Editorial Policy

The internet is about the spread of information, Bitcoin is based on transparent open-source code. The Bitcoin media has to embrace and amplify that transparency if it wants to be a positive force within the community. CoinJournal is dedicated to those principals beyond all others.

CoinJournal prides itself on journalistic integrity. With the exception of Bitcoin, writers are required to disclose any significant holdings of altcoins they are writing about. Significant holdings are considered anything over USD $1000. It is against our policy for any writer to accept payment from an outside source – in any form – in exchange for publishing an article on CoinJournal. Any writer found to be violating these principals will immediately be let go and a statement will be issued by CoinJournal, informing the readers of the transgression.

It is our hope that, through a combination of high-quality articles and community engagement, our readers will see the value in CoinJournal and will eventually take over funding entirely. While we also have a strict policy of not divulging our sources under any circumstances, we will otherwise attempt to pull back the curtain on the who, what, where, why and how of Bitcoin. No stone will be left unturned and no target will be spared.

The community deserves a media organization as open and disruptive as the technology it is based on. With your support, we hope to lead the way towards that goal.