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Bitcoin Superstar Review 2020 - Is It Worth It?

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins it, is fast becoming a household name and for good reason. Crypto has many advantages over traditional financial systems. It is completely frictionless, immutable and can transfer value from one part of the world to another in record speeds. It also enables people to ‘be their own bank’. Now, we have institutional money swarming to gain exposure to this rapidly growing asset class, which has a genuine shot at outperforming every asset class in history.

However, cryptocurrencies are notorious for high volatility and this presents a problem for some investors. But, for traders, great volatility offers a great opportunity. And that’s why smart traders are coming up with new and innovative ways to capitalise on these rapid price fluctuations, regardless of the market direction thanks to platforms like Bitcoin Superstar - an automatic trading bot that combines a smart algorithm with a rapid response trading bot.

What Is Bitcoin Superstar?

Bitcoin Superstar uses a groundbreaking approach to capitalize on cryptocurrency price swings, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze key market data and execute trades in milliseconds.

It stands out in the world of automatic trading due to its incredibly high trading success rate. Bitcoin Superstar has demonstrated a 99.4% hit rate, which is currently unmatched in the cryptocurrency trading robot industry.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 27%
Performance - 11%
Ease of use - 18%
Customer service - 27%
App - 15%
Profitability - 11%
Reputation - 18%
Fast withdrawals - 28%
Security - 30%
User testimonials - 13%

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Whos behind

Who Created Bitcoin Superstar?

Bitcoin Superstar is the brainchild of two brothers, one incredibly passionate about data analysis, and the other a seasoned trader with a passion for crypto. The brothers set out to provide smart automatic trading software simple enough for anyone to use yet powerful enough to compete with institutions and trading terminals. 

In the early days of crypto, these siblings noted that manual traders were losing profits to trading firms, which deployed sophisticated and faster trading tools. Drawing inspiration from the world-renowned ‘TD Indicator & Sequential System’, they sought to attempt to automate this legendary system and incorporate it into a trading robot. The result is an intuitive automated trading software that enables anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like a professional.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


It took only a few minutes to create a new Bitcoin Superstar account. This involved entering our full name, email address, and phone number into the system.

Making a Deposit

Once we were registered the system prompted us to make a minimum deposit of $250. We made this payment via credit card quickly and easily.

Start Trading

While Bitcoin Superstar Superstar is far less complex to trade on than a traditional exchange, demo trading is a welcome feature to learn the ropes.

What People Are Saying About Superstar

Photo of Affan Price

I have been using Bitcoin Superstar as an additional investment source along with manual trading on an exchange. I am now considering giving up manual trading altogether as this little robot is showing me up! With all the fees on a cryptocurrency exchange, this is way cheaper to use. My little ‘Superstar’ has an uncanny knack of picking trend reversals.

- Affan Price
Photo of Finlay Griffiths

I am more of an investor than a trader. I have been adding to my cryptocurrency holding for some time using dollar-cost averaging (DCA) to help deal with the volatility. I still felt like I was leaving money on the table though, in times of extreme volatility. I decided to give Bitcoin Superstar a try and it has proved the right decision. This little robot can make money regardless of the market direction.

- Finlay Griffiths
Photo of Isaak Ramsay

I am honestly trying to figure out why more people are not talking about this software. A friend recommended it to me, and I am already up to $1000 after a few days of trading. Unbelievable! Thank you Bitcoin Superstar.

- Isaak Ramsay
Photo of Arran Hester

I really have to thank Bitcoin Superstar for changing my life. I lost my job when the Coronavirus pandemic hit and I really didn’t know where to turn. A friend recommended trading with this software and I haven’t looked back since. I was able to pay off my loan and put away some money for the future, all because of this trading platform.

- Arran Hester

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Pros & Cons


Fully automated ‘set and forget’ functionality
Industry-leading hit rate of 99.4%
No fees or commissions
Collects market data and identifies trades in real-time
Cutting edge encryption and security
Trades 0.1 seconds faster than market
Artificial Intelligence informed algorithm
A help desk with 24/7 customer support
Simple to use even for beginners


Not entirely risk-free. Always trade with caution.
Have to deposit $250 to trade

Key Features of Bitcoin Superstar


Bitcoin Superstar suggests the average member makes around $1100 daily. We were unable to reach this figure in our short trial with the software, but we got pretty close. We believe that by tweaking the trading settings and based on your stake, $1100 is potentially attainable. From the testimonials, some members are claiming to have made their first million in just 61 days. The website features a live profit results table so you can see the type of payouts the system is generating.

Verification System

Whenever you trade any financial instrument, stock or cryptocurrency, you generally need to confirm your identity to the platform you are using. This is so the exchange or broker can stay compliant, as well as to ensure your identity and your account are secure.

Withdrawal Process

If you want to test the authenticity of a trading platform, see how long it takes to withdraw funds. Bitcoin Superstar has streamlined the withdrawal process to make it easier for traders to take profits. Thankfully, they charge no fees to withdraw funds from the platform.

Costs and Fees

We already mentioned that Bitcoin Superstar has no withdrawal fees. Well, there are no deposit fees also. In fact, there are no fees involved at all. This trading software is completely free to use and traders are able to withdraw 100% of their profits from the platform.

User Testimonials

Bitcoin Superstar features numerous testimonials on its website indicating traders’ satisfaction with the platform. Most of these traders have profited in some way from the software, suggesting a high success rate.

Customer Service

In a bid to reinforce its label as the best user-friendly trading software, Bitcoin Superstar has a professional help desk, available through a web form, should you need any advice when using the software. We contacted the help desk and received a reply within four hours.

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin Superstar is only a trading software. In order to gain access to the cryptocurrency market, it needs to go through a trading desk or broker. We liked the fact that all the brokers we were referred to were fully compliant and regulated by leading authorities.

Is Bitcoin Superstar Legitimate?

We were impressed with Bitcoin Superstar in our small data test. The software performed well in our speed tests, but it was the algorithm that really shined. The trading software collates more market data than most retail trading robots and it shows. Our own experience with the software leads us to believe that Bitcoin Superstar is indeed legitimate and effective if correctly managed.

The number of users, SSL encryption on the platform, and the fact all trades are monitored by licensed and experienced brokers suggest Bitcoin Superstar is both dynamic and legitimate trading software.

Any claims of illegitimacy are put to bed by the many positive testimonials on the platform’s website coupled with winning the award for the best trading software by the US Trading Association. Bitcoin Superstar proved to be one of the best performing trading robots we had reviewed, competing in our test metrics with other market leaders like Crypto Revolt and Profit Formula.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Superstar for Trading

1. Simple to Use

People with absolutely no trading experience will be able to use Bitcoin Superstar. It is that easy. The added support of a help desk makes sure everyone can use the platform as intended.

2. Industry-high ROI

Bitcoin Superstar is a bit of a superstar when it comes to the intelligence of its algorithm. With a hit rate of 94.4%, it stands out in the trading robot industry.

3. Robot Trading is Fast

Bitcoin Superstar processes a large amount of data into trading signals and then executes trades from those signals at speeds 0.1 seconds faster than the market. While seemingly insignificant, speed is extremely important when trading volatility.

4. Linked With Regulated Brokers

We were referred to five brokers during our trial of the software. We went digging into the background of these exchanges and were pleased to discover they were all reputable brokers regulated by leading authorities.

5. Fully Auto Trading

The testimonials are full of people raving about being able to pocket trade with the software. The set and forget functionality enables people to switch off from their investment if they have set the correct trading parameters.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Superstar?

We believe Bitcoin Superstar is best utilized in unison with a longer-term investment strategy. Cryptocurrency is a growing market and it is important to have some long-term exposure. If the market trades sideways, at least you will know this auto trading bot is functioning in the background, automatically scalping trades. The technology is particularly useful in gauging trend reversals and when coins are reaching a local top or bottom.

The ability to pre-set trading parameters should be thoroughly explored to ensure you use all risk management tools at your disposal. Fortunately, using a trading robot is generally far easier than trading on a cryptocurrency exchange or OTC desk.

Has Bitcoin Superstar Ever Appeared On TV?

There has been rampant speculation in trading rooms online that Bitcoin Circuit was featured on international television programs related to finance. We investigated these claims to find out if it has really been shone on television.

Dragons Den

The UK version of Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den features a panel of judges from the investment world, judging entrepreneurs’ business ideas and deciding whether or not to invest. The show features high profile ‘Dragons’ on the panel including successful business people like Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman and Sara Davies. Sadly, we couldn’t find any record of it appearing on the show.

Shark Tank 

Shark tank is the original American investment show where aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world pitch their business models to a panel of investors. Gossip in trading chat rooms suggested Bitcoin Superstar was featured on the series last year. While it is possible someone pitched a start-up based on the software to the show’s producers, we looked for any evidence of it appearing on Shark Tank and found none.

Has Bitcoin Superstar Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Bitcoin Superstar is growing in popularity and the software has been linked with several celebrities. Most of these rumours have been on social media. We did some searching to see if any celebrities have endorsed this trading software.


The popular New York rapper turned music business mogul seems to have his hand in a few pies these days. Jay-Z is a known investor in the cryptocurrency-trading App, Robinhood. We failed to find any evidence of Jay-Z putting his considerable weight behind Bitcoin Superstar, however.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a name known the world over. Few celebrities have the reach of football stars like Ronaldo and there are legions of fans watching his every move.  When we did some research into Ronaldo’s investments, we found his name had been fraudulently linked with cryptocurrency scams in the past. Ronaldo has never endorsed any trading robots to our knowledge.

Mark Cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban has invested in several businesses built on cryptocurrency and blockchain in the past. When it comes to Bitcoin, however, he said he prefers bananas as a store of value. We couldn’t find any information that would suggest Cuban liked auto-trading cryptocurrency either, though we wouldn’t be surprised.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Superstar

While having access to a cutting edge trading bot gives you some advantage, all trading comes with risk. There is never a guarantee that you will make money. But there are several steps you can take, to put yourself in the driver’s seat to make money with Bitcoin Superstar. These common-sense practices will ensure you don’t make rookie mistakes and stay in the game.

Start Small

In keeping with good risk management practice, it’s always a good idea to start small. Take stock of the software with thorough usage of the demo mode, until you feel comfortable placing a trade. Take a measured approach and make sure that all trading positions are properly sized. It’s better to try making small amounts than risking too much in one trade. Make sure to employ all the risk management tools offered by Bitcoin Superstar.

Save Some Profits

A profit isn’t a profit until it’s realized. Make sure to convert your paper gains into real ones as soon as possible. It’s good practice to take some profits regularly and completely withdraw them from the platform. While your funds are on the platform they are at risk. Even from yourself reinvesting them prematurely. Withdraw them at regular intervals.

Follow The Advice of Experts

In devising a trading strategy, speak with experienced traders first to get their thoughts about the market. Typically cryptocurrency traders can be found on Twitter. Follow the ones with the biggest followings or ask them questions directly. In investigating the crypto market, try and nail down a coin with a strong trend. Make sure to check the Telegram groups of the coin’s community for indications on price direction.

Keep a Record For Tax Purposes

Keeping records for tax purposes is a surprisingly overlooked aspect of cryptocurrency trading. If you make profits trading you likely will have to pay tax on them just like any other capital gains. Having a detailed record of your trading history is important for personal bookkeeping, tax records, and to keep a general track of your trading progress.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

It’s a cliché only because it is true. Investing too much, too early, is a rookie mistake that can leave you underwater without leverage. Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. Make sure you only have a small percentage of your wealth exposed to the market at any one time.  While trading with robots can cut out some human error, all investment trading comes with risk and you need to be prepared for anything.

Our Conclusion

We were particularly impressed with the accuracy of Bitcoin Superstar in producing profitable trading signals. The speed of the robot was in keeping with the fastest trading bots, clocking similar speeds to Crypto Revolt and Profit Formula - two other leading trading platforms. The user interface is intuitive for the beginner, while the risk management features and automatic trading settings were a huge plus.

We found it particularly exact in identifying ‘swing trades’, or trades that occur when a cryptocurrency changes direction. It’s AI determined key exhaustion ranges with greater precision than we could manually. The customer support team was responsive and ready to help out with any questions we had. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bitcoin Superstar as a solution for people who want a convenient, fully automatic, trading experience.

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