first Bitcoin ATM opened in Canada in 2013

The world’s first physical and publicly available crypto ATM was launched on 29 October 2013 at the Waves coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada.  Mainstream media, including the BBC, covered the historic moment.

2. 81 people used the world’s first Bitcoin ATM on the first day

The crypto ATM at Waves coffee shop in Vancouver attracted transactions from 81 people, according to a GeekWire report at the time. The publication noted the 81 different transactions amounted to $10,000, with almost a third of the groundbreaking group being first-time Bitcoin users.

3. World’s first public user of a Bitcoin ATM

On 29 October 2013, Victoria Hansen bought Bitcoin worth $200, with her transaction completed at 9:00 am making her the first recorded public user of a Bitcoin ATM. The Daily Intelligence reported this on 30 October 2013.

Crypto ATMs by type and support

Crypto ATMs can be divided into two categories by looking at the type of transactions supported. In this case, there are one-way and two-way crypto ATMs. Users can either buy only, or buy as well as sell using the same automated teller machine.

4. About 77.7% of crypto ATMs support buy only transactions

Over three quarters, 77.7%, of crypto ATMs only offer support for the ‘Buy’ option, industry tracking platform CoinATMRadar data shows.

5. Less than 22.3% of crypto ATMs support buy and sell transactions

While there are over 38,000 crypto ATMs in the world, less than 10,000 support both buying and selling, with data showing only 22.3% of global total offer this functionality.

6. Bitcoin is the most supported coin at crypto ATMs

Bitcoin is the most supported coin and one with the highest number of automated teller machines in the world. Nearly 100% of crypto ATMs in the world are Bitcoin-supported.

7. Ethereum, Dogecoin & Litecoin are the top three crypto ATM supported altcoins

There are also ATMs designed to support many of the other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Litecoin is the second most supported altcoin at crypto ATMs with more than 80%, while Ethereum is third at over 73% and Dogecoin 4th most supported asset at around 39%.

8. Zcash is most supported privacy coin by crypto ATMs in the world

Zcash is available for transactions at more than 7,000 crypto ATMs, or over 19% of global total to currently be the most supported privacy coin.

9. 18% of crypto ATM operators support Tether

The world’s largest and most popularly used stablecoin Tether (USDT) is also the most supported at crypto ATMs around the world. As of October 2022, about 18% of installed machines supported the top stablecoin.

When and where the first Crypto ATMs launched around the world

10.   The first crypto ATM in the US was launched in February 2014

The first bitcoin ATM in the United States launched on 18 February 2014, with installation at a cigar bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ATM maker Lamassu manufactured the machine while Enchanted Bitcoin was the operator.

11.   Europe’s first crypto ATM launched in December 2013 in Slovakia

Europe’s first crypto ATM opened on 8th December, 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The one-way Bitcoin ATM was located at The Pub, a downtown Bratislava restaurant chain and was manufactured by Lamassu.

12.   The first crypto ATM in South America was unveiled in Sao Paulo, Brazil

South America’s first crypto ATM debuted in February 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Lamassu unit was launched by leading Latin America crypto brokerage Mercado Bitcoin and only allowed users to buy Bitcoin with cash.

13.   The first crypto ATM in the UK opened in March 2014

The UK’s first Bitcoin ATM was installed on 4 March 2014 at a café in Shoreditch, East London. The ATM was made by crypto ATM firm Lamassu, with London-based startup Future Coins the operator.

14.   The first crypto ATM in Asia launched in Singapore

Asia’s first bitcoin ATM opened in late February 2014 in Singapore. The machine developer was Tembusu Terminals.

15.   Africa’s first crypto ATM launched in May 2014

The startup ZaBitcoinATM unveiled the first bitcoin ATM in Africa in May 2014, with the Lamassu machine installed in Johannesburg, South Africa. The launch of the first crypto ATM in Africa was revealed via BitcoinTalk Forum on 20 May 2014. East Africa’s first cryptocurrency ATM was installed in Nairobi, Kenya, in June 2018, while Nigeria welcomed its first digital currency automated teller machine in April 2020.

16.   The first Bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas opened in July 2014

Las Vegas-based Coin Cloud launched the first Bitcoin ATM in the entertainment capital of the world in the Viva Vegas souvenir shop on 30 July 2014.

Global crypto ATMs distribution and growth

As crypto adoption increased, so did crypto ATM installation around the world. While the first physical crypto ATM opened in 2013, growth was slow in the first two years before the 2017 and 2021 crypto bull markets helped skyrocket global crypto ATM installations. Here are the top stats in terms of distribution and overall growth around the world.

17.   There were less than 100 crypto ATMs in 2014

In January 2014, there were just about 10 crypto teller machines globally. However, the number grew steadily into 2015 before exploding between 2017 and 2019.

18.   Global crypto ATMs hit 1000 in February 2017

The total number of bitcoin and crypto automated teller machines crossed the 1,000 mark in February 2017.

19.   Crypto ATMs numbers hit 10,000 worldwide in September 2020

September 2020. The total number of ATMs across the crypto industry worldwide hit the 10,000 milestone in September 2020.

20.   Crypto ATMs increased 55% in 2020 to hit over 14,000

There were over 14,000 crypto ATMs in the world by the end of 2020, up from about 6,359 at the start of the year to reflect a 55% growth during the year.

21.   More than 20,000 new crypto ATM installed in 2021

Crypto ATMs rose by a massive 20,820 new installations in 2021, the peak numbers no doubt aided by the bull market that catapulted bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to new all-time high prices. According to data from CoinATMRadar, installations jumped 60% globally in 2021, increasing from 14,052 at the start of the year to 34,872 by December that year.

22.   Average of 57 crypto ATMs installed daily in 2021

With over 20,000 new digital currency ATMs installed in 2021, the average per day was about 57 machines. According to statistics for the year, about 1,710 new locations opened every month.

23.   Crypto ATMs hit nearly 39,000 installations in 2022

The global number of digital currency automated teller machines hit nearly 39,000 in 2022, with total worldwide installation increasing from 34,387 at the start of the year to 38,823 by end of August 2022.

24.   Crypto ATMs grew more than 3,900% between 2017 and 2022

The world’s total crypto automated teller machine numbers soared between 2017 and 2022. From below 1,000, increased popularity saw over 37,000 installations in just over five years to represent an increase of more than 3,900%.

25.   There are 38,621 crypto ATMs in the world

By October 2022, there were a total of 38,621 crypto ATMs in the world, according to the latest statistics from CoinATMRadar.

26.   An average of 3 new crypto ATMs are installed every day

Currently, 3 new crypto ATMs are installed per day, with this CoinATMRadar gauge showing an average high of about 7 new launches per day. The number fell considerably in the third quarter of 2022, with the crypto winter likely contributing to the slowdown.

27.   482 crypto ATMs removed in August 2022

Despite hitting an all-time high near 39,000 in the year, a total of 482 crypto automated teller machines were removed in August 2022. Stats show that this is the biggest drop month-to-month since November 2015.

Crypto ATMs by continent

Crypto ATMs are spread across the world, with a look at distribution mainly based on the key regions of North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Africa.

28.   North America has the most Bitcoin and Crypto ATM installations

North America has the most Bitcoin and crypto ATM installations as of October 2022, with 36,662 ATMs. CoinATMRadar estimates the continent’s Crypto ATM numbers make up 94.9% of global installations.

29.   Europe has the second most Crypto ATMs installations

Europe with 1,463 Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs installed as of October 2022 is the continent with the second most cryptocurrency ATMs in the world. The total represents 3.8% of worldwide installations.

30.   Asia’s 269 crypto ATMs in 2022 represent 0.7% of worldwide installations

According to statistics as of October 2022, Asia has a total of 269 bitcoin and crypto ATMs, representing 0.7% of these devices globally.

31.   Oceania has about 110 crypto ATMs in 2022

The Oceania region, which includes countries such as Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand, has around 289 digital assets ATMs. This represents about 0.3% of global figures, with the majority of installed machines in Australia.

32.   South America accounts for 0.2% of all crypto ATMs in the world

According to CoinATMRadar, the number of crypto ATMs in South America is 89, or just 0.2% of installations when categorised by continent.

33.   Africa is the continent with least number of crypto ATMs

Africa, as of October 2022, has the least installations with 28 cryptocurrency automated teller machines. According to CoinATMRadar, that’s about 0.1% of the global total.

Crypto ATMs by countries

34.   Top 10 crypto ATMs by country

The chart of Bitcoin ATM numbers by continents and countries shows the following as the top 10 countries by number of installations in the world:

United States (33,780 ATMs)
Canada (2,635 ATMs)
Spain (261 ATMs)
El Salvador (212 ATMs)
Poland (206 ATMs)
Switzerland (152 ATMs)
Hong Kong (142 ATMs)
Austria (134 ATMs)
Romania (133 ATMs)
Australia (114 ATMs)

As of October 2022, Germany has 97 installed crypto ATMs, Italy (78), Czech Republic (71) and Greece (66) to rank among the top 15.

35.   The United States has the highest number of crypto ATMs in North America

The United States has the most crypto ATMs in North America, and indeed the world, with 33,780 machines across the country to account for 87.5% of all crypto automated teller machines.

36.   The US had over 17,430 crypto ATMs in 2021, about 1,190% more than the country with the second highest number

Data from Statista shows the United States had 17,436 installed cryptocurrency teller machines in 2021, while the second highest number of 1,464 was in Canada. The numbers show total installations in the US were about 1,190% higher, or nearly 12 times more than Canada’s.

37.   Spain has the most Crypto ATMs in Europe

Data gathered by CoinJournal reveals Spain leads Europe in terms of total number of crypto ATMs per country. With 261 machines currently installed, Spain tops European nations such as Poland (205), Switzerland (154) and Austria (132).

38.   South Africa has the most Crypto ATMs in Africa

South Africa has the most installed crypto vending machines in Africa with 21. According to CoinATMRadar, Nigeria has two and Kenya has one.

39.   Hong Kong has the most Crypto ATMs in Asia

Hong Kong has a total of 142 installed cryptocurrency ATMs to rank as the country with most crypto ATMs in Asia.

40.   El Salvador has the most Crypto ATMs in Latin America

El Salvador, with automated crypto teller machines at 212 locations, has the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs in Latin America. If we look at the region as Central America and South America, El Salvador still commands the highest, while Colombia accounts for the most installations in South America (CoinATMRadar ranks the country 24th in the world, while Brazil with 23 crypto ATMs is second largest on the continent and 29th in the world.)

41.   Does the UK allow crypto ATMs?

CoinATMRadar lists 23 crypto ATMs in the United Kingdom. However, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ordered all crypto ATMs in the country to shut down in March 2022, stating that all operators at the time were offering their services illegally.

Top crypto ATM operators

42.   There are 600 Crypto ATM operators in the world

There are nearly 600 crypto ATM operators in the world, according to data on the Bitcoin ATM tracking site CoinATMRadar.

43.   Top 10 crypto ATM operators globally

The top 10 operators of bitcoin and crypto ATMs by market share are Bitcoin Depot, Coin Cloud, CoinFlip, Bitcoin of America, Bitstop, RockItCoin, Coinsource, Byte Federal, Localcoin and Cash2Bitcoin.

44.   The top 10 operators run 26,473 Crypto ATMs

According to the latest statistics, the world’s top 10 crypto ATM operators currently run 26,473, or about 68.5% of the installed machines.

45.   A total of 589 companies run 12,147 Crypto ATMs

While more than two thirds of crypto ATMs are operated by companies in the top 10 group of providers, about 589 operators run 12,147, or about 31.5% of the ATMs installed globally.

46.   The largest Crypto ATM operator runs 17.6% of installed machines

Bitcoin Depot is the largest bitcoin ATMs operator in the world, accounting for about 6,813 or 17.6% of market share. Coin Cloud (13.2%), CoinFlip (10%) and Bitcoin of America (6.4%) make the next three largest operators.

47.   Robocoin and Vancouver-based Bitcoiniacs operated the world’s first Bitcoin ATM?

Las Vegas-based Robocoin partnered with Vancouver-based Bitcoiniacs to run the world’s first public ATM, with each customer allowed transactions of up to $3,000 worth of BTC per day.

Top crypto ATM manufacturers in 2022

48. There are 46 Bitcoin ATM manufacturers with at least 1 ATM

While CoinATMRadar lists 65 Bitcoin and crypto ATMs manufacturers, only 46 of them have at least 1 installation as of October 2022.

49. Only 6 companies make 92% of Bitcoin ATMs

The top 6 makers of crypto ATMs  account for 92% of the total global installations, according to the latest figures from CoinATMRadar. The top 6 manufacturers of Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs in 2022 by market share are: BitAccess (31.5%) Genesis Coin (24%), General Bytes (23%), Bitstop (5.6%), Coinsource (5.1%)  and Bytefederal (2.6%).

50. About 40 companies account for just 8% of installed Bitcoin ATMs

40 companies among those with at least one crypto ATM currently installed combine to make up just 8% of market share. Among top names in this group are Lamassu, LightningXchange, Covault and ChivoATM.

51. BitAccess is the top Bitcoin ATM producer with 12,168

The total number of ATMs installed by the leading manufacturer is 12,168 as of October 2022, accounting for 31.5% of both 1-way and 2-way machines.

52. Genesis Coin manufactures nearly 24% of all Crypto ATMs

Genesis Coin, a US-based crypto company, is the world’s second largest crypto ATMs manufacturer. The company accounts for 24% of installed machines in 2022 at 9269 ATMs.

53. Genesis Coin installed 486 crypto ATMs in December 2020

According to CoinATMRadar statistics from 2020, Genesis Coin added 486 Bitcoin ATMs in December to increase its total number by 11%.

Global crypto ATM market outlook

54.   Crypto ATM market was valued at about $35 billion in 2020

The cryptocurrency automated teller machine market was valued at over $35.8 billion in 2020, according to a recent report from Allied Market Research.

55.   Global crypto ATM market will hit $355 billion by 2030

According to the latest industry growth forecast by Allied Market Research, the crypto ATM market will expand to over $355 billion by 2030 – showing growth at an estimated CAGR of 58.5% between 2021 and 2030.

Crypto ATM transactions, fees and costs

The costs associated with buying crypto via an ATM vary from operator to operator. The same applies to the cost of installing or running the machine.

56.   Bitcoin ATMs cost between $6,000 to $15,000

As per ChainBytes, prices can range from $6,000 to as high as $15,000, depending on the type of crypto ATM (one-way or two-way) and manufacturer. Some models can cost as low as $3,000 though, but a two-way machine from some of the top manufacturers will command high end prices.

For example, the FinneyX Bitcoin ATM by Genesis Coin was launched in January 2021 at a starting price of $5555. However, the Genesis1 (2-way) machine is priced around $14,500.

57.  Crypto ATM fees average around 15%

Fees at crypto ATMs can be as low as 2%. However, crypto ATM fees average around 15%, with fees including costs such as crypto exchange fees, card processing fees or forex exchange fees.

58.  70% of Crypto ATM operators have not enabled API for reporting fees

According to CoinATMRadar, over 70% of crypto ATM operators the site is tracking have not enabled API for reporting fees. This means available data is for less than a quarter of the more than 600 operators.

59.  Nearly 75% of bitcoin ATM operators don’t enforce KYC

In 2021, a study by the State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation found that almost 75% of the bitcoin ATM operators running kiosks only required a cellphone number from users.

According to Coinsource, more than 50% of the operators permitted up to $900 worth of transactions without enforcing any other requirement.


The first public Bitcoin automated teller machine went live in October 2013 and as the latest data from CoinATMRadar shows, the global cryptocurrency ATM numbers have increased notably in the last five years.

Adoption across the industry has seen the number of bitcoin and crypto ATMs globally hit near 39,000, with 20,000 new installations in 2021 alone. While Q4 2022 has seen some stalling compared to the previous year, the industry is still seeing a steady rise with more than 4,000 new crypto ATMs in 2022.