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Best New Solana Coin Launches for Crypto Investors in 2024

By Philip Hoey - Updated 14 May 2024
Fact Checked

The Solana blockchain is vying for Ethereum’s crown as the blockchain of choice for innovative new crypto projects, with dozens of new Solana launches now happening each month. 

Of course, every new crypto launch isn’t created equal, so if you’re a crypto investor on the hunt for a top investment opportunity how do you go about finding the best new and upcoming Solana coin launches?

The key is to do your research – and when it comes to researching the best new Solana tokens, CoinJournal’s got you covered. 

Our team of analysts and chartists have analyzed 40 of the best new Solana coin launches, and put together a shortlist of the top 5. Let’s dig into the research.

The Best New Solana Coins in 2024

If you’re keen to cut to the chase, then here’s a summary of our findings – these are the 5 best new Solana coins for crypto investors right now:

  • Slothana – A trending Solana meme coin that could have the potential for viral growth
  • Dogeverse – The world’s first multichain meme coin 
  • Mega Dice Token – A new Solana GameFi token with the backing of a major crypto casino
  • Lucky Boo – A soon-to-launch Solana meme coin with a huge airdrop allocation
  • Insanity Bets Token – A new Solana token to power a decentralized casino gaming with ‘fairness protocols’

Best New Solana Tokens for Crypto Investors - Key Metrics

The table below provides key metrics for each of the new Solana projects that have made it into our list of top Solana launches. Those metrics include fees, current price, fully diluted market capitalization, where to buy, and minimum trade.

ICOs Fees Current Price Fully Diluted Market Cap Where to Buy Minimum Trade
Slothana $0.00064 $0.028 $15,000,000 Buy Slothana $100
Dogeverse $0.00064 $0.047 $27,495,000 Buy Dogeverse $100
Lucky Boo $0.00064 $0.00018 $1,453,751.88 Buy Lucky Boo $50
Mega Dice Token $0.00064 $0.0000019 $10,000,000 Buy Mega Dice Token  $100
InsanityBets $0.00064 $0.000026 $2,871,549 Buy Insanity Bets Token  $100


Reviewed - Our Top 5 New SOL Coins

New coin launches will always carry an element of risk – after all, since they’re newly launched they’re often unproven.

But with the right research, the right risk attitude (and possibly a little bit of luck), you could end up investing in a new Solana token during its early launch phase that eventually ends up rising by 100x, 1000x or even more. 

So let’s dig into our list of the best new and upcoming Solana token launches to see if we can discover the best investment opportunities.

1. Slothana – A trending Solana meme coin that could have the potential for viral growth

You might think the crypto market doesn’t need another meme coin (especially another animal-themed one), but the market begs to differ. 

Taking its inspiration from the chilled-out charm of the widely loved sloth, Slothana has generated massive amounts of interest with crypto investors, suggesting it could potentially be positioned for a similar kind of viral growth that recently saw Dogwifhat and Pepe shoot for the moon.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Slothana deliberately has no inherent utility or use case, which means viral growth is your only real route to riches with this new Solana coin. If the hype fades and the market moves on, there is a risk you could end up holding a wallet full of low-value sloths.

On the other hand, if Slothana is able to pull off a Dogwifhat trajectory then Solana coin investors could be in for a viral windfall. 

With $15 million already raised from presale investors, $SLOTH is currently priced at 10,000 SLOTH to 1 SOL. 

Visit the Slothana Presale

2. Dogeverse – The world’s first multichain meme coin

There are a growing number of dog-themed meme coins fighting for contention in the cryptocurrency markets, but Dogeverse sets itself apart as the first multichain meme coin. 

While it is a new Solana token launch because it will be available on the Solana ecosystem blockchain, Dogeverse will also be traded on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Base blockchains. Investors will be able to transfer it between these blockchains without having to convert it to another cryptocurrency or fiat currency first. 

Another key differentiator from other meme coins is Dogeverse’s staking system, which will distribute 20 billion Dogeverse (10% of its total 200 billion token supply) as rewards to stakers over the next two years. 

With DEX listings in the pipeline in the near future, the DOGEVERSE token could be a good option for crypto investors seeking a meme coin with genuine utility.

$DOGEVERSE has raised over $11 million so far in its presale, with early investors currently able to invest in this meme coin for a price of $0.000302 per token.

Buy Dogeverse

3. Mega Dice Token – A GameFi token with the backing of a major crypto casino

Whether or not you’re into crypto casinos yourself, the Mega Dice Token looks like a solid prospect for Solana coin investors, given that it has the backing of the Mega Dice casino, one of the top Bitcoin casinos. 

The scale of this business backing this new token could be the reason $DICE has raised over half a million dollars in its very first week. 

In terms of utility, the Mega Dice Token enables its ICO investors to enjoy a share of the casino’s revenue. And given the fact that the Mega Dice casino sees $50 million wagered each month across its 4,000 casino games and 50 esports, its revenue is likely to be significant. 

When it comes to its tokenomics, Mega Dice is also allocating 15% of $DICE tokens to airdrops for players. 

Mega Dice Token will also offer early investors staking rewards, with $DICE tokens allocated to reward stakers. 

$DICE had raised $543,555.72 at the time of writing, with new Solana coin investors able to buy $DICE tokens for $0.069 a piece. 

Buy Mega Dice Token

4. Lucky Boo – A meme coin with a huge airdrop allocation

Lucky Boo might be another animal-themed meme coin, but it’s one that intends to allocate major resources towards rewarding $BOO token Hodlers.

With 5% of $BOO tokens up for grabs in Lucky Boo’s initial launch phase, a staggering 40% have been allocated for holder airdrops. 

To put that figure into perspective, the average airdrop allocation for a new coin launch is just 10% of the token supply – Lucky Boo is setting aside four times that amount to reward early investors. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean investors in this new Solana token are guaranteed a healthy return on their investment. Lucky Boo is still a meme coin, and one without a lot of inherent utility, so investors in this new Solana project will still be dependent on hype and virality in order to see a good return. 

With Lucky Boo’s launch just around the corner, $BOO investors are getting in incredibly early – it currently has a TVL of $87,000 against a fully diluted market cap of $1,453,751.

Buy Lucky Boo

5. Insanity Bets Token – Decentralized casino gaming with ‘fairness protocols’

You’ll probably be familiar with the saying, “the house always wins”. When it comes to online casinos, the fairness of the games is an even more important consideration for users than it is in a real world casino.

Insanity Bets aims to tackle that issue head-on, by utilizing Chainlink Verifiable Random Functions (Chainlink VRF) that Insanity Bets users can validate to ensure each game is provably fair. 

The $IBET token will serve as the central token for this new provably fair gambling ecosystem on Insanity Bets. 

With the $IBET presale kicking off just a few weeks ago, investors are being offered the opportunity to invest in this Solana ICO at a discounted price. The presale will consist of 15 stages, with the price gradually increasing as those stages progress.

Once the Insanity Bets platform is launched these early investors will be offered the opportunity to “become the house”, sharing in the casino’s revenue through staking or their $IBET tokens. 

Buy Insanity Bets Token

Why should I invest in a new or upcoming Solana coin launch?

New Solana coins offer investors the opportunity to invest in a project at a very early stage, which means their potential returns could be significant if that coin or token gains a lot of traction and rises in value. 

Of course, investing in new Solana tokens can also be risky for the very same reason – since the investor is getting in at an early stage, both the project and its founders are unproven. There’s always the risk that the value of your investment in these types of projects could fall instead of rising. 

These new token launches are a vitally important way for new Solana projects to gain much needed growth capital, and the right projects can also offer investors huge upside potential. But it’s vital that you do your research before you invest.

What is the best new Solana coin to invest in now?

According to our own analysts, the best new Solana coin launch right now could be Slothana. Despite the fact this sloth-themed meme coin doesn’t have any inherent utility or use case, it is generating an enormous amount of interest from investors and the media, and could be on the verge of truly viral growth. 

But it’s not without its risks – since it is a pure meme coin play without any obvious use case, if the hype cycle moves on and Slothana falls out of favor it’s possible your investment could head south for the winter too.

Why new Solana coins might be a good investment

Investing in a new Solana project before or during its launch could be an appealing investment strategy for many investors for a several different reasons:

  • Early investment opportunity: You will be able to invest in projects in their early stages, which gives you access to lower prices.
  • Potential for significant returns: Solana coin launches may be risky, but with that risk comes the possibility of outsized returns on investment. 
  • Community Engagement: By investing in a new Solana coin, you will have the opportunity to become a part of a project’s community.
  • Early access to services, products, and discounts serves as an additional benefit.
  • Opportunity to invest in disruptive projects: Many new Solana tokens offer investors an opportunity to support disruptive projects that have the potential to revolutionize industries and sectors, potentially making early investment very lucrative.

What about the risks involved with brand new Solana tokens?

Investing in new SOL coin launches, just like the entire crypto scene, carries certain risks that you should be aware of. These risks include:

  • Absence of regulation: New Solana coin launches are usually unregulated or mildly regulated, which increases investors’ susceptibility to the risk of unethical practices such as fraud and scams.
  • Their legitimacy is uncertain: The absence of strong regulatory requirements makes it challenging to gauge the credibility and legitimacy of new Solana projects and their teams.
  • Price manipulation: New Solana tokens can sometimes be fraught with intense price volatility and price manipulation, which can result in substantial losses.
  • Project failure: Some new Solana projects fail to deliver on their promises documented in their whitepapers or roadmaps, which sometimes results in a loss of investment.
  • Lack of investor protection: Investments in new Solana coins do not offer similar investor protection as traditional investments, which makes them a risky venture.
  • Lack of transparency: Some projects may intentionally provide misleading, inaccurate, or insufficient information to investors with malicious intent, making it challenging to carry out proper due diligence.

Are new Solana coin investments legal?

It is legal to invest in new Solana coins in most parts of the world, although how those investments are regulated does vary from one country to another. New Solana token launches, being a part of new and emerging technology, operate in a rapidly evolving legal landscape with no clear law on how they should operate as the landscape continues to evolve.

The United States, China, and Europe are some of the jurisdictions with strict laws to protect investors from fraud or mis-selling during new coin launches. In the U.S., for instance, an ICO is illegal if it doesn’t pass the Howey Test used by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

With the crypto landscape still evolving and countries grappling with the technology, there will be uncertainties around the legality of Solana coin investments globally. Nevertheless, investments in these coins remain legal in many countries.

The best ways to find upcoming Solana coin launches

Considering how saturated the crypto market is, finding the best way to find new Solana coin launches might be a daunting task.

In this section, we will show you how to identify the next big thing in the Solana ecosystem during its infancy level. Sit tight.

Social Media

The crypto world mingles with the world of social media, which makes the latter a great place to find real-time updates on emerging projects and the best crypto. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube are invaluable to crypto enthusiasts and investors, as they leverage them to find new and upcoming Solana token launches.

Additionally, social media is one of the best ways to find upcoming Solana launches because it forms a great part of the marketing strategy employed by many of these projects. So, by merely participating in social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, you can keep tabs on new and soon-to-launch Solana coins that are beginning to make a buzz in the crypto scene.

Crypto Calendar

You can leverage a Crypto Calendar or upcoming Solana coin launch list for a glimpse into the start and end dates and funding goals for soon-to-launch Solana projects. This valuable tool can help in allowing users to make data-driven decisions and select the best new Solana project for passive income potential.

Where to buy newly launched Solana coins

Newly launched Solana coins are often purchased via the official websites of the projects or by connecting crypto wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. In this section, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on where you can buy new coins, using MetaMask as the wallet and Slothana as the example coin.

Step 1: Download a Wallet

MetaMask is one of the most reputable crypto wallets, which you can use to purchase and store Slothana. So, download a MetaMask wallet, then create a wallet.

Step 2: Buy Some Crypto

You will require SOL, or in some cases other cryptocurrencies, before you can purchase new tokens like $SLOTH. So, you need to buy some cryptocurrency and keep gas fees in mind.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

The next step is to head to the token’s homepage, connect your MetaMask wallet, and then choose the relevant “Buy With” button based on the cryptocurrency you are facilitating the transaction with. Next, select how many tokens you wish to buy, then confirm the purchase.

Step 4: Wait to Claim Your Crypto

You need to wait for the new Solana project to distribute your purchased tokens. They will be claimable on the project’s website.

Final thoughts on the best new Solana coins to invest in

Cryptocurrencies are enjoying a bull market at the moment, with new investors keen on investing in crypto. This year promises to be another year of breakthrough in the world of Solana ecosystem coins, as there are innovative projects set to launch, five of the best of which we have explored in this article.

The best new Solana projects mentioned in this article are for coins or tokens that are ambitious and disruptive, as they aim to shake the crypto landscape with their unique ideas and solutions.

Methodology - How we picked the best new Solana ecosystem coins to buy now

With a strong dedication to helping traders make better investment decisions, we spared no expense in screening and reviewing the best new Solana coin launches mentioned in this article. The review process focused on testing the platforms to get a first-hand feel.

During the test, we discovered that the sign-up process, security, speed, interface, and fees were all up to standard.

Check out our why trust us and how we test pages for more information on our testing process.



What are new Solana coins?
It is a new digital asset that represents ownership, utility, participation, or assets within a new Solana project.
What are Solana altcoins?
Some crypto investors call new Solana projects Solana altcoins, in order to distinguish them from Solana's own utility token, SOL.
Are new Solana ecosystem coins regulated?
Solana project regulations vary by jurisdiction, with some having limited or no regulatory oversight. This makes research crucial.
Are new Solana tokens a good investment?
New Solana tokens can be a good investment, as they offer a great opportunity to be early and enjoy significant returns. However, they are also high-risk investments so it's important to do your research.