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Why trust us

In order for a piece of writing to make it onto one of our sites, we have a number of processes in place for quality control, including a style guide with editorial guidelines for our writers and a team of editors to fact-check and proofread every piece of content.

Additionally, we are committed to good journalistic practices, including an obligation to not knowingly distort or misrepresent the facts and to add links back to the sources our writers use for research purposes.

The site places special emphasis on fact checking and the information is checked many times before it is uploaded on the platform. The platform uses APIs sources from multiple platforms such as CoinAPI and CoinMarketCap and the prices and graphs used for analysis are updated in real time. 

We also aim to be open and transparent in regards to our commercial interests so you are aware of what is a paid for post so you know this is the case when you start reading. See our guide on How We Fund the Site for further information.

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