Why trust us

We understand that many people are apprehensive about the crypto industry. The technology is constantly evolving and can be difficult to understand. What’s more, news about hacks, rug pulls, and other scams have understandably led to trust issues within the sector.

Our site is designed to provide you with the information and guidance you need to safely join the crypto community and avoid common pitfalls. We hope that the information below will put you more at ease and give you a reason to trust us.

Our content

As the function of our site is to provide news and educational articles, we realise it is of paramount importance that our content is trustworthy. CoinJournal has been producing content since the early days of crypto, back in 2014. There are a number of different aspects to our content and its reliability. These are explained below.

1. The writers

CoinJournal relies on a team of over 40 writers, spanning six continents and more than 15 countries. They all have experience of investing and the crypto industry, with most writers owning cryptocurrency themselves. However, they are committed to impartiality, and the content they produce isn’t influenced by the investments they hold.

The team consists of in-house writers and dozens of freelance writers, specially selected for their knowledge and experience. Writers with specific expertise are used to write about topics they specialise in where possible.

We don’t accept unvetted guest posts, and authorship on CoinJournal is transparent. You can see all our writers on the Our Team page, and take a look at their bios to find out more about their background and experience, as well as what they’ve written for CoinJournal.

2. Quality control and topics

We have editorial guidelines, which you can read about on our Editorial Policy page. These include being fully transparent by avoiding conflicts of interest, vetting the sources we use for information, and thoroughly fact-checking articles before we publish them.

We also have style guidelines to ensure a consistent and accessible style across all our content. The writing we produce is designed to be informative and educational in tone, and is not intended to promote any particular financial investment. All articles are proofread prior to publication to avoid errors.

We match writers to topics based on their personal expertise, and don’t accept payments from third parties for writers to cover a specific topic. We always maintain editorial independence.

3. Integrations

We use integrations to provide our readers with reliable and accurate real-time information. By integrating APIs, we ensure that data, such as prices, price changes, and graphs, stay up to date. We only use APIs that are well established as fast and reliable data providers, such as CoinAPI and CoinMarketCap API.

4. Testing methods

Our site contains a lot of information about crypto products and services. To ensure this information is accurate and reliable, we rigorously test every platform and app we write about. Our testing process involves our writers trying out the various platforms they cover to gain firsthand experience.

We investigate a wide variety of factors, including the registration and deposit processes, trading interface and features, fees, security, and support. You can find out more about our testing methods on our How We Test page.

How we fund this site

Our website is completely free to use, as we believe information about investing should be freely accessible to everyone. We don’t harvest your data to sell to third parties when you use our site. You can find out exactly how your data is handled in our Privacy Policy.

CoinJournal is a for-profit business, though, and we want to be totally transparent about how we generate revenue. We fund the site through affiliate marketing. This means we receive compensation when you use a link on our site to sign up for a third-party service or product. You can find out more about how we earn revenue on the How We Fund This Site page.

However, we never compromise our principles for our affiliates. We only choose affiliates whose products and services we would happily use ourselves, and we don’t let them influence what we write. We aim to produce unbiased content that allows you to educate yourself, make informed decisions, and only invest responsibly.

Media mentions

We have built up enough trust within our industry to be seen as a reliable source by a wide range of other publications. Some of the well-known media outlets that have featured us are listed below.

Social media

We have also built trust with the public—our site has received over 2.6 million visitors in the last year. You can find us on social media on our Facebook page, which has 13k followers, and our Twitter feed, which has 13.3k followers.

Found an error?

Although we have a highly-skilled team, high editorial standards, and rigorous testing methods, the CoinJournal team are still human and so capable of making errors. If you spot something that doesn’t look right, you can reach out to us through our contact page, and we will make any necessary corrections.

Responsible and safe investing

The content we provide is for informational and educational purposes, so our readers can make informed decisions about what to do with their own money. We don’t want our readers to suffer financial losses due to making mistakes or irresponsible decisions. Take a look at our Responsible Investing page to find advice and resources to help you invest safely and responsibly.