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Best Solana Coins - Top Solana Ecosystem Coins in 2024

By Philip Hoey - Updated 14 May 2024
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Solana is fast becoming one of the world’s leading blockchain ecosystems, challenging Ethereum’s crown. In fact, there are now thousands of Solana tokens on the market, and dozens more new Solana coins are due to launch in the months ahead.

If you’re keen to invest in one of the top Solana coins then CoinJournal has you covered. Let’s explore the best Solana tokens for crypto investors right now.

The 7 Best Solana Coins to Invest in for 2024

If you’re keen to dive right in and begin investing in top Solana tokens, then here’s a summary of our research… these are the 7 best Solana coins for crypto investors right now:

  1. Dogwifhat – A trending Solana meme coin that has enjoyed extraordinary growth
  2. Wormhole – The world’s #1 ranked cross-chain messaging platform
  3. Bonk – The world’s first dog-themed meme coin to launch on Solana
  4. BOOK OF MEME – A decentralized library for meme coins and meme culture
  5. BitBrawl – A GameFi token that powers the first “compete to earn” player-vs-player game built on Solana
  6. Solama – Solana’s “unofficial official llama-themed mascot”
  7. Slerf – A sloth-themed meme coin that turned a mistake into viral growth

The Best Solana Ecosystem Coins for Crypto Investors - Key Metrics

Name of Coin Current Price Market Cap Where to Buy
Dogwifhat $2.74 $2,734,000,000 Buy Dogwifhat
Wormhole $0.652 $1,173,000,000 Buy Wormhole
Bonk $0.00002442 $1,610,000,000 Buy Bonk
BOOK OF MEME $0.009497 $524,242,000 Buy BOOK OF MEME
BitBrawl $0.001296 $1,250,000 Buy BitBrawl 
Solama $0.0274 $18,000,000 Buy Solama 
Slerf $0.3355 $168,000,000 Buy Slerf

Our 7 Top Solana Tokens Reviewed

1. Dogwifhat – A trending Solana meme coin that has enjoyed extraordinary growth

Bursting onto the Solana altcoin scene in December 2023, Dogwifhat has enjoyed truly extraordinary growth in the past few months, climbing from a low of $0.0677 to a high of $4.85. That’s a 7,000% return on investment for anyone who managed to buy at the bottom and sell near the top. 

With its market cap peaking at $4.69 billion in April 2024, Dogwifhat has since retraced some of its gains and $WIF now trades at less than $3 per token, giving it a current market cap of $2.68 billion.

It’s by no means guaranteed that this meme coin will reclaim its previous heights in the short term, but a number of price predictions are suggesting it could test resistance levels below the $4 mark yet again in May or June. 

And even if it doesn’t climb quite that high in the short term, many analysts believe $WIF could still be a good option for crypto investors seeking a slightly more modest return on their investment than they might have seen during $WIF’s first rally.

2. Wormhole – The world’s #1 ranked cross-chain messaging platform

If you like your top Solana coins to have a wealth of real-world utility and clearly defined use cases, then look no further than Wormhole.

Wormhole is an open source blockchain development platform connecting the decentralized web. Its messaging protocol enables secure, cross-chain transfers of data or tokens. 

Wormhole’s governance token, $W, launched on the Solana blockchain at the beginning of April, but unlike many of the other Solana ecosystem coins on our list, $W didn’t enjoy a spike in value launch.

This appears to be market driven though, rather than an issue with the token itself, because the downward trend line for $W since early April has aligned with the trajectory of other altcoins during this time. 

Many analyst forecasts suggest Wormhole could reverse this trend in the very near future, with some price predictions indicating a 100% return on investment within the next month, and a 300% return by the end of the year.

3. Bonk – The world’s first dog-themed meme coin to launch on Solana

Launched on Christmas Day 2022, Bonk was the first dog-themed meme coin to launch on the Solana ecosystem blockchain. Of course, dog-inspired coins are a dime a dozen now, but Bonk was SOL’s doggy OG.

$BONK remained relatively overlooked for almost a year after its launch, with its market cap climbing to a mere $10 million by October 2023. In fact, this token recorded an all-time low on 12 October 2023, but that all changed come November, when $BONK began to attract a growing level of investor interest.

Between early November 2023 and Early March 2024 Bonk recorded an impressive 4,000% spike in value, climbing from a low of $ 0.0000001753 to a high of $ 0.00004516. 

Those gains saw Bonk’s market capitalization jump from just $10 million to more than $2.46 billion, a truly staggering climb in just four months. 

Since March 2024, Bonk has retraced some of those gains, but with its huge level of investor support many analysts believe it could be well positioned for another rally soon. 

$BONK also saw similar retracements back in December, shortly before its huge upswing, which is also convincing many crypto investors that Bonk could still be a top Solana coin to invest in now.

4. BOOK OF MEME – A decentralized storage solution for meme coins and meme culture

Created by Darkfarms, the artist behind many popular Pepe memes, BOOK OF MEME was launched in March 2024 to serve as a permanent, decentralized storage library for meme coins and meme culture. 

The BOOK OF MEME presale kicked off on 14 March 2024, with the $BOME token enjoying a meteoric rise once it began trading on exchanges like Binance and KuCoin.

$BOME is currently 700% up on its presale price, and has clocked up an impressive market cap of $523 million. 

In recent days $BOME has seen a bit of a price correction, in line with many other meme coins, but many analysts believe BOOK OF MEME could have another rally up its sleeve in the future.

In fact, some $BOME price predictions suggest this new Solana ecosystem coin could clock up another 200% gain by the end of May, while other chartists are even more bullish, predicting a 400% price increase in a matter of months.

5. BitBrawl Token – A GameFi token that powers the first “compete to earn” player-vs-player game built on Solana

With its initial coin offering wrapping up at the end of March, BitBrawl’s $BRAWL token raised an impressive $3.67 million from enthusiast crypto investors. 

Billing itself as the first skills-based player-vs-player game in the Solana altcoin ecosystem, BitBrawl is an online fighting game in which players compete in three game modes and earn rewards in the form of $BRAWL tokens.

$BRAWL, the game’s native utility token, is used to power BitBrawl’s in-game economy, both through rewards and by facilitating in-game payments.

Although this new Solana token has slipped in value since launching on exchanges like KuCoin and at the end of March, some analysts have offered favorable longer-term price predictions.

In the short term $BRAWL might continue to trade fairly flat, according to these projections, but it could rise by as much as 400% within the next 12 months. 

So $BRAWL might not be the best investment opportunity for an investor seeking a fast-and-dirty 10x or 100x on their investment, but for those hoping to HODL for slower, steadier gains this new Solana ecosystem coin just might be worth a look.

6. Solama – Solana’s “official unofficial” llama-themed mascot

The world of Solana meme coins has been overrun by dogs, cats, frogs… so why not a llama?

Solama is a llama-inspired meme coin that launched on the Solana blockchain in January 2024. Billing itself as “Solana’s official unofficial llama mascot”, Solama has no inherent utility or use case, instead seeing itself as Solana’s answer to Shiba Inu. 

Solama traded sideways for several months after launch, before taking off in early March, when the value of the $SOLAMA token jumped from $0.0018 to $0.13 – a 7,000% return on investment for investors who got in at the bottom.

Solama has since retraced much of those gains, gradually giving back as much as 80% as it followed a similar downward trajectory to most other meme coins in April. 

But despite its current downtrend, many analysts believe $SOLAMA could begin to climb again in the near future, with some price predictions for this Solana altcoin forecasting a 300% increase within the next two months, while a number of chartists believe it could test its own all-time high of $0.13 by the end of this year.

7. Slerf – A sloth-themed meme coin that turned a mistake into viral growth

Launched in March 2024 with a Solana presale that raised upwards of $10 million, Slerf hit the crypto headlines when one of the developers on the project indicated he had accidentally burned the SOL tokens that had been allocated for Slerf’s presale airdrop.

The news of the mistake soon went viral, sending the value of $SLERF on a huge upswing to peak at a $2 billion market cap. 

Some skeptics have suggested that the token burn may have been a marketing stunt rather than an accident, but however it happened it has helped to put $SLERF well and truly on crypto investors’ radars.

While the value of Slerf has fallen back sharply since this incident caused a huge spike on 18 March, some analysts are predicting that this Solana coin could bounce back again in the near term. 

In fact, several price predictions indicate that $SLERF could rise by as much as 200% within the next two months.

What is the Solana blockchain?

The Solana blockchain is a proof-of-stake blockchain that was launched by Solana Labs in 2020. 

Often billed as an alternative to Ethereum, Solana has become an increasingly popular choice for the launch of new crypto projects. 

In fact, many analysts believe Solana will soon outcompete Ethereum as the blockchain of choice for new projects, in part because of Solana’s incredibly low transaction costs, and in part because the Solana blockchain is able to process transactions more quickly than Ethereum.

What are Solana ecosystem coins?

Solana ecosystem coins are cryptocurrencies launched on and powered by the Solana blockchain.

Also known as Solana altcoins, these tokens are growing in both number and in popularity. In fact, there are now more than 1,000 Solana ecosystem coins in circulation, with more launching every month.

What is the best Solana ecosystem coin for crypto investors?

According to our own analysts, the best Solana ecosystem coin for crypto investors right now could be Dogwifhat. With its huge level of community support and the possibility it could enjoy another viral upturn in the the near future, this Solana token is attracting the attention of many crypto investors.

Or if you’re looking for Solana altcoins with real world utility coupled with solid institutional backing, then Wormhole’s $W token could be worth considering.

Whichever type of Solana coin you favor, though, the key is to do your research.

Should I invest in the top Solana tokens?

Many Solana coins do offer crypto investors the potential for a great return on their investment, but it’s important to do your research. 

Investing in the best Solana ecosystem coins could be an appealing investment strategy for many investors for a number of different reasons:

  • Early investment opportunity: The Solana blockchain was only launched in 2020, and has only gained widespread popularity among new crypto projects even more recently, which means every Solana ecosystem token on our list represents an early investment opportunity.
  • Potential for significant returns: Most Solana altcoins probably won’t jump by 7,000% in a matter of months like Dogwifhat did… and even $WIF itself might not see that sort of spike again. But many of the top Solana coins do offer the potential for significant returns, even if this potential is counterbalanced by possible downside risks. 
  • Community Engagement: Most of the best Solana projects have an active and engaged community behind them, which you’ll join if you decide to invest.

What about the risks involved with Solana coin investments?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, and that volatility works both ways. 

Some of the best Solana tokens can offer early stage investors the potential for huge returns on their investment – and in some cases, those returns could be realized in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, the same attributes mean some of these tokens might be at risk of falling sharply if market conditions worsen or market sentiment turns against that particular project.

That’s why it’s vital that you do your own research and understand the nature of the assets you’re investing in.

Where to Buy Solana Altcoins

To buy Solana ecosystem coins, you’ll need to sign up for a low-fee crypto exchange.

1. Open an account

Navigate to the exchange’s website and open an account by clicking Sign Up. Choose the type of account you want, ideally an individual account for a person, and fill out the form with your email, name, and password.

2. Verify your account

Next, verify your account by submitting KYC documents like a government ID and proof of address documents like a utility bill.

3. Make a deposit

You can either deposit funds into your account or buy crypto directly. Depending on your location, the deposit option may not be available; hence, we went with buying crypto directly.

Final Thoughts on the Best Solana Ecosystem Coins to Invest In

We explored the best Solana ecosystem coins and chose Dogwifhat because of its potential to achieve viral growth.

However, if you’re leaning towards a coin with a clearly defined use case then Wormhole’s $W token is a good bet too.

Methodology - How We Picked the Best Solana Coins to Invest In

The Solana altcoins covered in this guide were chosen through rigorous research. We paid attention to utility, reputation, community, and growth potential.

The tokens listed are the best we found in the various categories we listed them, but needless to say that this list is likely to change regularly – particularly when you consider how many tokens are launching on Solana each month.

Check out our why trust us and how we test pages for more information on our testing process.


What is the Solana blockchain?
The Solana blockchain is a proof-of-stake blockchain that was launched by Solana Labs in 2020, and if often seen as the main competitor to Ethereum for new altcoin projects.
Are Solana coins a good investment?
These coins are launching on a highly secure, stable and scalable blockchain, but each project will also have a range of its factors that will influence whether or not it's a good investment. That's why it's vital that you do your own research into each individual Solana altcoin project before you invest.