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Testing Lightning-Enabled Bitcoin Wallet Eclair, It’s Still Very Early Days

Note: A Redditor pointed out two clarifications for this article. First, the Blockstream Store is still selling stickers. Secondly, the Eclair wallet does display the USD-denominated capacity amount when opening a new Lightning channel. I think I missed the stickers on the Blockstream Store...

Modern Wi-Fi Networks are Vulnerable, Impact on Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Security

Earlier this week, Mathy Vanhoef of the Imec-DistriNet research group, discovered serious weaknesses and vulnerabilities in WPA2, a protocol which is used to secure all modern Wi-Fi networks.Vanhoef’s paper noted: “An attacker within range of a victim can exploit these weaknesses using key reinstallation attacks (KRACKs)....

AirBitz Unveils One-Touch 2FA Solution for Android and iOS

Airbitz Banner
Bitcoin wallet security is being scrutinized more than ever in 2015, given all of the recent drama surrounding the wallets of Bitcoin exchanges. Hot wallets are being breached left and right, and users infected with a virus or keylogger see their funds being moved...

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