About Us

CoinJournal was founded in 2014, a time when cryptocurrency was still the preserve of cryptography nerds and (now very rich) investors who stumbled onto the opportunity of a lifetime.

Since then, we’ve witnessed two historic crypto bull runs. The markets of 2017/18 and 2020/21 saw cryptocurrencies emerge as an asset class unto themselves, and we’ve been helping an ever-growing number of new investors learn the ropes all throughout this period.

We do this because we believe that a crypto-native future is inevitable. We recognise the ills in the global financial system and want to help people make the transition to a freer, fairer economy that promotes inclusion, liberty, and democracy. 

We publish a diverse range of content to educate and inform the public about cryptocurrency. We:

  • Break the latest crypto news to help traders and fans stay abreast of the latest developments
  • Provide free educational content to help those new to the industry get acquainted with fundamental concepts
  • Guide our readers through key moments in their journey, such as choosing an exchange and buying their first coins

We are able to provide this wealth of free content by virtue of our business model, which is partly reliant on affiliate marketing. You can learn more about how we fund this site if you would like more information on how our site operates.

Mission Statement

CoinJournal’s mission is to educate our readers about the emerging crypto economy through high-quality news journalism and accessible content. We help readers understand decentralisation and how they can take advantage of the new financial world.

Our Values

  • Be curious. We question everything, and always look for a way to make the world better. Without curiosity, Satoshi Nakamoto would have never created Bitcoin.
  • Be individual. The central premise of crypto is to give power back to individuals, and we believe this should extend beyond our financial lives.
  • Be a team player. We’re powerful as individuals, but we’re even stronger together. We collaborate voluntarily to help each other grow.
  • Be positive. Hope beats cynicism every time. We strive to be the light that shines in the darkness, and we don’t mind having a laugh along the way. 
  • Be relentless. Where would we be if the pioneers of crypto gave up at the first sign of hardship? We relish difficulty, as this is where we grow the most. 

Our Team

CoinJournal has a team of permanent staff writers who produce guides, educational content, and original research, as well as a roster of freelance contributors who report on crypto news from across the globe.

CoinJournal’s staff members come from a wide range of backgrounds including mathematics, economics, journalism, and traditional finance. Some trade, some HODL, and some actively contribute to the space in other ways—all, though, are deeply engaged with the crypto industry.

You can learn more about our individual team members on the “Our Team” page.

Media Mentions

We are mentioned frequently in the mainstream and crypto media for our reporting and original research. Here’s a taster of some of the publications that have featured stories from CoinJournal:

New York Times

The Guardian

Business Insider


Huffington Post



Yahoo Finance

Associated Press


International Business Times

The Observer


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