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Many Bitcoin Miners Aren’t Paying Attention to the Scaling Debate

Much of the conversation regarding solutions for scaling Bitcoin to more users over the next few years has revolved around miners, but the reality is that many of these miners are not as interested in making changes to the underlying protocol as many would...

Chandler Guo: Vitalik Made ‘Huge Mistake’ In Changing Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum Classic
Ethereum Classic (ETC), regardless of what you may think of it, is not going away anytime soon. While it is no longer steadily rising, it has the hash power and marketcap to ensure enough people have an interest in keeping the thing going, and maybe even...

Bitcoin Enthusiast Leads Initiatives to Build the Chinese Ethereum Classic Community

Ethereum Classic Logo
A group of Ethereum Classic (ETC) supporters have committed themselves to promote the digital asset worldwide, and most particularly in China.Roy Zou, a Chinese entrepreneur and an engineer by training, is a long time Bitcoin believer. "The first time I heard about Bitcoin was...

Miner Who Threatened Attack On Ethereum Classic Is Now Supporting It

Ethereum Classic
Chandler Guo, a well known Ethereum Miner, previously threatened to attack Ethereum Classic (ETC) using his mining farm. Now, he is using it to protect ETC from a different 51% attack.Guo made headlines last week when he threatened to attack Ethereum Classic using a 51%...

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