How to Buy Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) in 3 Simple Steps

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Shiba Inu coin appeals to fans of both crypto and dogs with a meme token that has developed to fuel a dynamic ecosystem. Keep reading to find out how to buy SHIB and why some are calling it the “Dogecoin killer” within the crypto space.

How to Buy Shiba Inu

The easiest way to buy Shiba Inu is to purchase it online from a crypto exchange. Exchanges make it easy to buy and sell Shiba Inu and other cryptocurrencies directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Check out our recommended platforms below and follow the steps to safely buy Shiba Inu.

1. Choose a platform

Finding a crypto platform that supports SHIB will be your first step toward buying it. It is a good idea to find one that you can navigate easily and that charges fees you’re happy with. There is more about platforms later in this guide, but if you can’t wait to get started, sign up now with our top recommended platforms.

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2. Create and fund your account 

Click “Register” or “Create an account” to get started. You will need to supply some personal details on the registration form and you may also need to provide a photo ID and/or proof of address for verification purposes. Then go to the deposit page and choose a payment method with which to fund your account.

3. Buy Shiba Inu coin

Find the trading pair for SHIB and the fiat currency (likely USD) you just deposited. If there isn’t one, you may first have to trade your deposited currency for a cryptocurrency such as USDT or BTC which is in a SHIB trading pair. Create a market order to purchase now or a limit order to buy it at a specified future Shiba Inu price.

Table of Contents

Buy Shiba Inu Today!

Where Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin?

With a plethora of options now available, deciding where to buy Shiba Inu coin is no easy task. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a simple FAQ guide, answering the most common questions on where can you buy Shiba Inu Coin?

Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin on eToro?

Yes. Sign up with eToro, then verify your account in order to make a deposit. Once your account is funded, search for Shiba Inu and purchase the amount you would like.

Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin on Coinbase?

Yes, you can. Register for a Coinbase account and verify your details by uploading some photo ID. Next, make a deposit using your preferred payment method, and search for Shiba Inu to buy some SHIB.

Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin on Binance?

Yes. Head over to Binance and sign up for an account. Verify your email address and identity, and then fund your account. Next, find Shiba Inu in the Markets section, and make your first purchase.

Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin on Robinhood?

If you are in the US, you can buy SHIB on Robinhood. Head over to their website and create an account to get started, then navigate to the Shiba Inu page to make a purchase.

Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin on Trust Wallet?

Yes. Download the Trust Wallet app and press the “Buy” button on the homepage. Search for SHIB, and follow the instructions to purchase some tokens.

Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin on

Yes. Either download the app or sign up for an account and then verify your identity. Next up, make a deposit, then search for the coin and make your first SHIB purchase.

Can I Buy Shiba Inu Coin on Uniswap?

You can purchase Shiba Inu on Uniswap, but this isn’t recommended for beginners. First, register with eToro and verify your account, and then make a deposit. Next up, buy some ETH and withdraw it to a Web 3.0 wallet like MetaMask. Now, head over to Uniswap and connect your wallet by following the on-screen prompts. Finally, search for SHIB on Uniswap and swap your ETH for Shiba Inu tokens.

What Is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a decentralised meme coin inspired by the craze for canine cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin. The project created ShibaSwap, a decentralised exchange (DEX) where users can SWAP tokens, as well as DIG (provide liquidity) and BURY (stake) them to earn returns. The platform also provides access to portfolio trackers and upcoming non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Other parts of the project include the Shiba Inu Incubator, which supports artists from the Shiba Inu community, and an Amazon Smile campaign to help rescue Shiba Inus in the real world.

Shiba Inu has three project tokens, the first of which is SHIB. The token was created with a supply of 1 quadrillion, enabling investors to hold billions or even trillions of tokens. SHIB was designed to outpace Dogecoin in terms of growth, even if it never reaches $0.01, which earned it the nickname of the “Dogecoin killer”. SHIB coins can be swapped, staked, and used to provide liquidity on the ShibaSwap DEX.

Find out more about the invention of Shiba Inu coin and its benefits on our main SHIB page, and for further information check out the Shiba Inu website and whitepaper.

Ways to Invest in Shiba Inu coin

You may decide to buy Shiba Inu just for a short period of time, or hold onto it for the long term, our SHIB price prediction may help you decide that. Both approaches are popular with buyers, and you will need to consider your own skills and goals when deciding what course of action to take. 

Buy and hold Shiba Inu

As you might have guessed, this strategy simply involves buying SHIB and holding onto it. You won’t have to spend time and effort monitoring the market, as this strategy can be profitable for people with minimal knowledge and skill. In order to make the best of your initial buy be sure to follow the Shiba Inu price first.

While you’re holding onto your SHIB, you also have the opportunity to generate some extra income. You can stake your tokens or use them to provide liquidity through ShibaSwap to earn rewards.

Best Shiba Inu wallets

A private wallet can be a good place to store tokens for long-term investors as it provides better control over your tokens and can be more secure. Software and hardware wallets are the most popular options.

Software wallets, which can be downloaded onto computers and mobiles, are free and easy to use. Some software wallets are held by crypto exchange and your account with them allows you to access the wallet.

 Hardware wallets, like Trezor, BitBox, and Ledger, can be costly and less user-intuitive, but they are more secure than software wallets.

Trade Shiba Inu coin

Those with more time and skill may choose to trade SHIB, which involves buying and selling over shorter timeframes to take advantage of volatility. You may have to monitor the market more closely to identify the best entry and exit points. 

It can be time-consuming and expensive to regularly transfer tokens between a private wallet and an exchange for trading. Although web wallets are less secure, they may be the most convenient option for traders.

With Shiba additional consideration needs to be made as whether to trade on centralised or decentralised exchanges.

Should I Buy Shiba Inu coin Now?

This is up to you, but we can provide you with some information before you make your decision. Although the starting supply of SHIB was 1 quadrillion, half of this was sent to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. He sent 10% of his SHIB holdings to charity, temporarily panicking and depressing the market, and then burned the rest. This huge reduction in supply could make SHIB more valuable.

The fact that SHIB crypto can be used to earn rewards on ShibaSwap creates demand for the token. Some of those rewards are time-locked, incentivising SHIB holders to stake their tokens or provide liquidity with them for longer periods of time. This results in less SHIB available on the market, which could be good for its price.

The internet and hype are key factors for SHIB’s value. Early investors have seen astronomical returns as the token surged in popularity. Holders spreading the word and social media trends have the power to move the price of SHIB.

Shiba Inu has developed into a vibrant ecosystem with a large community. The utility of SHIB makes it much more than just a meme coin and the passion of the “ShibArmy” could see Shiba Inu become a long-lasting and valuable project. The big question will be how Shib will hold up against all the other dog-themed cryptocurrencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LEASH?

LEASH is another token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem with a market cap of 107,646. It was initially tied to the price of Dogecoin but the rebase has been removed so it is now a normal token, with its price decided by the market. LEASH can be used for staking and providing liquidity on ShibaSwap. With the direct connection, the Shiba Inu Price can affect the price of LEASH

What is BONE?

BONE is the third crypto token in the Shiba ecosystem. It is only available on ShibaSwap and has a market cap of 250 million. The Shibu Inu price is tied to closely to BONE.

 BONE functions as a governance token, allowing holders to vote on proposals in the Doggy DAO. It can also be staked and used to provide liquidity on ShibaSwap.

How do I stake my SHIB?

Head over to the ShibaSwap decentralised exchange, click “Connect wallet” in the top right corner, and follow the instructions to connect a wallet such as MetaMask where you keep your SHIB tokens. Click on “Stake Tokens” under “BURY”, select “Bury Shib”, and then enter how many coins you want to stake and click “Approve”.

What kind of wallet should I store my SHIB in?

As an ERC-20 token (a coin that runs on the Ethereum blockchain), SHIB can be stored in any Ethereum-supporting wallet, like the ones discussed earlier. If you want to use the ShibaSwap decentralised exchange, however, you will need a Web 3.0-enabled wallet, such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet.

Has ShibaSwap been audited?

Yes. The decentralised exchange called ShibaSwap was audited by CertiK. Eight major issues were found during the audit, but they have all since been resolved.

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