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Editorial Policy

Who are we?

Coin Journal is a global news and analysis website centred around the world of digital currencies. As an independent publication which has been recognised by Google news, Coin Journal covers topics which include, but are not limited to blockchain, cryptocurrencies as well as fintech. In addition to this, the platform also connects users to marketplaces where they have the option to view tradable coins such as Ethereum, Ripple and of course Bitcoin. 

As the financial technology space continues to expand, platforms like Coin Journal play an integral role in not only providing news of developments within the markets, but also creating a pathway to further involvement in these groundbreaking technologies.

Although cryptocurrencies have become a popular investment vehicle, acquiring the knowledge required to fully enter this space is at times complex. New entrants or even experienced professionals sometimes struggle to find simplicity. Which is why we here at Coin Journal wanted to create a platform that encompasses the solution to those problems. We do this by regularly posting new content, as well as clearly providing transparency to those looking for further access into the marketplace. 

Aims and Objectives

To begin, we believe that many will continue to enter the world of crypto. As the millennial investor moves away from traditional stocks, we believe they will start looking for fundamental breakthroughs in other assets, and want to learn about new technologies such as blockchain.

As a result our aim is to be on the forefront of introducing new sectors of society to these technologies. Allowing them to learn and discover new advancements.

That being said, we want our platform to embody transparency. As a result our team of editors and writers are required to notify us of any potential conflicts of interest the content they create may have. Due to any personal investments they hold which are associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Before publishing any story, we ensure that it is fact-checked. We source our news and information from various platforms, which hold high standing within the cryptocurrency community. 

We do not receive financial incentive or payment from third parties to publish news content.

Our content should not be viewed as advice, and is not intended to promote any financial investment. Any opinions our writers and or contributors hold are that of their own, and not the views of Coin Journal.

Our Revenue

Our revenue is generated from advertising, market research and events. We do not hold any investments in the cryptocurrency markets. Nor do we speculate on its day-to-day price movement.

Our comments Policy

For any user-generated comments on the website, we follow the policy below. We simply do not accept or condone:

  • Threatening language 
  • Slander of our writers or public figures
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexuality
  • Breaches in copyright
  • Commercial Spam
  • Seeking tips or financial compensation
  • Personal information

Our moderator will likely ensure any comments meet these guidelines prior to publishing.

We welcome comments which are relevant to the specific post in question and these will likely be approved and shared.

We will not share duplicate comments.

Help us regulate the site

Please ensure posts and comments are relevant to the particular topic

If you happen to come across any discrepancies on the site, please contact us. We will look to amend if found to be as such.

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