How to Buy Stellar Lumens with Debit Card

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Stellar Lumens is the name of an open-source, decentralised protocol for a digital cryptocurrency project. The Stellar project is supported by the Stellar Development Foundation, while Lumens is the name of the token associated with the initiative. It is currently ranked 17th in terms of market cap among existing cryptocurrencies.

There are several payment methods available for Stellar Lumens; one of the most popular is to buy via debit card. So for in this guide we’re going to assess the pros and cons of how to buy Stellar Lumens with a Debit Card and compare it to other available methods, including credit cards and PayPal.

Other Methods of Buying Stellar Lumens with Debit Card

While digital exchanges are hugely popular and secure, one possible method of purchasing Stellar Lumens with a debit card that doesn’t involve an exchange is via a user interface. StellarX is one such platform, which makes it possible to purchase lumens via fiat asset issuers.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Stellar Lumens with Debit Card


  • The most accessible payment method of all possible sources
  • No fees associated with debit cards whatsoever
  • Straightforward to use and easily accessible
  • Don’t require a strong credit rating as with credit cards
  • More consumers can access debit cards than PayPal
  • Still have transaction protection and insurance in many cases


  • No rewards or benefits as with credit cards
  • Not the most secure if you have a significant balance in your bank account

Buying Stellar Lumens with Debit Card Fees

Transaction fees associated with Stellar Lumens can be summed up quite easily — there aren’t any! The only transaction fees that you might accrue with debit cards will be related to the digital exchange that you’re using, or the currency itself. Debit cards are completely free from fees.

Is Buying Stellar Lumens with Debit Card the Best Method?

Whether or not purchasing Stellar Lumens via debit card is the best method for you will always be dependent on your personal circumstances. What can be said firstly is that debit cards are the most readily available transaction method, and that this will obviously appeal to lots of people. Cryptocurrency can theoretically be purchased with cash, but in practical terms this is extremely difficult.

Debit cards are also safe and secure, and associated with the mainstream financial system. However, some people prefer to use credit cards due to the offers involved, and arguably PayPal is a more secure system, as it can be completely disassociated from payment cards. Nonetheless, debit cards are a credible and secure way to purchase Stellar Lumens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stellar Lumens (XLM)?
Stellar Lumens is the name of a cryptocurrency project, with XLM being the cryptocurrency used by the Stellar distributed ledger.
When was Steallar launched?
Stellar was founded in July 2014. It was co-authored by Jeb McCaleb and Joyce Kim. It’s mission statement is to provide cheap and fast transactions across the world.
Why do people choose debit cards for Stellar Lumens purchases?
Debit cards are widely available, and are probably the most easily accessible payment method in the world, with the possible exception of cash. However, cash isn't ideal for cryptocurrency purchases, which are typically made digitally over the internet. So debit cards fulfil many of the requirements of most consumers when it comes to Stellar Lumens purchases.
Are debit cards the most popular payment method for Stellar Lumens?
It is probable that more people utilise credit cards for purchasing Stellar Lumens than debit cards, as credit cards lend themselves to internet transactions. However, there is no doubt that debit cards will also be popular, and that they are a legitimate way to acquire Stellar Lumens.
Why might you avoid using a debit card for Stellar Lumens purchases?
The most compelling reason to avoid debit cards for any Stellar Lumens purchase is that they don't attract the sort of offers that are associated with credit cards. By using a debit card to acquire Stellar Lumens, you merely deduct money from your bank account, and derive no other benefit.
Why does Stellar Lumens exist?
Stellar Lumens is one of many cryptocurrencies that aims to improve on Bitcoin. It is a digital payment system, and one that has a unique ethos, being run by the non-profit Stellar Foundation.
Is there a minimum transaction amount associated with Stellar Lumens?
Some of the exchanges compatible with Stellar Lumens may impose a minimum transaction limit, but generally speaking there is no minimum transaction amount associated with this altcoin.
What is a Memo and how does it relate to Stellar Lumens?
Memo is a destination tag that is used with the Stellar Lumens platform. It is important, as people transacting Stellar Lumens must use the memo associated with their particular wallet.
What do I do if I forget my Stellar memo?
While memos are optional, losing them can cause some issues with recognising and identifying transactions. But there is a workaround. Users of this cryptocurrency can locate their transactions via the payment locator on Stellar.Expert. The more details you know about your transaction, the easier that it will be to locate. A good habit to get into is to send a small amount of Stellar Lumens before making any sizeable transaction.
How can I be certain that the Stellar Development Foundation is a non-profit?
The Stellar Development Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit corporation, as registered, but pays taxes in common with any corporation. Stellar Lumens does not have shareholders, does not payout value or dividends, and therefore is not motivated by the traditional concerns associated with profit-driven companies.