How we fund this site

We believe that investing information should be available to all for free, but we also have a team of writers, tech support, and a range of other overhead costs that must be met as we grow and improve our website. In order to meet these costs, we earn revenue in a variety of different ways.

Affiliate Marketing

One of our main revenue drivers is the use of affiliate links. If you sign up with a third-party service or buy a product using a link from our site, then we may receive compensation from that affiliate.

Sometimes we receive a kickback based on the value of a purchase made, and sometimes we receive a flat fee after certain conditions have been met by the customer. Regardless of any deal we may have with a partner, we will only ever recommend services and products that we have tested and would use ourselves.

Advertising Space

Like many websites, we sell banner ads on our pages that help us to cover our costs.

We also collaborate on content and press releases with our commercial partners, and we may adjust the positioning and visibility of offers in our comparison tables based on commercial partnerships.

However, we will never accept payment for positive coverage that we believe is undue, as per our editorial policy. We may accept payment to cover a certain topic, but the coverage itself will always be unbiased and untainted.

Please enquire if you wish to advertise with us.

What We Don’t Do

We’ve explained how we keep our site running, but in the interests of transparency, we’ll outline a few things we don’t do here at CoinJournal. We don’t:

  • Compromise our principles for profit. We will never sell out our audience for short-term financial gain. We believe that “honesty is the biggest upsell”, and we’d rather earn your loyal readership through high-quality, honest content.
  • Allow our writers to take third-party payments. Beyond our editorial policy, we believe that it is crucial for our writers to be completely impartial when writing. Therefore, our writers will never accept “off the books” payments that could affect their impartiality.
  • Let our personal holdings affect our writing. Our writers hold a variety of cryptocurrencies and other assets, so we have a responsibility to ensure this doesn’t colour our judgements. We achieve this through our rigorous editing process.
  • Harvest or sell readers’ data. In an age where online privacy is at an all-time low, we choose to take a stand against the likes of Facebook et al. by not harvesting and selling your data for profit. We are only here because of you, and so we take it upon ourselves to show you the respect you deserve.