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Cryptocurrency trading is similar to forex trading in that both are types of CFD trading. CFD trading is a high-risk activity but also highly profitable. Cryptocurrency traders speculate on price movements of various digital currencies without having to own the coins. If your analysis tells you that Bitcoin’s price will rise in the long term, for example, then you can go ahead and place a buy order. 

Market analysis is a tedious task. One would need to forage through tons of market data using complex indicators to identify potential entry and exit points. The complexity of the task implies that crypto-trading greenhorns might never have a chance at profit-making.

That is why crypto-trading robots are an essential tool for all traders today. A trading robot is a software that automates a considerable chunk of crypto-trading activities. Notably, such software has powerful algorithms that gather tons of market data, which they analyse on behalf of the user to produce profitable trading signals.

In the recent past, many auto-trading software has appeared in the market. The people behind these auto-trading systems promise instant profits for potential users. Some of them have gone as far as proclaiming that the software can earn substantial amounts for its users overnight. One such software that has appeared on many platforms as an apt example is Crypto Genius. In this article, we will be scratching the paint off the surface of Crypto Genius, and to determine if the software is what it claims to be.

What is Crypto Genius?

Crypto Genius is an auto trading software with algorithms powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. These powerful algorithms perform market analysis faster than the best human and technical analysts anywhere in the world.

The kind of results that the software throws depends on the parameters of users' input. Each parameter tells the software to behave in a certain way when the price moves in a particular direction.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 12%
Performance - 16%
Ease of use - 18%
Customer service - 15%
App - 26%
Profitability - 30%
Reputation - 30%
Fast withdrawals - 15%
Security - 30%
User testimonials - 11%

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Whos behind

Who Created Crypto Genius?

A video on the Crypto Genius website shows that Chris Peterson is the brain behind the software. During our investigation, we established that Peterson is a popular character on various Internet forums. On one forum, participants referred to him as the "lazy trader," probably because he relied on auto trading systems to trade. Besides crypto trading, Peterson is a software developer.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Registration is fast and easy. You will input full names, a valid email address, an active phone number, and your current location then click the "Activate My Profits" button. The software will then redirect you to the most appropriate affiliated broker.

Make a Deposit

Once logged in, you have two options. To open a live trading account, you must make a deposit first to activate the platform or open a demo account. If you want a live account, you will deposit a minimum of $250 through a bank account or via debit card.

Start Trading

The trading platform will self-activate once the funds reflect in your wallet. After that, you can go ahead and begin trading. The platform allows users to switch between manual trading and auto trading at any time.

What People Are Saying About Crypto Genius

Photo of Erica Steichen

Crypto Genius was easy for my husband and me since the first day. We are proud members of the crypto trading ecosystem, although we lack sophisticated knowledge of Bitcoin and other coins. I just started a study group in our locality, where I hope to recruit more women like me. I feel like a genius because I can have already earned a decent amount in just one month!

- Erica Steichen
Photo of Charlie Phillips

When it comes to market analysis, Crypto Genius has always had my back. I have many years of experience in the world of forex trading, and now crypto trading and I feel I am an expert. However, I have been disappointed, not once, but often when looking to cede some of my trading activities to robots. It felt like forever, but Crypto Genius has taken away my pain and made me believe in trading robots again.

- Charlie Phillips
Photo of Bo Barlow

I like to brag about the fine things in my life, and today, this is what I have to say. Crypto Genius is the most precious acquisition I have ever made. I cannot believe I could work just an hour and make descents amounts regularly! Now, my days are longer because I seem to do a lot with my time compared to when I worked 9 to 5.

- Bo Barlow
Photo of Eliana Montalvo

I was a struggling mom who worked three jobs to feed my son and my husband, who suffers a debilitating illness. However, I am proud to say my life is more comfortable ever since I stumbled upon Crypto Genius on the internet. Now, I can pay all our bills before the deadline because Crypto Genius earns me good profits frequently.

- Eliana Montalvo

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Pros & Cons


Has a demo account functionality to familiarise users with the platform
The sign-up process is easy and fast
Transactions are free of charge, and the platform does not support hidden charges
The platform uses the latest cryptographic protocols to ensure the security of all communications
Has a high signal accuracy level
Users can withdraw funds an unlimited number of times.


No mobile app hence does not support cross-platform usage
Inexperienced users may take longer to start earning the high returns advertised

Key Features of Crypto Genius


Serious traders will always consider auto trading systems whose profit potential is better than its peers. Perhaps, this is why Crypto Genus is popular. According to its website, Crypto Genius is capable of paying out $5,900 for every day used. Based on our research, we realized that even though making that amount might possible; the returns were heavily dependent on experience and the amount invested.

Verification System

The legitimacy of any trading software is manifested in the way it verifies new users. This way, one is sure that the software does not tolerate cheating because it is not fraudulent in the first place. For Crypto Genius’s potential users, the verification system begins at account registration. In addition to providing full names, the registration form requires users to input a valid email address, an active phone number, and the country of residence. Once the account is set up, the system pairs you with the most appropriate broker. During our investigation, the verification process took less than five minutes.

Withdrawal Process

Crypto Genius does not have withdrawal limits. That means users can withdraw their funds any time and any day. On-time it takes to receive the money in one's bank account depends on the payment provider one chooses to use. For bank transfers, users may have to wait up to five business days. Again, this is dependent on the location of the user. Users of payment providers such as PayPal might get their funds earlier, sometimes within 24 hours.

Costs and Fees

This robot does not charge users on any transaction. Deposit and withdrawal of funds are commission-free, and we could not find any hidden charges. As such, users have access to the full amount of earned profit.

User Testimonials

Crypto Genius displays several testimonials from traders drawn from diverse backgrounds. Many seem satisfied and grateful based on their feedback. In our research, we found more positive reviews of the robot from both former and current users.

Customer Service

Crypto Genius has a robust customer service that is responsive and professional. After registering for an account, we immediately received a telephone call from the customer service representatives asking if we needed any assistance. After that, another customer service agent reached out to us via mail. Besides, the Crypto Genius website has a Chat function where users can solicit support when necessary.

Affiliated Brokers

The robot is affiliated with numerous brokers spread across the world. However, you are likely to be paired with just one broker, depending on your location and the availability of brokers. In some locations, the robot presents you with a variety of brokers you will pick your most preferred. One commonality here is that all brokers have legitimate licenses in the jurisdictions that they operate. 

Is Crypto Genius Legit? Yes.

Our investigation yielded three critical results that support the legitimacy of Crypto Genius. Firstly, the verification process during sign up was satisfactory. After filling the registration form and clicking the "Activate My Profit" button, we were redirected to the "Trade room" page. It is a secure platform where users can fund accounts, make withdrawals, and open trades.

Secondly, we hypothesised that legitimate auto trading software has a customer service that is professional and responsive. To test the hypothesis, we reached out to Crypto Genius support through three communication channels. First, we sent a message via the platform's email and another message via the chat function on the website. To our consternation, the feedback to the message on the chat function was instant. Within 3 hours, we received the response on the issue we raised via the mail. Lastly, we found the mobile number to be active, and we spoke to the customer service agent on duty.

Additionally, we investigated the legitimacy of the brokers that work in concert with Crypto Genius. Our findings confirmed that all brokers associated with the software operate legally. Besides, the brokers are sound businesses that have thousands of clients. A majority of the brokers are transnational, which confirms the soundness of their business model. Such affiliated brokers inspire confidence in users because they must have evaluated Crypto Genius and found that it is legitimate software. 

5 Reasons to Use Crypto Genius for Trading

1. Our testing reaped rewards

All automatic trading software tries hard to convince potential users that they are profitable. Our team set out to ascertain Crypto Genius’s claim that users can earn up to $5,900 in returns daily. We staked $250, and after one week, didn’t come close to that amount, but happily, our account was still in profit.

2. Robust platform security

Crypto genius has robust security protocols in place. In particular, the trading platform utilises the latest transport layer security (SSL Certificate) that comes with impeccable cryptographic protocols. As such, the implication is that all transactions and communications on the platform are safe. 

3. Fast AI-based trading algorithms

The Crypto Genius software utilises AI, ML, and NPL as the foundational technology for its algorithms. Given the robustness and accuracy of the techniques when it comes to market analysis, the trading software is faster than the best human crypto trader can ever be. 

4. Affiliated with regulated brokers

Serious traders care about the safety of their funds. One way you can ascertain this security is to sign up with trading software that connects you to regulated brokers. Fortunately, the brokers affiliated with Crypto Genius have valid licenses from reputable jurisdictions.

5. Easy to use

The Crypto Genius platform has a simple UI that presents minimal problems to all types of users. For example, the registration form is prominently displayed and demands easy to fill information. Also, the trading platform is less cluttered, and tabs are marked.

What is the Best Way to Use Crypto Genius?

Crypto Genius's algorithms are great at market analysis. That is why our investigation found the algorithms were accurate, about 98% of the time. The best way to use such software is, first, to identify a profitable cryptocurrency market. A lucrative cryptocurrency market is one that has enough volatility and predictability for fast returns. Therefore, it is upon you to scour the market for this opportunity. Using the demo account can help you to identify such a market.

Has Crypto Genius Ever Appeared On TV?

Crypto Genius is popular software, and it also seems it is getting the attention of the media. The media, especially the TV, is the apparent destination where those seeking attention would go. Popular TV shows such as Bloomberg Technology, Shark Tank, and Dragons Den highlight technologies and practices that disrupt the status quo. Having stumbled on claims that Crypto Genius has appeared on some of these shows, we set out to investigate.

Bloomberg Technology

Bloomberg is a business-focused media company with a global viewership. The company produces numerous TV shows that focus its viewers' attention on the most prominent business stories of the day in the stock market, emerging sectors like cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading, and general hot business topics.

Bloomberg Technology mainly focuses on trends, companies, and personalities that are revolutionising the global economy. The show highlights the achievements of people like Chris Peterson, the founder of Crypto Genius. However, we are inclined to believe that rumours of Crypto Genius having appeared on Bloomberg Technology are untrue because we could not find corroborating information.    

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a reality TV show where upcoming entrepreneurs engage potential investors in their ideas. The show is widespread across the globe because of the grind through which investors take entrepreneurs. Interestingly, the show has facilitated the birth of great businesses that are approaching unicorn status. We could not find any evidence to show that Crypto Genius has ever appeared on Shark Tank.

Has Crypto Genius Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Our research also stumbled upon claims that various celebrities have endorsed Crypto Genius. Such an endorsement counts for much the majority of the celebrity’s admirers are likely to follow the direction that he/she points. Crypto Genius has been endorsed by a celebrity or not, there was only one way to find out. 

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a celebrity inventor and entrepreneur whose social media following is mind-blowing. Besides, Musk has a history of supporting cryptocurrency, especially its ability to generate immense wealth for its owners. Musk is also on record imagining a future where digital currency is the lifeblood of the economy. Millions of admirers visit Musk's Twitter page daily, not only to partake in his wisdom but also to watch out for things he considers favourite.  We examined Musk's entire Twitter page as well as a catalogue of TV shows and radio shows where he has participated. Still, we could find any piece of information confirming that he endorsed Crypto Genius.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a TV star, a socialite, and the daughter of a wealthy hotelier. Hilton has had her fair share of controversy both in her private and public lives. In a way, this combination of controversies has transformed her into an admired and well-respected woman everywhere on earth. When the cryptocurrency boom set in, Hilton was among the first people to tout the coming preeminence of Bitcoin. Nonetheless, we could not establish if she had ever spoken in public in support of Crypto Genius.


Akon is a believer in the revolutionary power of cryptocurrency. The Grammy-winning singer has gone as far as spearheading a project that entails building a city whose services run on the blockchain, and it uses cryptocurrency as the unit of exchange. This futuristic city looks like the ideal location where software like Crypto Genius might be useful. Due to the pre-eminence of cryptocurrency, the software could be an invaluable resource for many traders. Nonetheless, our investigation did not yield any information that connects Akon to the endorsement of Crypto Genius.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the foremost supporter of a new finance industry built on cryptocurrency. On more than one occasion, Cuban has declared his belief in the wealth-generating potential of Bitcoin. He believes that one's portfolio is not diversified correctly if it does not include a stake in cryptocurrency. Perhaps this kind of advocating for Bitcoin is what fuelled rumours that Mark Cuban endorsed Crypto Genius, but we could not find evidence to confirm the rumours.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Crypto Genius

Granted, cryptocurrency trading robots are just what you need if you desire to generate returns from investment trading. However, you must realise that easy returns are not a guarantee, especially when the market is volatile. To maximise success with Crypto Genius, you should employ these best practices:

Begin With Small Deposits and Work Up

Crypto Genius specifies to users that the minimum deposit is $250. Additionally, the software’s website claims that this amount of funds can return $5,900 in a day. Logically, this implies that a bigger deposit will return even higher profits. We cannot say with certainty that this is what happens, but we do not rule out the software’s potential. However, it is prudent to keep the desire for more significant profits in check as you learn more about the software. You will not feel hurt badly if you lose a small amount during the learning phase. You can work up as your knowledge of the system becomes more explicit.

Save Some Profits

You might earn your first huge return after placing your first order. It should be exciting because it confirms the ability of Crypto Genius to multiply your money. However, it is wise to withdraw a small amount of the return so that if you lose money on the next trade, you will not have to start from scratch.

Follow the Lead of Experts

Several people have used Crypto Genius, and they have a deeper understanding of the software with all its nuances. If you can obtain their advice, then make sure you follow it to the letter.

Keep a Record For Tax Purposes

Many jurisdictions are beginning to appreciate the significance of Bitcoin in generating wealth. In such places, Bitcoin traders are under obligation to pay a percentage of their earnings to the government as tax. Ensure that you know the tax code of your country so you can arrange to pay the tax to avoid run-ins with authorities. It begins with keeping detailed records of your transactions on Crypto Genius.

Only Invest What You Can Afford To Lose

Previously, we spoke about beginning with small deposits and slowly working up. The logic in this statement is that, when you are a beginner, you are more likely to lose your money because of a limited understanding of Crypto Genius Software. As your knowledge of the software improves, you can increase the stake because you know how to win. Additionally, experienced users earn more significant returns and, therefore, they can afford to lose bigger amounts of money. 

Our Conclusion: Crypto Genius

The foremost issue that traders focus on when encountering a new automatic cryptocurrency trading software is whether it is swindle or legit. In our review, we uncovered details that support the legitimate case for Crypto Genius. Notably, the software is affiliated with regulated brokers. In addition, the software passes muster in terms of profitability as well as convenience from the perspective of all types of users.

Be that as it may, users must not throw caution to the wind concerning the amount of risk exposure to when trading cryptocurrency. Yes, the software significantly reduced risk by avoiding emotional trading, but the risk is still there. Therefore, users must seek to master the software first before going all in. 

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