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Bitcoin Revival Review 2020 - Is It Worth It?

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be particularly volatile assets that create a unique trading opportunity. The quickly changing prices provide numerous opportunities for profit which more stable stocks don’t offer. Because of this, automated trading systems are in high demand to help users identify new opportunities faster than ever before.

In this review we will take a closer look at Bitcoin Revival platform to inspect whether the claims of profit and safety are legitimate, and to help you establish whether it is the right platform for you.

What Is Bitcoin Revival?

Bitcoin Revival was created by two brothers who combined their skills in trading and statistics to build the perfect algorithm. They personally use the platform and have purposefully built it to be customizable by the user due to their understanding that every trader is different. Their platform provides not only the robot but also the guidance of experienced brokers who are made available for a call after registration. This mix of technology and expertise makes Bitcoin Revival a quality candidate in the world of automated trading.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 96%
Performance - 90%
Ease of use - 91%
Customer service - 94%
App - 94%
Profitability - 88%
Reputation - 94%
Fast withdrawals - 92%
Security - 85%
User testimonials - 96%

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Whos behind

Who Created Bitcoin Revival?

Bitcoin Revival was created by two brothers, an expert in statistics and algorithms, and an experienced trader and Bitcoin guru. Through combining the mathematical expertise with the understanding of the financial sector they created a one of a kind software which can sift through huge amounts of data in very little time to come up with price predictions at a 90% accuracy rate. They ensured their product would be flexible enough because they understood each trader has their unique style on the markets. As such, they created a versatile tool using leading technology in the fields of Machine Learning and Data Science, which adapts to the user while continuously learning and becoming more accurate.  

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

Open a Free Account

The registration to the website is completely free, and so is using the software. All that you need to do is provide your name, email and phone number.

Make a Deposit

The minimum deposit is $250 and we recommend not depositing more than that for your first trade.

Start Trading

After this, you will be set. We found it best to start small and grow our account over time, ensuring smaller profits while learning.

What People are Saying About Bitcoin Revival

Photo of Cameron Harper

Talk about Revival! My wallet certainly has been revived. Seriously though, I didn't think it was possible. I never would have dared on my own, but a cousin told me what they were making and I had to give it a go. Haven't looked back since!

- Cameron Harper
Photo of Scott Hamilton

Bitcoin Revival has been a dream come true. I've never had so much financial security before. Using my savings to grow them rather than just putting them away has changed my life, to the point I'm looking at getting a new car years before I ever thought I could!

- Scott Hamilton
Photo of Keith Hall

Thanks to Bitcoin Revival I finally know I'll be able to pay off my mortgage and car soon, even sooner than I originally planned. I lost so much after the crash, it took me years to rebuild. When I came across this auto trading platform I had to give it a shot, I knew I wanted to try to make use of the markets and diversify my income. Then I did my research. Only once I knew it was safe and that I could trust them did I start using it. And oh boy, has it paid off!

- Keith Hall
Photo of Danny Sexton

All I'm gonna say is, I used to have two jobs just to pay the bills. Now, I work part-time and make more bank than ever before. All thanks to Bitcoin Revival, where I learned how to turn what I have into more.

- Danny Sexton

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Pros & Cons


Very simple interface and perfect for beginners and experienced traders alike
Advanced analytic capabilities with an accuracy rate of 95.4%
Automatic and manual trading possible
Completely free to use
Responsive customer support


The minimum and maximum deposits are $250 and $15,000 respectively, so it's not possible to trade with amounts lower or higher than that.
No application available for trading off the web

Key Features of Bitcoin Revival


Testimonials on the Bitcoin Revival website show that users have been making profits well in the thousands and tens of thousands after only a few months. Although those profits are realistic, we would say that it is unrealistic to expect those kinds of returns at the very beginning, using the minimum deposit. 

Verification System

The registration process involves providing some details, such as name, phone number and email, as well as a verification code. This provides additional safety and makes withdrawals safer and easier by lowering the risk of mistaken payments. 

Withdrawal Process

Withdrawals on the platform are really easy to make and come with no hidden fees or costs. You can make a withdrawal any time you wish and the payments will be processed within 24 hours. 

Costs and Fees

We found no additional fees or costs to using this crypto trading bot. Using the robot is completely free, as well as the call with an experienced broker. Make sure to always check the terms and conditions on any website where you wish to trade.

User Testimonials

Within the crypto community, Bitcoin Revival is one of the more well-known automated trading software. It has earned a reputation as a reliable and profitable platform with a high accuracy rate and great customer service. 

Customer Service

Because we are dealing with real money here, it is crucial that everything around the website is transparent and easy to navigate, so that users feel comfortable and safe using the platform. 24/7 customer service goes a long way in helping users get their questions answered and concerns addressed. We found the customer service to be excellent at Bitcoin Revival, and had no issues whatsoever. 

Affiliated Brokers

Besides the technology, the big advantage of Bitcoin Revival is that it works in conjunction with professional brokers who are available to new users upon registration. It is crucial to ensure that the broker you are working with is legitimate, so we conducted some background checks. We found them all to be reputable, certified and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Is Bitcoin Revival Legitimate?

There are many impressive claims made online by users of Bitcoin Revival, from regular users claiming to be making $850 a day, to testimonials of tens of thousands of dollars from the more experienced members. Many claim to have turned profitable within weeks of using the platform, and enjoy a new kind of financial security. We think that the greatest benefit in addition to the acclaimed technology is the availability of professional brokers after registration. Supported by the expertise of these regulated and certified professionals users make the best out of the robot and open themselves up to great profit potential.

Thanks to the algorithm built into Bitcoin Revival, we are capable of detecting brand new trading opportunities which were otherwise undetectable, all the while eliminating human error. 

The algorithm keeps learning as it functions, making it increasingly more accurate over time. This helps not only experienced traders recognize new opportunities, but inexperienced beginners also have great earning potential using these tools. If you do your homework and make the best use of Bitcoin Revival, you certainly have a great chance at earning a lot of money.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Revival for Trading

1. Easy to Use

There's no need for a computer science degree or extensive trading experience to begin using the platform. It has a very easy to navigate interface that is accessible to both beginners and experts of trading.

2. Offers High Returns

It has the potential to generate very high returns. The accuracy rate of over 95% is indeed very impressive and provides a powerful tool for decision making in trading. 

3. Faster Than a Human is Capable

The computational speed these algorithms operate in is much greater than anything a human being could ever achieve. By sifting through tons of data the robot recognizes the buy and sell signals which would otherwise be completely missed, across exchanges and currencies. 

4. Affiliated With Regulated Brokers

We vetted the brokers that we were put in touch with because we felt that it is of crucial importance that the people who will be helping you build your fortune are certified and conducting business in a manner which is in line with regulatory authorities. This is of utmost importance for security most of all, and we can confirm that the brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Revival do indeed adhere to the strictest financial regulatory standards there are. 

5. Automated Trading

The greatest benefit of the software behind this auto trading platform is that it facilitates automated trading, meaning that users don't need to spend more than 20-30 minutes a day to set up the parameters and the rest of the time the platform is making money for you. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Revival?

The first thing to do is, of course, to register to the platform because you need to have an account to make a deposit. Once you have completed the verification process you will have a 10-minute call with an experienced affiliated broker who will guide you through the platform and show you some of the most important tips and tricks on how to start making money. They will tell you everything you need to know about protecting yourself from loss and maximizing your exposure to massive profits. 

After this you are ready to start trading. Make the minimum deposit of $250 and start making small trades while practising the recommended risk management strategies. Resist the urge to invest more from the very start and grow your account slowly over time, increasing your investments as your strategies improve and profits flow in.

Most importantly never forget the number one rule in trading - never bet more than you are able to lose. Even with the amazing accuracy rate of 95.4%, there is always the chance that the market will turn the other way on your next trade. Trade responsibly and you stand to profit greatly within weeks.

Has Bitcoin Revival Ever Appeared On TV?

There's been ongoing discussions regarding Bitcoin Revival's placements on financial tv shows such as Dragons Den and Your Money. We wanted to check whether there was any truth to these rumours so we investigated them closely and present our findings below.

Dragons Den

This popular entrepreneurial TV show from the UK often presents its audiences with interesting new business ideas and concepts. In at least one episode we were able to confirm that automated trading software was indeed presented. However, we found no definitive proof that Bitcoin Revival was ever mentioned by name.  

Your Money

Your Money is a popular CNN financial commentary show which airs on Saturday mornings. Hosted by Christine Romans it often discusses issues concerning finance with how they impact the bottom line. Although it seems that cryptocurrencies are discussed on this show, we were unable to find any substantial proof that Bitcoin Revival specifically has been discussed.

Has Bitcoin Revival Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

When getting into Bitcoin it's great to check out all the people that have openly endorsed it in the past, and see what trustworthy individuals of influence have to say on the topic. Indeed there have been plenty of reports from the entertainment, finance and entrepreneurship industries where insiders strongly endorse Bitcoin and the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Below we investigated some claims that some of these high profile celebrities commented on Bitcoin Revival specifically. 

William Shatner

The world-famous actor William Shatner is a strong proponent of Bitcoin and Ethereum alike, and is even involved in a solar-powered mining farm himself. At first, he recalls being a sceptic who was turned once he began understanding the wider implications that Bitcoin and altcoins have on society. Even so, we were unable to find any tangible proof that he has endorsed Bitcoin Revival in the past. 

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan has come out in support of Bitcoin on social media and other platforms. She spoke on her YouTube channel about her belief in Bitcoin's importance in the evolution of the internet, a message which her very large following certainly heard. However, even after sifting through her considerable content on various channels, we couldn't find any evidence that she endorsed Bitcoin Revival.

Richard Branson

Famous entrepreneur and tech aficionado, Richard Branson has openly spoken out in favour of Bitcoin and about his belief in the role of cryptocurrencies in helping lift people out of poverty. He has also made it clear that people need to be careful because there is a concerning amount of scams on the internet regarding cryptocurrencies. He cautions new traders must make sure the platforms they are choosing are legitimate. We couldn't, however, confirm that he has at any point mentioned any trading software by name.

50 cent

It should come as no surprise that someone as high-profile as 50 cent was involved with Bitcoin from the very beginning. Indeed, he accidentally made millions in Bitcoin after selling an album of his for some of the currency right before it blew up. We were unable to confirm the rumours that he has used or at any time endorsed Bitcoin Revival. 

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Revival

Trading provides many opportunities for profits but it also carries inherent risk. Any trade has the chance of going the other way, and it's important to always implement the right risk management techniques to ensure that you are never exposed to losing more than you are ok with. Below we outline some best practices which will help you open yourself up to great profits and minimal risk. 

Start Small

We always recommend that new traders start small with their trades, using no more than the minimum deposit of $250. It can be easy to get excited and want to invest more at the prospect of profits, but it's much better in the long term to grow your account and investments from the ground up as you improve your skills.

Save Some Profits

Once the profits start rolling in, a mistake new traders often make is to reinvest everything. This is a tempting but dangerous decision to make because of the volatility we mentioned earlier. Always put aside a portion of your profits so that you have secured a portion of them, and reinvest the rest. 

Follow the Advice of Experts

Today we have access to much more expertise than only a few decades ago. Thanks to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we can get insights into how the experts in the trade think, and learn their strategies and predictions. Make use of YouTube clips and talks and keep up with the news in the crypto space to make the best of the robot and maximize your profits. 

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Always keep good records of your trades. It's important to check your local taxation laws on assets such as Bitcoin because in the long-run those who didn't always regret it. An added benefit of ensuring your records are up to date is that you are building a wealth of data which you can then gather learnings from and improve your strategies.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

The most important rule of trading to always keep in mind is to never invest more than you are willing to lose. No matter how certain you are that a trade will go your way, you can never be truly certain. There is always the possibility that the market will turn the other way, and you need to be ready for that. The best way to protect yourself from losing is to make sure you can never lose more than you are ok with.

Our Conclusion

We have spent a considerable amount of time investigating different automated trading software available online and we concluded that by far Bitcoin Revival comes up on top. The platform not only offers an amazing accuracy rate and high returns, but great features such as responsive and transparent customer service, affiliate broker, and ability to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies. It is unparalleled in its potential for profit and accessibility to both beginner and experienced traders. 

The most important thing is to never forget to protect yourself, both from online scams and unnecessary losses in the market. Check the terms and conditions, do your homework, use every resource at your disposal to learn as much as possible, and start out small. Never invest more than you are able to handle losing because no matter how sure you are in what will happen next, you can never be completely certain.

If you would like to do even more research into the various automated cryptocurrency trading systems out there we can recommend a few others to check out which we have also vetted and found to be legitimate. Some of our top choices beside Bitcoin Revival are Profit Formula, the Bitcoin Method and Crypto Code.

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