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Exit Scam: Vietnamese Cryptocurrency Company Goes Dark After Allegedly Duping Investors Of US$660M In ICOs

Vietnam Pincoin Ifan Crypto Scams
Ho Chi Minh City-based company Modern Tech has gone dark after allegedly deceiving 32,000 people into investing an estimated VND15 trillion (US$660 million) into two fake cryptocurrency projects. Dozens of disgruntled investors gathered in front of Modern Tech’s headquarters in the business district of Ho...

Crypto Startup Giza Pulls Exit Scam After Raising More Than US$2M In ICO

Cryptocurrency startup Giza Device has gone dark after raising US$2 million in cryptocurrencies in a fake initial coin offering (ICO). The funds were supposed to be used to fund the development of a “super secure storage device” for cryptocurrencies. The individual or group of individuals...

Crypto Startup LoopX Disappears After Raising Millions In Token Sales

LoopX, a cryptocurrency startup that raised millions of dollars through several initial coin offerings (ICOs), has disappeared with the funds in what appears to be the latest exit scam. LoopX, which promised "the most advanced trading-algorithm in the cryptocurrency market," has suddenly vanished, shutting down...

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