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How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay in 2024

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By Onose Enaholo - Updated 24 June 2024
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Apple Pay is a private and secure payment method that makes it quick and easy to purchase Bitcoin from a number of platforms.

Let’s take a look at how you can buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay and the top places to do so.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay

If you’re looking for a simple way to buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay, all you need to do is sign up with a crypto exchange. You can access it online with a computer, smartphone, or tablet to quickly buy and sell Bitcoin and a range of other cryptocurrencies. The best platforms are listed below as well as a quick step-by-step guide on purchasing Bitcoin with Apple Pay.

1. Choose a platform

A regulated platform is the best place to buy Bitcoin if you want to keep your funds safe. Click the link below to create an account with our top recommendation. You will need to provide a photo ID to complete the KYC process before you can purchase Bitcoin.

2. Make a deposit using Apple Pay

If you’ve already added your credit or debit card to your Apple Wallet, you can use it online with an Apple Pay-enabled iOS device or the Safari web browser. Just click deposit on your crypto platform and choose Apple Pay as the payment method.

3. Buy Bitcoin

Find the trading pair for BTC and your local currency on your platform and enter how much you wish to purchase in a buy order. A market order will be filled straight away and a limit order will be filled once Bitcoin reaches your chosen price.

Table of Contents

Where to Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay?

Things to consider when choosing a platform include fees, customer support, and whether it offers particular features you want such as leverage or copy trading. Regulated exchanges with a strong reputation are the most secure places to buy Bitcoin and the best such platforms that support Apple Pay are listed below.

Pros & Cons of Buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay

Here is a comparison of some of the features of Apple Pay to help you decide whether it’s the payment option for you.


  • Quick set-up. You just need to add your credit or debit card to your Wallet app, so you can get set up in seconds.

  • Secure. Apple Pay protects your personal data. Your card numbers aren’t stored on your device or shared with merchants.

  • Private. Apple Pay doesn’t store transaction information, so your purchases remain private.

  • Card benefits. You will still earn any points or rewards you get for using your card, even when using it through Apple Pay.

  • Fast checkout. There’s no need to enter all your details as you can skip checkout forms when you choose Apple Pay.


  • Limited availability. Apple Pay can only be used by people with Apple Pay-enabled Apple products.

Fees When Buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay

Apple doesn’t charge you any fees when you use Apple Pay, but your usual credit card charges may still apply. When purchasing Bitcoin, there are other costs to consider, such as blockchain transaction fees and any spreads or commissions charged by your platform.

Is Buying Bitcoin with Apply Pay Right for Me?

For anyone who already has an Apple Pay-enabled Apple product, Apple Pay is a safe and convenient way to buy Bitcoin, thanks to its security, quick set-up, and faster checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Pay more secure than using my credit/debit card?
Yes. Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code when you make a purchase, so your card number is never stored or shared.
Do all Bitcoin exchanges accept Apple Pay?
No. There is a growing number of crypto exchanges that accept Apple Pay but not all of them do. See the section above on where to buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay to discover the top crypto platforms that accept Apple Pay.
How do I set up Apple Pay?
You will need to add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your Apple device by scanning the card and following your bank’s instructions. Do this for every device you want to use Apple Pay with. It will work on iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and iPad.
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