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The Upcoming 14 Best ICOs for Crypto Investors 2024

By Rebecca Campbell - Updated 14 May 2024
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ICOs, synonymous with crowdfunding, are a popular way to raise capital and create awareness about new crypto projects. Similarly, participation in ICOs is one way to access potentially outsized returns on investment, making hunting for upcoming ICOs a common investment strategy.

However, there is a pool of ICOs in the crypto market, and they come with sizable risks. Consequently, by not conducting strong research or carefully selecting a crypto project in time, you fall at risk of losing investment, having a low ROI, or getting in when prices are too high or close to plummeting.

With that in mind, we’ve analyzed 30 of the best ICOs available,  curated the top ones and made a list of  the best ICOs to consider. In this article, we will explore the world of crypto and cover eleven of the best crypto ICOs right now for crypto enthusiasts, token holders and investors.

The Best ICOs to Invest in Now 2024

New projects are being added almost daily in the crypto and blockchain technology landscapes, making it a daunting task to choose the best crypto ICOs to invest in now.

Having done all the research to reduce the burden on you, below are the best ICOs to buy now:

  1. Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG)Best Bitcoin BRC-20 Token
  2. BitBot (BITBOT) – Best Crypto Trading Bot
  3. Memeinator (MMTR) – A memecoin that employs powerful marketing strategies and innovative products to deliver value to holders.
  4. Chancer (CHANCER) – A cutting-edge decentralized prediction platform that allows anyone to bet on anything with a fixed traceable outcome.
  5. Shiba Memu (SHMU) –  A revolutionary cryptocurrency that combines AI and blockchain technology to create a self-sufficient marketing powerhouse.
  6. Alt Signals (ASI) – A next-gen AI trading platform with tools that multiply traders’ productivity and accuracy.
  7. DigiToads (TOADS) – A full-utility meme token that covers play-to-earn (P2E) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).
  8. Pomerdoge (POMD) –  A meme coin that features NFT and P2E.
  9. InQubeta (QUBE) –  The world’s first cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform for AI startups.
  10. Sparklo (SPRK) – An innovative investment platform for partial investments in silver, platinum, and gold through fractionalized NFTs.
  11. Spectra (SPCTR) – A platform for alternative investment options in blockchain and technology projects.
  12. TMS Network (TMSN) – A derivatives decentralized trading platform via cryptocurrency payment aiming to revolutionize the trading industry.
  13. Mooky (MOOK) –  Charity-Based Crypto to leverage for the purchase of NFTs and source of passive income.
  14. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – An eco-friendly platform that allows users to earn tokens for recycling household waste, which can be sold or reinvested in other green projects.

The Best ICOs for Crypto Investors Compared

Having provided you with the list of the best ICOs to invest in now, we will go ahead to compare them in this section. The metrics to be employed include fees, current price, market capitalization, where to buy, and minimum trade.

ICOs Fees Current Price Market Cap Where to Buy Minimum Trade
Bitcoin dogs Not Available Not Available None Yet Buy $0DOG Not Available
BitBot Not Available Not Available None Yet Buy BitBot Not Available
Memeinator No fees $0.014 None yet Buy MMTR
Chancer No fees $0.011 $16,500,000 Buy Chancer
Shiba Memu $3.76 $0.012250 $12,250,000 Buy Shiba Memu $100
Alt Signals No Fees $0.0187 $9,350,000 Buy ASI
DigiToads No fees $0.047 $27,495,000 Buy DigiToads $100
Pomerdoge Not available $0.0000264 $46,960,000 Buy Pomerdoge $100
InQubeta No fees $0.0098 $14,700,000 Buy InQubeta $50
Sparklo No fees $0.077 $77,000,000 Buy Sparklo $10
Spectra No fees $0.008 $8,000,000 Buy Spectra $10
TMS Network No fees $0.133 $99,750,000 Buy TMSN $14
Mooky $4.06 $0.000007347 $3,673,500 Buy Mooky $15
Ecoterra $3.60 $0.01 $20,000,000 Buy Ecoterra $10

Our Top 14 Best Crypto ICOs Reviewed

Although investing in crypto ICOs is one of the most surefire ways you can make it in the crypto world, it is nonetheless risky, which can be attributed to its infancy stage. Nevertheless, immense returns await if you choose the right crypto ICO to invest in.

Follow us as we delve into these ICOs and why they are in popular demand amongst token holders and the crypto community.

Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) – Best Bitcoin BRC-20 Token

Bitcoin Dogs’ native token, $0DOG, will launch as the first-ever ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain. Thanks to cutting-edge Bitcoin Ordinal technology, Bitcoin Dogs is pushing the boundary of what is being built on the Bitcoin network.

By combining memecoins, NFTs, and Ordinals, this project aims to go where none has gone before along with all who dare to run ahead of the pack. Given the industry’s love for breaking new milestones, this project will attract the interest of people within and outside the Bitcoin community.

Why invest in Bitcoin Dogs?

Bitcoin Dogs keys into strong crypto narratives like BRC-20 and the Bitcoin halving that could place it in investors’ sights, and allow for innovation and significant upside; several BRC-20 projects that have launched have garnered traction from investors and Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Dogs has gone further than most other projects to build the first Bitcoin-native gaming ecosystem with tokens, a planned NFT collection, and even games further down the line.

Bitcoin on-chain metrics data from Dune Analytics show a significant increase in transaction count on the blockchain that started close to the end of January 2023, when Ordinals was launched.

Higher volumes combined with the Bitcoin halving in April 2024 could catalyze significant growth for the network and its most promising projects, like Bitcoin Dogs.

Risks in Investing in Bitcoin Dogs

Bitcoin Dogs is a new project attempting a feat that has never been done before. As such, there are bound to be obstacles that are novel to this project, and a history of token launches shows that plans are hardly ever without hiccups.

$0DOG will be the native token of the Bitcoin Dog ecosystem. It has a maximum supply of 900 million units, 90% of which is allocated to the presale. This means that investors will get the bulk of tokens, making this as close to a fair launch project as possible.

To join this project early, head over to the Bitcoin Dogs website.

Bitbot – Best Crypto Trading Bot

bitbot crypto trading bot website homepage

Bitbot is a crypto trading bot that allows you to trade cryptos on-chain using simple text instructions on Telegram. The bot is part of a rising trend of people using bots with instant execution speeds to keep up with institutional traders.

These bots are usually integrated with the Telegram messaging platform, allowing users to control their trading activities using simple commands. Because of their ease, efficiency, and speed, traders can use them to uncover and buy tokens before they launch on major exchanges.

Why invest in Bitbot?

Bitbot offers features that place it ahead of other trading bots. The most pertinent is its emphasis on decentralization. Most Telegram bots hold on to their users’ private keys, creating an attack vector.

We saw this happen with popular bots like Unibot which was hacked in October 2023. The attacker could drain funds from connected wallets because the platform stored its users’ private keys.

Bitbot uses a completely decentralized structure to ensure users are always in charge of their tokens.

Risks in investing in Bitbot

While the bot has utility, the success of its token depends on the company’s ability to attract and retain users, which is usually easier to accomplish during a bull market than a bearish one.

2024 is expected to be bullish thanks to Bitcoin’s halving, however, interest beyond the bull season is yet to be determined.

Bitbot has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 30% of which will be sold in an upcoming presale event. This presale includes a competition that will reward participants with up to $100,000. To stay current on the presale, visit the Bitbot website.

Memeinator (MMTR) – Best New Memecoin

Memeinator is a memecoin with a twist. While other memecoins adopt an animal theme, either a dog or frog, Memeinator has chosen to adopt themes from the wildly popular Terminator series. It features terminator dogs that have travelled back to dominate the meme market.

Why invest in Memeinator?

In the memecoin space, virality is the difference between success and failure. Memeinator has employed innovative marketing strategies, an engaging story, and an upcoming suite of products to keep its growing community engaged.

Despite the uncertainty of the memecoin space, Memeinator has displayed the potential to create a community of loyal supporters by offering innovative rewards. One is a trip to space on the Virgin Galactic, worth a whopping $250,000.

In the future, the MMTR token will be the key to unlocking the ecosystem, including exclusive NFTs and an action game.

Risks in investing in Memeinator

Big plans and hype are common tools that memecoins employ to get people on board, and while Memeinator is making strides, it is still untested. Most memecoins fail, and there is a possibility that Memeinator will as well.

MMTR has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, 62.5% of which is on offer in the currently ongoing presale. This is suitable as most of the supply will be in the hands of the public, making it less prone to manipulation.

To join the presale, head over to the Memeinator site.

Chancer (CHANCER) – Best Decentralised Betting Platform

Chancer is a decentralised prediction platform that allows users to create markets, set rules, and determine the rewards for various predictions. Its decentralised infrastructure allows it to offer peer-to-peer bets that does not rely on third-parties.

Why invest in Chancer?

Chancer allows anyone to create predictive markets from any event that has a single trackable outcome. These markets can have custom rules, reward tiers, and can accommodate multiple participants.

The creators of these markets, called market makers, can create predictions on sports, entertainment, politics, and even video games.

Chancer takes betting further by integrating live streaming and social betting features that allow users to stream personal events, like a video game session, while others bet on the event as it unfolds.

The Chancer ecosystem is powered by the CHANCER token. Market makers and community members must hold CHANCER in their wallets to be able to create and participate in markets.

Risks in investing in Chancer

Chancer has not yet proven to be a good long term project although its solution is sustainable. History has proven that not all sustainable projects achieve success as substitutes exist. Chancer still needs to launch and achieve adoption.

The token is approaching its presale phase, but has a total supply of 1.5 billion units, 975 million of which will be available when the presale begins.

When the token is launched, holders will also be able to profit from staking and running nodes. CHANCER will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain.To participate in the presale, visit the Chancer website and follow the onscreen instructions.

Shiba Memu (SHMU) – A Revolutionary Crypto That Combines AI And Blockchain Technology

Shiba Memu launched on the Ethereum blockchain in Q2. It was born from the recent surge in AI, with advanced AI capabilities to self-learn and self-market.

While the crypto marketplace is already saturated, particularly by meme coins, Shiba Memu sets itself apart as it pioneers a shift in how meme crypto tokens operate. Shiba Memu embraces AI as it functions as a self-driving vehicle by navigating through digital forums and social networks to gain and maintain visibility and interact freely with users and potential investors.

Shiba Memu has advanced and has community-centric tokenomics. Within its 1 billion tokens, 85% will be sold in presales to build a strong crypto community. The 15% of remaining tokens will be allocated to provide liquidity, reward members, fund exchange listings, and support the new crypto ICO token’s ongoing development.

Shiba Memu’s self-sufficient marketing capabilities and personalized speech with investors and users make it a unique and attractive investment that will soar after launch.

Shiba Memu presale is ongoing and at a competitive price of $0.012250, with over $290,000 raised in just a few weeks of presale launch. To purchase the tokens, simply choose a network (ETH or BSC) and then connect your MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or WalletConnect crypto wallet. You can purchase with either USDT, ETH, BUSD, or BNB.

Why Invest In Shiba Memu

Besides investing in Shiba Memu because it is a promising ICO, its ability to market itself within the vast crypto landscape will help it generate sustainable hype that could drive 5,000% gains. In addition, with the number of active social media user identities reaching 4.8 billion in April 2023, Shiba Memu is poised to reach this large audience, which will result in its value soaring as one of the successful ICO projects.

Risk In Investing In Shiba Memu

Just like with every crypto ICO, Shiba Memu is also susceptible to the risk that comes with investing in ICO crypto. Its lack of an established market and its utility being untested in the crypto market are some of the inherent risks in investing in Shiba Memu.

Visit Shiba Memu Presale

Alt Signals (ASI) – Best Trading Services

Alt Signals is a company that provides trading tools and services that help traders achieve profitability by making more accurate predictions. The company already has a winning product, a trading signal bot called AltAlgo.

Now, they wish to integrate blockchain technology to enhance their offerings and build a community of traders.

Why invest in Alt Signals?

Alt Signals has developed a new product called ActualizeAI, which uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to make even more accurate predictions than AltAlgo.

ActualizeAI will be the basis of their new suite of services and their new token, ASI, will be the key to unlocking these services.

Users will need to hold ASI in their wallets to access the various trading bots and algorithms on the Alt Signal website. The token will also serve as a membership badge and will qualify its holders for trading challenges and other promotional campaigns.

We believe that their new products can consistently provide value to its users, and sustain the community that will be built on it.

Risks in investing in Alt Signals

Alt Signals will need to compete on both the Web2 and Web3 fronts. On the former, it’ll compete against Web2 trading solutions like bots and algorithms from other established providers, while also competing for retail users in the Web3 space.

ASI is still in pre pre-sale phase where it sells at a discount to its listing price. To participate, visit Alt Signals’ website.

DigiToads – A Unique Platform That Combines P2E And NFT With Memes

DigiToads, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that launched its presale on March 9, 2023, is one of the most successful ongoing crypto ICOs so far. It is one of the best altcoins to hold in 2023, with over $5.9 million raised at the time of writing.

DigiToads aspires to become the most popular meme coin and P2E token, and with the success recorded so far, we believe it will continue to build on it. According to analysts, DigiToads can eclipse a 500% increase before the year’s end and more afterward.

The DigiToads native token presale is currently in stage 9, with a token going for $0.047 at the time of writing. In its tokenomics, 69.29% is allocated for presale and community bonuses, 5% for the team, and the rest for development, project launch, liquidity pool, public releases, prizes, and competitions.

Why Invest In DigiToads

One of the reasons we are pro-investing in DigiToads is its unique combination of memes with P2E and NFT and its low supply of 585 million tokens, which is further deflationary.

Risk In Investing In DigiToads

DigiToads is close to its launch date, which comes with even more risks.

Visit DigiToads

Pomerdoge – The Play-To-Earn Power Coin

Pomerdoge is a play-to-earn coin that was recently launched in the second half of 2023 and has enjoyed a successful start to the presale. By being a new crypto ICO, Pomerdoge will guarantee you more returns, making it a compelling and attractive ICO crypto investment.

Pomerdoge is a P2E coin that also features NFT and has the immense growth potential of the best meme coins. This puts it on the cusp of adoption within the crypto community, and its growth potential is immense. As an early investor, you will enjoy significant ICO gains as well as over 17X on launch.

Pomerdoge’s tokenomics features 1,777,777,777 total tokens, with 1 billion tokens allocated for presale, 120 million for the team, and the rest for in-game crypto rewards, listings, staking and rewards, buybacks, and marketing.

Why Invest In Pomerdoge

Pomerdoge is one of the recent ICOs in the crypto market, meaning you stand to gain considerable gains by just being early. Its strong utility token qualities mean it will rival many meme coins.

Risk In Investing In Pomerdoge

Investing in Pomerdoge for token holders now comes with the risk associated with crypto ICOs, such as rug pulls, which you should have been familiar with already.

Visit Pomerdoge

InQubeta – The Future Of AI Technology

InQubeta, which launched in the first half of the year, is currently one of the most in-demand crypto ICOs in the crypto landscape. The lack of a reliable source of funding for the fast-growing Artificial Intelligence market necessitated the development of InQubeta. At just its second presale stage, it has raised over $1.2 million in sales, which is a testament to the soaring popularity of this crypto project.

InQubeta’s revolutionary idea to solve a pain point within the AI and crypto scenes has seen it receive a shout of adoption. InQubeta will be the world’s first cryptocurrency platform for AI startups.

The InQubeta presale is ongoing, stage 2, with a token price of $0.0098. This crypto ICOs price is poised to skyrocket and reach $1 before the end of the year, InQubeta remains a compelling investment amongst crypto presales.

Why Invest In InQubeta

The innovative solution InQubeta brings makes it a great investment.

Risk In Investing In InQubeta

Although InQubeta offers high rewards, inherent risks of an upcoming ICO like dumps shouldn’t be neglected as a possibility.

Visit InQubeta

Sparklo – Innovative Idea To Revolutionize The Rare Metals Industry

Sparklo was launched in the first half of the year as the answer to fractional investment in gold, silver, and platinum. Sparklo’s innovative idea to eradicate buy limits in precious metals through cryptocurrency and fractionalized NFTs makes it a strong contender within the precious metals industry for crypto traders.

The tokenomics of Sparklo’s supply, which is a total of 1 billion tokens, have 60% of the supply set aside for crypto presales, 10% for listings on exchanges, 9% for the team, 5% for the advisory team, and the rest equally shared between marketing and staking rewards.

The Sparklo presale is in stage 3, and a token costs $0.009 as of press time. With Sparklo expected to soar in the coming months after launch by as much as 3,000%, this crypto project has massive growth potential.

Why Invest In Sparklo

With the incredible number of popular metal enthusiasts, the market’s vastness, and Sparklo’s unique idea, this crypto ICOs adoption is imminent.

Risk In Investing In Sparklo

Just like most crypto ICOs, Sparklo is risky in the sense that it is an emerging token with no established market to fall back on.

Visit Sparklo

Spectra – A Decentralized Trading And Investment Platform In Emerging Blockchain Projects

The blockchain industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the crypto scene, which means Spectra will be crucial thanks to its innovative idea. Spectra aims to become a leading firm driving innovation in blockchain, Fintech, and Web3 Crypto startups through strategic investments and the best crypto ICOs.

This cryptocurrency ICO presale is live, in stage 1, at $0.008 per token. At the time of writing, over $750,000 has been raised in its presale, which is proof of this ICO crypto project increasing in popularity.

Spectra’s token distribution and allocation of its 1 billion tokens will see a significant portion allocated to the Spectra VC fund to be used to invest in promising blockchain and technology projects. The remaining portions will be allocated to early investors, team members, and advisors.

Why Invest In Spectra

Investment in Spectra equals investment in the future of blockchain, which is one of the most disruptive and fastest-growing cryptocurrency industries.

Risk In Investing In Spectra

Spectra is an emerging coin and upcoming crypto ICOs, meaning it has less backing and a track record in the crypto market as it has yet to be fully tested.

Visit Spectra

TMS Network – A Trading Platform That Allows Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading

TMS Network’s presale launched in the first half of the year, on February 16, 2023. TMS Network is currently carving a niche for itself in the trading industry as it aims to revolutionize the sector. Aiming for a $12 million hard cap, TMS Network has raised over $6.28 million and continues to soar in the crypto landscape.

TMS Network intends to be a derivatives decentralized trading platform via cryptocurrency payment.

TMS Network has a token allocation of 750 million tokens, with 60% allocated for presale, 15% for teams and founders, and the rest for a reserve fund, development, marketing, and board advisors.

You can participate in the TMS Network at a current price of $0.133 USD—a competitive price.

Why Invest In TMS Network

As a token holder, you will be entitled to commissions based on the traded volume of digital assets across the trading platform and voting rights.

Risk In Investing In TMS Network

As an ICO token, TMS Network has inherent risks that come with the best crypto ICO tokens, which risk-takers should acknowledge.

Visit TMS Network

Mooky – Charity-Based Meme Coin With NFT Utility

Mooky is a blockchain-based project designed to help contribute to the environment by donating to rainforest foundations and planting trees. The presale launched in the second half of 2023 and aims to be a leading charity-based crypto to allow the purchase on the best NFT marketplaces.

Mooky is a community-owned token, with 70% of its 500 billion tokens to be sold during the presale. 20% will be used for listing, 5% for staking, 3% for charity, and 2% for reserves. Mooky can be purchased via MetaMask or Trust Wallet with ETH or BNB.

Mooky presale is currently in stage 8, with a native token worth approximately $0.000007348 and over $900,000 raised so far. To secure investment for this contender for best new ICO crypto, the contract code is deemed completely secure after an audit by SpyWolfNetwork and verification by SolidProof.

Why Invest In Mooky

With its significant potential growth and NFT backed by utility token functionality, Mooky makes a great investment amongst the best utility cryptos.

Risk In Investing In Mooky

Mooky has few use cases and will have to rely more on its community and the hype it generates.

Visit Mooky

Ecoterra – Blockchain Solution To Climate Crisis

Ecoterra is an emerging cryptocurrency whose presale started on March 29, 2023. Ecoterra is introducing a novel concept as it aims to fight against the climate crisis by leveraging the all-in-one Recycle2Earn app with key features of recycling tokens and eco-actions.

Ecoterra has a total token supply of 2 billion tokens, with 50% offered to presale investors, 25% for ecosystem liquidity, and the rest for marketing costs (10%), the team (5%), exchange liquidity (5%), and corporate adoption (5%).

Ecoterra is in its last crypto presale stage, stage 9, with a token at $0.01. It has a hard cap of $6.7 million, and over $6 million has been raised so far, proof of its soaring popularity as a cryptocurrency to invest in.

Why Invest In Ecoterra

Ecoterra aims to present a real-world solution by allowing individuals and corporations to offset their carbon footprint, which makes it fundamentally strong and its native token valuable.

Risk In Investing In Ecoterra

Ecoterra, just like the preceding best ICO crypto, is fraught with the risks associated with crypto presale tokens, making them riskier than popular and established tokens.

Visit Ecoterra

What is an Initial Coin Offering?

ICOs are crowdfunding campaigns for blockchain-based innovations like cryptocurrencies. It allows crypto projects to generate publicity and raise funds to gain access via the sale of tokens in their early stages. On the other hand, investors will have the opportunity to become an early part of the community before the public launch.

ICOs are often offered at discounted prices, lower than their eventual listing prices, meaning early investors are properly positioned for significant returns and the chance to earn passive income. ICO investors will receive digital tokens, which represent shares of crypto projects.

The world of ICOs offers excitement for investors because significant gains can be made by investing in the right ICO. Conversely, emerging and innovative projects without funds to actualize their ideas can simply host an ICO to launch their project by simply offering part of their token supply. ICOs function as a beneficial model for both crypto projects and investors and will persist for years.

How Does an ICO Work?

Initial coin offerings are scheduled token sales events divided into stages. The ICO date is set, as are the fundraising goals, with native tokens distributed across the presale stages by the team.

The best crypto ICO projects or cryptocurrencies often have soft and hard caps, which represent the minimum and maximum number of tokens to be sold.

After an ICO phase is live, investors will participate in it via the official website. The website will show the native token price, and the cryptocurrency to be used for payment, such as BNB, ETH, USDT, or another form of payment, such as Fiat-to-Crypto exchanges and more.

ICO participation is often conducted through decentralized crypto exchange platforms such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, where tokens will be exchanged for ICO coins. On the other hand, the team can provide a wallet address to which investors will send funds to receive the tokens in their crypto wallet.

What is the Best ICO to Invest in Now?

Amidst the pool of ICOs and eleven of the best crypto ICOs we mentioned in this article, the best ICO to invest in now is Shiba Memu. You might wonder what the fuss is all about, but it is worth all the hype it is receiving.

Shiba Memu is an AI-based token, meaning its growth will be parallel to that of AI and its increasing adoption. In addition, its advanced AI capabilities set it on the path of immense growth, making early investment in its ICO the smartest investment strategy right now.

Furthermore, Shiba Memu would eclipse human limitations as it would be able to navigate the digital world to reach users and investors across digital forums and social media. Its wide reach, which is unprecedented in the crypto landscape for potential to earn crypto rewards, meaning it can gain and maintain visibility, attract investors, and soar.

Different Types Of ICO Tokens

The best crypto ICO tokens vary in terms of what they offer. This means you can choose to invest in ICO tokens based on their utility, rights, dividends and passive rewards, and backing.

Utility Participation Investment Asset-backed
Grants access to a product or service. Gives voting or governance rights. Holders are entitled to a share of the profits or dividends of blockchain projects. These cryptocurrencies are backed by real-world assets.

Why an ICO is a Good Crypto Investment

Investing in the ICO of a project is an appealing investment strategy and a good crypto investment for the following reasons:

  • Early investment opportunity: You will be able to invest in projects in their early stages, which gives you access to lower prices.
  • Potential for significant returns: ICOs are a surefire way to make it in the crypto space because they have the potential to earn rewards by providing significant ROI.
  • Community Engagement: By investing in an ICO, you will have the opportunity to become a part of a project’s community.
  • Early access: to services, products, and discounts serves as an additional benefit.
  • Opportunity to invest in disruptive projects: ICOs present opportunities to invest in disruptive projects with innovative ideas and the ability to revolutionize industries and sectors, making early investment lucrative.

What About the Risks Involved With ICOs?

Investing in Initial Coin Offerings, just like the entire crypto scene, carries certain risks that you should be aware of. These risks of investing in crypto ICOs include:

  • Absence of regulation: ICOs are usually unregulated or mildly regulated, which increases investors’ susceptibility to the risk of unethical practices such as fraud and crypto scams.
  • Their legitimacy is uncertain. The absence of strong regulatory requirements makes it challenging to gauge the credibility and legitimacy of ICO projects and their teams.
  • Price manipulation: ICO tokens are fraught with intense price volatility and price manipulation, which can result in substantial losses.
  • Project failure: Many ICO projects fail to deliver on their promises documented in their whitepapers or roadmaps, which often results in a loss of investment.
  • Lack of investor protection: ICO investments do not offer similar investor protection as traditional investments, which makes them a risky venture.
  • Lack of transparency: Some ICO products intentionally provide misleading, inaccurate, or insufficient information to investors with malicious intent, making it challenging to carry out proper due diligence.

Are Cryptocurrency ICOs Legal?

Cryptocurrency ICOs are legal in vast areas of the world, although their legality varies from one country to another. The best crypto ICOs, being a part of emerging technology, operate in a rapidly evolving legal landscape with no clear law on how they should operate as the landscape continues to evolve.

The United States, China, and Europe are some of the jurisdictions with strict laws to protect investors from fraud and cover ICOs. In the U.S., for instance, an ICO is illegal if it doesn’t pass the Howey Test used by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

With the crypto landscape still evolving and countries grappling with the technology, there will be uncertainties around the legality of ICOs globally. Nevertheless, ICOs remain legal in many countries.


While these are all initial offerings, what they offer varies. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, IDO for Initial DEX Offering, and IEO for Initial Exchange Offering.

Features ICO IDO IEO
Platform Independent Decentralized Exchange Centralized Exchange
Token sale Open to the general public Accessible to the public Restricted to exchange users
Token price Determined by the team Determined by market Determined by the exchange
Security High risk or susceptibility to scams Lower risk of scams Moderate scam risk
Regulatory Depending on the jurisdiction or country Likely to face regulatory issues Compliance with exchange rules
Listing process Listed by the team or must be self-listed Automatic listing on decentralized exchanges Listed by the centralized exchange
Liquidity Low liquidity at the inceptive stage Potentially lower liquidity initially Characterized by generally higher liquidity
Trust Trust in the issuer or project Trust in project Trust in exchange

The Best Ways to Find Upcoming ICOs

Considering how saturated the crypto market is, finding the best ICO crypto opportunities for passive income potential might be a daunting task.

In this section, we will show you how to identify the next big crypto in the crypto space at its infancy level. Sit tight.

Social Media

The crypto world mingles with the world of social media, which makes the latter a great place to find real-time updates on emerging projects and the best crypto. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube are invaluable to crypto enthusiasts and investors, as they leverage them to find ICOs.

Additionally, social media is one of the best ways to find upcoming ICOs because it forms a great part of the marketing strategy employed by ICO projects. So, by merely participating in social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, you can keep tabs on ICO tokens that are making a buzz in the crypto scene.

ICO Calendar

You can leverage an ICO Calendar or upcoming ICO list for a glimpse into the start and end dates and funding goals for forthcoming ICO projects. This valuable tool will help in allowing users to make data-driven decisions and select the top ICO project for passive income potential.

ICO Platforms

Dedicated websites that provide detailed information on ICOs, as well as KYC checks, are another way to find upcoming ICOs for interested investors.

Where to Buy the Best ICOs to Invest in

There are different ICO exchanges where ICOs can be purchased, as their launchpad platform allows new tokens to raise capital through crowdfunding. We will explore eToro in this section and provide detailed steps on how to sign up for the platform and start investing in the best ICOs.

1. Open an Account

As a new eToro user, after navigating to the official website, you need to open a new free account before you can purchase cryptocurrencies. The first step is to click on “Sign in” on the homepage and click on “Sign up” beside the option that reads “Don’t have an account.”

2. Verify Your Account

After successfully creating an account by entering the necessary information, the next step is to verify your account. To do that, click “Verify” to begin the authentication of your account. Next, enter the required information and successfully verify your account.

3. Make A Deposit

You can now make a deposit and fund your wallet to begin your crypto trading journey. Enter the amount you wish to fund and select the payment method of your choice, either credit or debit card. Enter your card details, then click on “Deposit.”

4. Purchase Cryptocurrency

Now, you can explore the world of cryptocurrency and purchase your favorite tokens. You can use the search bar to find coins or explore the page to find captivating cryptocurrencies. To purchase a cryptocurrency, click on it, indicate the quantity, and select Buy.

Where To Buy New Coins

ICOs are new projects yet to be launched; as a result, they are usually purchased via the official websites of the projects or by connecting crypto wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. In this section, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on where you can buy new coins, using MetaMask as the wallet and Shiba Memu as the example coin.

Step 1: Download a Wallet

MetaMask is one of the most reputable crypto wallets, which you can use to purchase and store Shiba Memu. So, download a MetaMask wallet, then create a wallet.

Step 2: Buy Some Crypto

You will require ETH, BNB, USDT, or other cryptocurrencies before you can purchase new tokens like $SHMU. So, you need to buy some cryptocurrency and keep gas fees in mind.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

The next step is to head to the Shiba Memu homepage, connect your MetaMask wallet, and then choose the relevant “Buy With” button based on the cryptocurrency you are facilitating the transaction with. Next, select how many Shiba Memu tokens you wish to buy, then confirm the purchase.

Step 4: Wait to Claim Your Crypto

You need to wait for the presale to be concluded to receive your purchased tokens. They will be claimable on the Shiba Memu website.

Latest Initial Coin Offering Crypto News

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Final Thoughts on the Best ICOs to Invest in

The cryptocurrency market is now waning in popularity, with new investors keen on investing in crypto. This year promises to be another year of ICO breakthroughs, as there are innovative projects and upcoming ICO initiatives set to launch, eleven of the best of which we have explored in this article.

The best ICOs mentioned in this article are disruptive, as they aim to shake the crypto landscape with their unique ideas and solutions and allowing users the ability to earn passive income. Among these exceptional ICOs, Shiba Memu stands out, as it offers an exciting journey into the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and promises enormous returns for risk-takers and early investors.

Methodology - How We Picked The Best ICOs To Buy Now

With a strong dedication to helping traders make better investment decisions, we spared no expense in screening and reviewing the Initial Coin Offerings ICOs mentioned in this article. The review process focused on testing the platforms to get a first-hand feel.

During the test, we discovered that the sign-up process, security, speed, interface, and fees were all up to standard.

Check out our why trust us and how we test pages for more information on our testing process.



What is an ICO Token?
It is a digital asset issued through an Initial Coin offering that represents ownership, utility, participation, or assets within a project.
Are ICO Tokens Regulated?
ICO token regulation varies by jurisdiction, with some having limited or no regulatory oversight. This makes research crucial.
Are ICOs a Good Investment?
ICOs are good investments as they offer a great opportunity to be early and enjoy significant returns. However, they are also high-risk investments.
What are the Next Big Upcoming Initial Coin Offerings in 2023?
Among the projects we reviewed in this article, Shiba Memu, DigiToads, Ecoterra, InQubeta, Spectra, and TMS Network are the top upcoming ICOs in 2023.
What is the Most Successful Crypto ICO?
Ethereum ICO is widely regarded as the most successful crypto ICO, with a starting price of $0.31 per token and now hovering over $1,800.