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Bitcoin Circuit Review 2020 - Is It Worth It?

With the world reeling from the economic impact of shutdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum were busily outperforming all other asset classes. Cryptocurrency is a technology many observers believe is a custom fit for a post-pandemic world. In a macro environment of endless Government stimulus and money printing, deflationary assets like Bitcoin are increasingly being seen as a non-correlated asset class.

Investing in cryptocurrency isn’t always an easy ride, however. A highly-speculative asset class, the market is subject to rampant volatility and, in some cases, manipulation from market whales. Shrewd traders have begun capitalizing on this volatility; however, with smart trading robots that can trade the unpredictable, better, and faster than humans can. Bitcoin Circuit is one of the most respected trading robots currently on the market. It has a proven smart algorithm that identifies big money moves and automates trades, helping beginners to profit no matter the price direction.

In this guide, we will test Bitcoin Circuit to see if it really can “follow the money” as advertised. We will also look at what it takes to begin profiting from it today.

What Is Bitcoin Circuit?

Despite the growth of the cryptocurrency market, it has been hampered by volatility. But, for traders with the right trading systems and analytics, volatility can be very lucrative. This has led companies to develop smart trading systems and robots or ‘bots’  that react immediately, entering and exiting trades, depending on certain key market signals.

Few of these products have been available to the average retail trader until now.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 8%
Performance - 22%
Ease of use - 15%
Customer service - 10%
App - 20%
Profitability - 15%
Reputation - 5%
Fast withdrawals - 12%
Security - 17%
User testimonials - 28%

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Whos behind

Who Created Bitcoin Circuit?

The team of core developers behind Bitcoin Circuit includes experienced former financial traders, Fintech professionals, and software engineers.

The varied experience of the highly qualified team included former developers of industry-leading trading software like Bitcoin Aussie System and Bitcoin Billionaire.

This made for the perfect blend of experience in designing a high-powered automatic cryptocurrency-trading tool for the retail market.


Start Trading in 3 easy steps

Open a Free Account

Simply go to the Bitcoin Circuit website and enter your details in the form on the home page.

Make a Deposit

Deposit your minimum $250 trading stake. There are several payment methods supported on the platform.

Begin Trading

Once your deposit clears, set your trading parameters and Bitcoin Circuit will do the rest.

What People Are Saying About Bitcoin Circuit

Photo of Edwin York

Really impressed with this software. I have been trading crypto for a while now, and it’s difficult when you are trading against market manipulation. This software gives me the edge I needed in terms of quick market analysis and fast trades!

- Edwin York
Photo of Percy Donovan

Bitcoin Circuit has been great for me so far. I started with $250 and I am already up to $1,350 after two weeks of trading. The trading signals are remarkably accurate, it seems to read the trends really well. I am telling all my friends about it!

- Percy Donovan
Photo of Anton Guzman

My daughter has been telling me about cryptocurrency for ages. I don’t really feel confident buying cryptocurrency on an exchange and then the hassle of storing the coins. I would probably lose them! A friend recommended I try Bitcoin Circuit. I have to say, I am over the moon with this little robot. It is so easy to use. I just set it and forget it. I have already doubled my investment, and hardly lifted a finger doing it!

- Anton Guzman
Photo of Laurence Snow

I only own half a Bitcoin and I’ve felt kind of powerless watching the price fluctuate wildly over the past year. I’d heard about trading robots that could trade volatility and Bitcoin Circuit sounded like one of the best. Having tried it for a month I definitely don’t regret my decision. Now, when Bitcoin experiences extreme volatility, I know the software will be capitalizing on the price movements. I highly recommend people include Bitcoin Circuit in an overall investment strategy.

- Laurence Snow
Photo of Steward Cullen

I work all the time and don’t have the time to keep an eye on my investments. Bitcoin Circuit appealed due to the promise of earning a passive income without really doing anything. The robot is amazing. I purposely set my trading parameters to ensure the minimum amount of risk and just let the money trickle in. I just have to realign my trading settings every now and then and it does the rest.

- Steward Cullen

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Pros & Cons


Simple to use even with no prior knowledge of trading
Easy and fast registration process
Intelligent algorithm that tracks big-money moves
Easy and free deposit and withdrawals
Responsive customer support
High success rate


Lacks the advanced features of major exchanges
Not risk-free. Trade only what you can afford to lose.

Key Features of Bitcoin Circuit


Bitcoin Circuit has one of the highest success rates in the industry, and users can expect to earn more than $1,500 per day, depending on their trading strategy and initial stake. Several users in the testimonials have attested to great success with the software, but it will ultimately depend on how well you set your trading parameters. Withdrawals from the platform to your bank account can be completed in less than 12 hours. 

Verification System

It is simple to open an account and incurs no fees. Visit the Bitcoin Circuit official website and enter your details in the form provided on the top right corner of the homepage. Next, you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $250 and the software will allocate you a recommended broker. Finally, you’ll need to customize the trading settings to reflect your trading bias and level of risk. That’s it, now you can start automatically trading. 

Withdrawal Process 

The withdrawal process is always a great test of how legitimate trading software is. Anything less than a smooth process would turn off traders who demand quick access to liquidity. In our test, we were able to withdraw funds from the platform, without any issues, and within 12 hours.

Costs and Fees

Bitcoin Circuit is completely free to use, without deposit fees, withdrawal fees, or trading fees. When you trade through a broker, you are not actually trading cryptocurrencies; you are trading CFDs – a type of trading instrument. Because of this, brokers tend to have fewer fees than exchanges. When you sign up to use the software you will be referred automatically to a regulated broker at no cost.

User Testimonials

Reviews from people who have used Bitcoin Circuit provide some insight into why it is one of the most hyped trading robots currently on the market. Some earlier users of the software have claimed to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few short months.

Customer Service

Anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of navigating a complex cryptocurrency exchange with no support realizes the importance of customer service.  A good help desk can elevate a trading platform from the good to the excellent. The Customer Service team was responsive to our inquiries both by support ticket and phone.

Regulated Brokers

Automatic trading robots utilize brokers to gain access to the cryptocurrency market. When you are referred you will be charged no fee. Some less reputable robots utilize unregulated brokers for access to the market. In our test, five different transactions were all handled via licensed brokers regulated by reputable financial regulatory bodies.

Is Bitcoin Circuit Legitimate?

In our data test, Bitcoin Circuit performed at a surprisingly high level and was as easy to use as claimed. We compared the performance of the software in a live market test against a manual trader on a cryptocurrency exchange. Over the same period, it outperformed our manual cryptocurrency trader by a factor of two.

Bitcoin Circuit was able to determine trade signals and execute opportunistic trades with market-leading speeds as claimed. 

The numerous positive testimonials from users of the software and recognition from the US Traders Association lead us to believe it is 100% legit.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Circuit for Trading

1. Fully Automatic

Not everyone wants to be an active trader constantly watching a trading screen. This trading robot enables anyone, anywhere to trade volatility like a pro, easily from their pocket.

2. High Win Rate

Bitcoin Circuit has demonstrated an incredible win rate in the hands of some traders. Having a tool that can determine profitable trades with over 90% accuracy is extremely useful.

3. Market-leading Speeds

For a manual trader, processing market data to find profitable trades takes time and energy. Sometimes - like in trend reversals - the time it takes you to get an order filled can be the difference between a winning trade and a losing one. Bitcoin Circuit trades at speeds typically 0.1 seconds faster than the market average.

4. Utilizes Regulated Brokers 

When trading with the software we were referred to four different brokers at no charge. We did some investigating and found these brokers to comply with financial regulatory requirements. All the brokers were regulated by leading government authorities. 

5. Smart Algorithm

Most beginner traders or even some intermediate ones don’t know how to correctly interpret technical analysis indicators and incorporate them successfully into a trading strategy. It'’s smart algorithm generates market signals in seconds, so the robot can execute trades quickly and decisively.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Circuit?

When deciding the best way to use Bitcoin Circuit you need to think about what kind of trader or investor you are. Bitcoin Circuit is software that can trade cryptocurrency volatility and potentially earn you a passive income, but it is not the same as cryptocurrency investing. When you invest in cryptocurrency, you are holding coins in the hope they will command a far greater value in the future.

The best way to use Bitcoin Circuit is to start small. We recommend using it as a component of your investment strategy rather than the whole strategy. Also, you can consider holding some coins for the long-term if you are capable since the future looks promising for crypto. 

When trading, a good rule of thumb is not to exceed your minimum deposit of $250 on the first day. Build your trading stake gradually and make sure to book profits while you can.

Has Bitcoin Circuit Ever Appeared On TV? 

Some rumours have been circulating in chat rooms and on social media that Bitcoin Circuit was featured on both UK and US national TV programs. Let’s take a look at these rumours and see if there is any validity to the claims.

Shark Tank

The original, reality US-based TV show sees entrepreneurs from around the world pitch their business ideas to a team of high-profile angel investors and successful businesspeople. Some have claimed that it was pitched to the Shark Tank team in a recent episode. Having researched the series we found no evidence to suggest it was featured on Shark Tank at all.

Dragon’s Den 

Last year, rumours began spreading about Bitcoin Circuit being featured on the UK reality TV show Dragon’s Den. The investment show is based on the US show, Shark Tank. Dragons Den’s Peter Jones has recently spoken out saying he has not endorsed nor sponsored any trading software, so we will need to assume this rumour is false.

Has Bitcoin Circuit Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Chat room gossip has suggested Bitcoin Circuit was endorsed by several notable celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of the stars rumoured to be using the software to see if the claims stack up.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is a known fan of cryptocurrency, having put his name behind the ICO of a blockchain-based gambling platform. He even suggested people should refer to him as Floyd ‘crypto’ Mayweather. Sadly, we failed to find any direct record of Floyd explicitly endorsing Bitcoin Circuit or any automatic trading software for that matter.

Jamie Foxx

Hollywood star, Jamie Foxx was one of the earliest proponents of blockchain technology from the celebrity world. Jamie threw his support behind the ICO of a cryptocurrency exchange. With over five million followers on social media, any clear financial advice from the Hollywood star would have made headlines. Unfortunately, we can’t find any so we will have to assume this one isn’t true either.

Lionel Messi

Football superstar Lionel Messi is one of the highest-visibility sportspeople to profess his love for cryptocurrency.

 ‘Leo’, as he is affectionately known, is the global brand ambassador for a developer of blockchain-based technology. Messi has publicly expressed his “excitement” over blockchain, but there is little to support claims he expressly endorsed the automatic trading software.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Circuit

Cryptocurrency markets are difficult to predict, even with the best market analytics. Bitcoin Circuit has a high win rate but trading of any kind comes with risks.

Let’s take a look at five practices of the best traders to manage that risk and give this trading platform the best chance of being a powerful tool in your trading strategy.

Start Small

The best approach when it comes to anything that involves your wealth is to take it slow. It is imperative you understand the functionality and limitations of the trading software before using real funds. Fortunately, Bitcoin Circuit is one of the easier platforms to navigate and it has a demo mode we recommend exploring first.

Save Some Profits

It is always a good time to take some profits off the table. Paper gains need to be realized or they aren’t gains at all. It’s always a good idea to withdraw some profits into your bank account at regular intervals. This way, you will be less likely to get greedy and reinvest it, potentially becoming overexposed in the process.

Follow the Advice of Experts

You’ll need to learn from the experts in order to formulate a trading strategy, identify a cryptocurrency you would like to trade, and inform your trading bias. To find experts, search on the social media platforms YouTube and Twitter. It is also a great idea to download Telegram or Slack applications to take a look at what people are saying in the community of a cryptocurrency and gauge their confidence in the project’s future

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Some people forget that trading gains are often taxable. It is a good idea to keep detailed records to ensure you are compliant. Keeping records is a great trading practice generally, not only at tax time. With a thorough record of your trading history, you will be able to analyze the performance of your trades over longer time frames, identify patterns, and inform your future trading strategy.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

Anyone who has traded cryptocurrency for any length of time will tell you, only invest what you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency is a highly speculative asset class and therefore volatile. You may think you know the market direction without a shadow of a doubt and could still be wrong. This is why risk management is so important. Taking profits and managing risk, at the same time, is by far the most profitable strategy.

Our Conclusion

Overall we were extremely impressed with Bitcoin Circuit. The software proved to be a powerful trading tool that can capitalize on cryptocurrency volatility if used correctly. 

In our experience, the algorithm was delivering profitable trade signals at a level we haven’t seen since reviewing two other leading robots, Bitcoin Loophole and Profit Formula.

Its algorithm was able to identify and execute profitable trades with surprising accuracy and speed given the simplicity of the user interface.

The help desk provides access to both technical and general advice. A nice feature for users who have no prior trading experience or who aren’t confident trading on a more complex platform.

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