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Cryptocurrencies have been on the spotlight of global finance for the past few years because of their high returns. Their rise to popularity has seen the number of tokens grow substantially and this has made it difficult especially for people new to the industry to identify the most profitable projects.

Given that data is generated every minute creating a massive database, depending on manual analysis to sort out the data is impossible. Between man and machine, there is no doubt that the bot excels clearly at this. This is what draws attention to Crypto Soft.

So, will this bot provide the best returns for me? How much do I need to pay? What is the minimum investment requirement? Answers to all these questions are covered in this guide in addition to more tips on maximising the bot’s potential.

What is Crypto Soft?

Crypto Soft is a crypto trading bot that analyses data from all available markets to forecast expected demand, recommending the best price and timing for the best yield.  This robot makes a difference in crypto trading by doing all the heavy lifting required to maximize possible profits.

A user of the bot gets a lead that points to where to buy the traded token for the least possible price and sell for the highest return. The user no longer needs to worry about candlesticks and other jargons that market analysts often use for daily trades. 

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 11%
Performance - 25%
Ease of use - 17%
Customer service - 12%
App - 6%
Profitability - 5%
Reputation - 19%
Fast withdrawals - 23%
Security - 21%
User testimonials - 28%

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Whos behind

Who Created Crypto Soft?

Crypto Soft was created by leading software engineers and financial experts who are well-versed in cryptocurrency trading and its related algorithms. The focus of the bot is noteworthy as it accommodates customers who are still learning the ropes as well as experienced traders.

To make this optimized crypto trader available to investors around the world, the bot partners with reputable brokers who typically sign-on users who are keen to maximize their investment and returns.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

Open a Free Account

To use Crypto Soft, the investor must sign up using an email address, a phone number as well as a chosen password. The free account opening request must be validated by the user who must click on the verification link sent to his email inbox.

Make a Deposit

To make a deposit, the options include payment via Mastercard, VISA or bank transfers. The minimum deposit here is €250. As soon as the deposit is validated, the investor will be notified by email and the next stage is set.

Start Trading

To start trading, the investor must set personal preferences for daily transactions, withdrawal method and frequency. Once this is done, trading can begin, and all that the user must do is to check account status and place withdrawal requests.

What People Are Saying About Crypto Soft...

Photo of Christopher Cole

I have traded stocks for about 20 years and seeing the price leaps at intervals were reassuring, apart from the minimal dividends at half-year or year-end. I got a link from an old friend last Christmas as I read my emails. For one, I thought it was a yuletide message. I was wrong. The link led me straight to the welcome video for Crypto Soft bot. I was amazed by the promise of daily profits in thousands of dollars, and this made me consider it thoughtfully. I activated my account in January and by the end of the first week, I already got my first payout in my bank account. I was quick to increase my daily trading limit to €1000, which shot my weekly earnings above the €1000 mark. Honestly, I have seen nothing like this in two decades in terms of investment returns. For me, this is the investment Eldorado I have been searching for.

- Christopher Cole
Photo of Mauricio Stephenson

My work as a financial analyst exposes me to all kinds of cutting -edge technology on investments and money. I registered my Crypto Soft account in January 2019 and I never bothered to fund the account. When I saw Frank, my childhood friend during the Easter holidays, I was reminded that I was missing out on free money. This made me fund my account later that evening. At the end of my first week, I had €500 sitting in my wallet balance on the bot. I reinvested this to take my trading capital to €750. Each week since I withdraw at least €1,000 to my bank account and it is almost unbelievable to see the profits roll in so easily. This bot is the best so far.

- Mauricio Stephenson
Photo of Milo Dyer

I enjoy scrutinising facts as a Writer, and to me, the reported profits for Crypto Soft looked absolutely amazing. After watching the presentation video on one of the financial pages, I signed up immediately. My take was to investigate how true these claims could be knowing that I could be reporting on an exposé. In a matter of days, I really thought it was an exposé in the making. I was wrong. It was a sweet tale unfolding. I funded my account with €300 and traded with it for the first week. When I checked my account by the weekend, I had €800. I flipped this back into trading to make it €1100 to trade with. Again, by the weekend, I had €2100 in profits. It looked too wonderful for me that I did a 1000 word piece on Crypto Soft. To think that I never bothered to make any permutation or combination to get the profits to roll in is by every means novel. To be honest, I am loving this.

- Milo Dyer
Photo of Frankie Riggs

I have never liked online investment and was content with my café business all along till Mathew walked in that fateful evening. He ordered his cappuccino and was rather chatty for a first-time customer. Mathew told me he was an investment broker who sells money-making ideas without asking for a fee. That got me interested. Mathew forwarded the Crypto Soft video link to my phone after enjoying his Cappuccino and walked away. That evening, I watched the presentation and signed up. For me, I felt if the opportunity was true, I ‘d better do it right. I funded my account with €1000 and in 3 days, I had €2000 in profits, which I immediately withdrew. My profits have grown to a few thousands more since then and in my view, Crypto soft is a winning bot that you must invest in.

- Frankie Riggs

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Pros & Cons


Automated trading: the trading is automated with no need for manual efforts.
Deposit Options: Mastercard, VISA, SEPA payments are all available in addition to bank transfers.
Fast Withdrawals: Withdrawals are easily processed within 24 hours.
Simple User Dashboard: The bot is easy to get around and understand


Absence of a mobile app

Key Features of Crypto Soft

This bot is reputed for the features below:


On the bot homepage, several users have reported profits up to €5,000 in daily trades, although we feel that this sum speaks of the absolute maximum potential of the software rather than earnings made from a typical session. The intro video on the bot website also describes how users are able to make thousands of dollars around the world as they use the bot.

Verification System

The bot user is required to open an account using an email, password, and full names. This process gets completed almost immediately and as soon as you hit the ’submit’ button, the notification gets to your inbox. For withdrawal purposes, each user must link a bank account, and this is easy. As long as your account details agree with the bank account name, you are good to go.

Withdrawal Process

Payouts are possible only if you have a verified account. You are free to choose your withdrawal schedule and there are no limitations on how often you can get your payout. When you submit your withdrawal request, expect to get it processed within 24 hours of submission. Talking about best practice, investors are expected to settle for a once- in- three -days schedule for withdrawals in most cases. 

Costs and Fees

Fees are largely on the low as far as this bot is concerned.  A 0.5% withdrawal rate applies and when you compute this, it is minimal and hardly noticeable. Anyway, no restrictions on the profits you make as you are free to withdraw them at any time

User Testimonials

Several positive reviews are available on the bot website. An online search also reveals several investors’ accounts of the profits they make using the bot.  All these points to a healthy online reputation for Crypto Soft.

Customer Service

An investor has access to the customer service channels provided by the bot. Straight out of the user dashboard, you can send messages to support for immediate attention. When in an urgent situation, you can send an email and you will get a phone call to resolve your queries.

Affiliated Brokers

The bot set out to reach the greatest number of people globally, and this shows in its policy of teaming up with leading brokers in the nations of the world.  These brokers are registered and licensed by financial authorities in each jurisdiction. The brokers provide an interface by signing up each user who in turn is given access to a personal dashboard while the bot optimizes daily trades at the background.

Is Crypto Soft Legitimate? Yes.

There is every reason to rate this bot as legitimate. Many people have their reviews on the official website and several other online portals. These positive reviews really give an insight into the experiences of other people who have profited from crypto Soft. Investors can also build on their investment understanding as they follow the prompts of the bot using their account dashboard. 

5 Reasons to Use Crypto Soft for Trading

People who sign up for Crypto Soft do so for these reasons:

1. Impressive outcomes

Nobody gets into an investment with the intention to lose money. With the bot providing rates of return above 70% in a week, and from the experiences of other users, it is a massive opportunity. 

2. Global coverage  

The bot parses global trading data for the best opportunities on a real-time basis. So, you can be sure that you are not missing out on anything.

3. User friendly

Many users of Crypto Soft have no sophisticated knowledge of programming because it is not required. As long as you can get around your email inbox, you will be able to use the bot.

4. Simple funding methods

Using a VISA or Mastercard is perhaps the most popular payment option out there. This is available on the bot in addition to bank transfers.

5. Seamless withdrawal

You can withdraw your profits at any time with a lead of 24 hours for transaction completion. The ease of withdrawals is a bright spot.

What’s the Best Way to Use Crypto Soft?

A lot of people are already into traditional investments like stock trading, and this bot gives an opportunity for them to enrich their personal portfolios. Even if you are new to crypto, this can be a good window to learn more and invest more.

The ease of use of the bot is an area that cannot be overlooked. This compared to CFDs can seem like comparing primary school to the university. The absence of a complicated approach to using the software means that a lot of people will go along with it easily and not bother about CFDs that require an understanding of technicalities.

Has Crypto Soft Ever Appeared On TV?

Dragons Den 

Dragons Den is widely followed around the globe on Cable TV. It gives an opportunity for guests to present a business plan or idea to a team of reviewers. If the business plan is judged viable, the guests get funding support. As a result of the popularity of the programme, a few crypto projects have latched on to this brand for clout. We conducted some online checks to see if Crypto Soft was ever on this show, and we found no evidence to that effect. 

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American investment show where budding entrepreneurs get the chance to present their ideas to a panel of self-made businessmen. If the ideas are great, then they get the necessary funding. As such, the show is quite popular with all sorts of business ideas including tech ideas. After we came across rumours of Crypto Soft appearing on the show we did some searching online to substantiate these claims but we couldn’t find any evidence.

Has Crypto Soft Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Snoop Dogg

This American rapper is well-known for his dominance of the music charts in the last two decades. He has since become a household name and he commands a huge following around the world.  As a matter of fact, he is known to have endorsed a few crypto projects in recent years. We looked for any link to show if he endorsed Crypto Soft, and we found none.

Ashton Kutcher

This famous actor has become the most popular celebrity linked to Ripple and a few other crypto projects. As a Hollywood star, his name commands a lot of respect. Apart from owning shares in Ripple’s holding company, he has done a few high-profile media events for the brand that has gone viral a couple of times.  Was Ashton ever linked to crypto Soft? We found no evidence linking the actor to the trading bot. 

Gordon Ramsay

This MasterChef enjoys an enormous online following because of his appearance on cable TV shows syndicated around the world. While there is no proof to link Gordon to many crypto projects, rumours trending online puts him out there to have endorsed a series of projects. We reviewed online sources for clues on these claims and have found none linking him to Crypto Soft.

Floyd Mayweather

This boxer turned entrepreneur is a famous face online that readily grabs attention. While trending every now and then for his eye-catching acquisitions, he has endorsed some crypto projects to date. We reviewed many reports to see if he has endorsed Crypto Soft, and we did not see any evidence to that effect.

5 Ways you can Maximise Success with Crypto Soft

Crypto soft can be an exciting experience if you put the following information in mind when starting out.

Start Small

Our world is in a place where people love to get things done in a hurry. You will always find people who want to hit a jackpot tomorrow morning. However, life hardly works that way. Do you mind starting small? The same thought applies to investment. The minimum investment for Crypto Soft is €250, it is okay to start with that. You can gradually build up your trading capital and earn more money as you accumulate investment experience.

Save Some Profits

Many people would think that massive reinvestment is always the rule. How wrong they can be. The best-known investors recommend that you should never be so goaded by the promise of more returns without making withdrawals from what you have so far. So, when your profits roll in, take time to withdraw some away into your savings account. Do not always reinvest everything. Decide on the portion to take for yourself and the part to reinvest on the bot. 

Follow the Advice of Experts

There are leading proponents in every field that are recognizable. On social media, you can find almost everyone. So, make a shortlist of the investment experts you admire, and who in your view you want to experience their kind of results. Identify them and follow them. It will then be easy to learn from them and ask questions where possible. Some influencers will answer you on social media for free. Even if this is not possible, pay attention to the advice they offer and implement it.  

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

If the taxman knocks on your door, do not think that your crypto profits will be exempt. As a matter of fact, crypto profits are taxable under capital gains. This is a major reason for you to ensure that your records are meticulously kept and documented. Sometimes, people end up with more taxes because they cannot defend the nature of transactions that show up on their bank accounts. 

One major example is withdrawing your trading capital. If you have no record to show that this wasn’t a payout, you could end up paying extra taxes on it. Talk of double jeopardy. So, make sure you have the records to show your account activity.

Only Invest what you can Afford to Lose

Investors often use poor judgment when they go into debt because they saw a promising opportunity for fast profits. As a rule, you ought not to invest money that you cannot afford to lose. So, it is only a portion of your money that you are meant to invest, not everything, even if the profits are tantalising. The advice is both cautionary and based on common-sense. No matter the ill-winds that might come or unforeseen events that arise, you will be calm knowing you have not lost everything. 

Our Conclusion: Crypto Soft

Crypto Soft is a money-making investment from all accounts available on the bot homepage. By using its proprietary software to access the global data feed for clues on the best timing and opportunities to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it has managed to gain a share of the crypto trading bot market. Users of the platform have reported returns exceeding 100% in weekly profits.

All the reports and user testimonials rate Crypto Soft among the market leaders. Other bots in this class include Bitcoin Miner, Crypto Code and Bitcoin Revolution.

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