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The 12 Next Big Cryptos to Explode In 2023

By Onose Enaholo - Updated 18 August 2023
Fact Checked

The next big crypto in 2023 is one that proffers innovative and sustainable solutions to important problems in the industry, and investors who get in early could reap significant rewards.

So how do you know which projects will make it big? Read on to find out.

Our guide covers 10 of the next cryptos to grow exponentially within a year. We uncover what these cryptos are, what they are about, and why you should invest in them.

The Next Big Cryptos To Buy In 2023

1. Shiba Memu (SHMU) – Best Marketing Platform

2. Chancer (CHANCER) – Best Prediction Market

2. Alt Signals (ASI) – Next Trading Service

3. Metacade (MCADE) – Next Big Web3 Community

4. Arbitrum (ARB) – Next Layer 2 Crypto

5. Sui Network (SUI) – Next Layer 1 Crypto

6. Render (RNDR) – Next Graphics Rendering Network

7. Apecoin (APE) – Next Metaverse Crypto

8. Ripple (XRP) – Next Global Payments Network

9. Algorand (ALGO) – Next Institutional Blockchain Network

10. Gala Games (GALA) – Next Gaming Studio

11. Arweave (AR) – Next Decentralised Storage

Comparing The Next Big Cryptos



Market Cap

Blockchain Network

Where to Buy

Shiba Memu Services

None yet

Ethereum, BSC


Chancer (CHANCER)


None yet

Binance SmartChain


Alt Signals (ASI)


None yet



Metacade (MCADE)


$19 million



Arbitrum (ARB)

Layer 2

$1.40 billion



SUI Network (SUI)

Layer 1

$439 million



Render (RNDR)


$830 million



Apecoin (APE)


$860 million



Ripple (XRP)


$26.50 billion



Algorand (ALGO)

Layer 1

$916 million



Gala Games (GALA)


$621 million



Arweave (AR)


$347 million


Buy AR

The Top 10 Next Big Cryptos To Explode Reviewed

1. Shiba Memu (SHMU) – Best Marketing Platform


Shiba Memu is a new project in the crypto space that reportedly combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence with the decentralization and immutability of blockchain platform technology to create a self-sufficient marketing platform.

Why Invest In Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu is attempting to achieve what has never been done in the crypto landscape before. By leveraging AI-powered computation, the platform aims to create a perpetual marketing software that can generate its own copy, distribute it, analyze it, and strategize based on data.

The combination of a self-sufficient marketing platform with a meme coin makes for the creation of a social community in the crypto world, powered by the SHMU crypto token, that grants investors access to the utility of the marketing platform.

Token holders will have access to an AI dashboard where they can monitor the platform’s marketing efforts, interact with the AI, and even offer suggestions.

Risks In Investing In Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu is the first project attempting AI-powered marketing on this scale in the crypto world. As with all projects pushing the frontiers of their field, its path is fraught with technological obstacles.

SHMU has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, 850 million of which will be up for sale in the presale phase. 500 million tokens will be sold on the Ethereum network while 350 million will be sold on the BSC network.

To participate, visit the website to Buy Shiba Memu.

2. Chancer (CHANCER) – Best Prediction Market

Chancer is a betting platform that allows users to create and place bets in a decentralized manner. While its goal sounds simple, it will disrupt the online Bitcoin gambling industry that depends largely on betting companies.

Why Invest In Chancer?

We believe that Chancer is a game changer in the cryptocurrency market because it implements top to bottom decentralization of the entire betting process. The current industry revolves around sites where the prediction markets and odds are set by gambling companies. The only options are to accept the conditions available or use another site with more favorable odds.

With Chancer, anyone can create a prediction market (a bet), create custom rules, reward tiers, and tie it to virtually any real-world event whose outcome can be tracked by an Oracle.

The platform handles the underlying smart contract functions, runs the needed infrastructure, and ensures that the winner gets paid. No coding is needed to create bets, so anyone can create markets.

A network of nodes, which can be run by anyone with the required equipment, ensures that the platform is completely decentralized.

Risks In Investing In Chancer

Chancer is untested, especially with the disruption it plans to bring to the betting industry. While its solutions may work, it does not yet have a customer base and competitors can implement its solution for their already existing users.

Chancer features a native cryptocurrency called CHANCER. It functions as a utility token, granting users access to the platform’s functions in the crypto landscape. You’ll need the token to create markets and participate in campaigns and promotions.

CHANCER is in pre pre-sale phase as of writing. To participate, head to the Chancer website and connect your crypto wallet.

Buy Chancer


3. Alt Signals (ASI) – Next-Gen Trading Service

Alt Signals is a trading platform that intends to integrate blockchain technology to improve its suite of services.The company already has a successful trading bot called AltAlgo, however, they are looking to enhance its service in the crypto realm.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, the developers at Alt Signals have built Actualize AI, an AI-powered upgrade of AltAlgo. Now, they wish to build an ecosystem of services to the crypto world.

Why Invest In Alt Signals?

Alt Signals have already proven their value in their field thanks to the already successful algorithm, which is more than we can say for most crypto solutions that are still trying to gain traction.

The company is expanding its suite of technological advances and services in the crypto race and will integrate a native token, called ASI, to capture and transmit value across their coming ecosystem. ASI will be used as a membership badge of sorts.

Users who hold ASI in their wallets will gain access to the entire suite of trading products and services. If the value provided to the crypto space by the ecosystem increases, so should the token.

Risks In Investing In Alt Signals

The success of ASI is directly linked to community engagement. No other project has succeeded in successfully creating an ecosystem token for traders, so the company has to overcome obstacles and inherent risks that they may not have foreseen.

ASI has not launched yet. It is still in pre pre-sales phase, giving an opportunity for early investors to get in at discounted presale price. To participate, go to the official Alt Signals website and buy ASI.

4. Metacade (MCADE) – Next Web3 Community

Metacade is a fairly new project in the crypto market that plans to transform Web3 gaming communities with a suite of features that provide a holistic experience for gamers outside the primary gaming environment.

The project functions on the premise that the community formed by gamers, builders, reviewers, and other industry participants is just as important as the games themselves.

Why Invest In Metacade?

Metacade recently listed on its website and few crypto exchanges and is beginning to pick up steam, making it a potentially valuable project that is currently trading at an affordable price ($0.022 as of writing).

The platform integrates with a growing list of crypto games for players to connect to easily. These integrations also allow the platform to maintain a leaderboard of top players over specified time frames.

Players can also leave reviews about their favorite games that the games’ developers can read and implement if need be.

Furthermore, the platform assists players with strategies to take advantage of GameFi mechanics that are present in most crypto games, so they can maximize gameplay and profitability.

Risks In Investing In Metacade

Metacade will have inherent risks of bearing the technological burden of executing interoperable integrations with top-tier games in the manner that best satisfies the platform’s objectives. Seeing as these integrations have not yet been laid out, the process may take a while.

The community is powered by the MCADE token, which has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. You can buy MCADE on their website.

Buy Metacade

5. Arbitrum (ARB) – Next Layer 2 Crypto

Secure scaling for ethereum

Arbitrum is a network that processes blockchain transactions quickly and securely using a technology called roll ups. It is built on the Ethereum network for the purpose of relieving some of the key factors like the digital finance transaction burden that is known to slow down the Ethereum network and make it more expensive.

Termed a layer 2 network, Arbitrum helps with Ethereum scalable infrastructure by processing transactions on a network built as an added computational layer, and then publishing them as a batch to the main Ethereum blockchain, thereby saving cost and improving speed.

Why Invest In Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is the largest layer 2 network with $2.34 billion worth of foreign assets on its network (foreign being crypto assets aside the Arbitrum native token). The network powers more than 30 decentralized applications including DeFi apps, games, and non fungible tokens (NFTs).

Its native token, ARB, recently launched in March 2023, has been one of the biggest token launches so far in the cryptocurrency market as various stakeholders participated in the airdrop events.

Given the network’s speed and security features, we reckon it will continue to be home to a growing list of applications as developers port to faster networks that run the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Risks In Investing In Arbitrum

There’s a growing trend in the scalability space where layer 2 crypto projects rely more on zk roll ups as it is considered to be technologically superior. Arbtrum is currently built on a variant of optimistic rollups. If zk-rollups become the norm, investors and developers may slowly move away from Arbitrum.

The ARB token has a total supply of 10 billion tokens, 1.2 billion of which are currently in circulation. While some sell pressure is expected in the cryptocurrency markets at token release dates, investors who intend to hold for a long period need not be worried.

To buy ARB, visit crypto exchanges like eToro.

6. Sui Network (SUI) – Next Layer 1 Crypto

Sui Network is a blockchain network built by developers who worked on Facebook’s (now Meta) Diem project. The project was eventually shut down due to regulatory concerns, which gave room for two developers in particular to build Sui.

The blockchain boasts composability, making it easy to develop on-chain assets that are not confined to smart contracts. It also leverages horizontal scaling, which is a term used to classify a system that can handle increasing digital finance transaction loads without increasing the cost of processing them.

Why Invest In Sui?

Sui is one of the more well-funded projects, which is fast becoming a requirement for success in the crypto industry. At launch, the company that built the blockchain was valued at $2 billion after raising $336 million from big names like Coinbase Ventures and a16z.

Furthermore, the network is fast enough to power blockchain games and, combined with its composability, new and dynamic in-game assets that can be created and stored on-chain.

Risks In Investing In Sui

Sui faces stiff competition as it is considered a Solana (SOL) killer, i.e. Non-EVM blockchains that aim to replace Solana or at least capture some of its market share. Several chains with impressive technology stacks are being built and only time will tell if Sui will emerge as one of the best.

The network’s native coin, also called SUI, has a total supply of 10 billion tokens, 528 million of which are currently in circulation. We must mention that there has been controversy around the network’s tokenomics, tread cautiously.

Nonetheless, we stand by this project’s potential as a viable replacement to other cryptocurrency projects and their blockchains like Solana.

You can buy SUI on exchanges like Binance.

7. Render (RNDR) – Next Graphics Rendering Network

Render is a decentralized GPU network that democratizes GPU rendering services, allowing artists, game developers, animators, and anyone who needs rendering services to access those to have graphics power to give.

Essentially, the Render network is one of interconnected GPUs. People with powerful GPUs can connect them to the decentralized applications network, while those who need the GPU power can pay for it using the network’s native token.

Why Invest In Render?

Render is an example of a viable real-world business concept that uses blockchain technology to enhance its operations. While it is powered by decentralized tech, its services are not limited to users within the crypto industry.

Anyone, from game builders to animators and architects, can use the network. As the Metaverse, digital media, and gaming industries race into the future, cheap rendering services will become paramount.

Risks In Investing In Render

Render’s stiffest competition is in the Web2 space from the likes of companies like Nvidia, thanks to its GPU Compute Cloud. Nvidia is a market leader in the computation technology space, one that will not easily be beat.

The network is powered by the RNDR token which serves as the unit of payment for render services. Creators pay node operators (render service providers) RNDR for their services, thereby creating a sustainable system.

RNDR has a total supply of 531 million tokens, 366 million of which are already in circulation. You can buy Render on exchanges like Binance.

8. Apecoin (APE) – Next Metaverse Crypto

Apecoin is the native currency for the Yugaverse, the ecosystem built by NFT creators, Yuga Labs. You may be familiar with their premiere collection Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC).

However, Yuga Labs’ ecosystem spans several more collections, including Bored Ape Mutants Club (BAMC), Crypto Punks, MeeBits, and a Metaverse called Otherside.

Why Invest In Apecoin?

Cryptocurrency investments in Apecoin are also an investment in Yuga Labs and what they have to offer. Yuga Labs is valued at $4 billion and houses three of the most prized collections in the NFT market, i.e. BAYC, Crypto Punks, and BAMC.

Furthermore, the company’s planned Metaverse, Otherside, has attracted partnerships from big brands like Gucci that plan to develop digital versions of their physical products.

Expectedly, APE will be the primary mode of payment and value transfer in both the Metaverse and throughout the Yugaverse. The token will capture the entire value created by the ecosystem.

Risks In Investing In Apecoin

Apecoin will compete directly with other cryptocurrencies like SAND and MANA as much of its use demand and use case will center around the Otherside Metaverse, which will inevitably compete with The Sandbox and Decentraland.

APE has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 368 million of which are in circulation.

You can buy APE on Coinbase.

9. Ripple (XRP) – Next Global Payments Network

Ripple is a global payments settlements network and one of the oldest cryptos that is still on the top 10 most capitalized cryptos.

Ripple is essentially a decentralized finance version of the SWIFT network for international banking and payments settlements but without the drawbacks of the legacy system like the slow settlement time and monopoly of US banks.

Why Invest In Ripple?

Ripple is a crypto project that has real-world use and unique attributes. The solution it provides is on a global level for an important and perpetual problem. There will always be companies carrying out international trade, and they will always need instant payment settlement systems for lightning-fast transactions.

However, global payments isn’t where Ripple’s services end. The network can also be used to draw on crypto liquidity to power institutional treasuries, lower capital requirements to enter new markets, and leverage multiple global payout rails.

However, it would be beneficial to be aware of and do a little of your own research into the legal case against Ripple by the US SEC. The case has been ongoing since 2020 and will determine the fate of the cryptocurrency.

Risks In Investing In Ripple

Ripple’s case with the SEC is not out of the woods yet. The consequences of Ripple losing could be disastrous for the token’s price.

In the meantime, XRP trades at $0.48 as of writing and has a total supply of 100 billion tokens, 51 billion of which are already in circulation.

You can buy XRP on exchanges or brokers like eToro.

10. Algorand (ALGO) – Next Institutional Blockchain Network

Algorand is an institution-grade blockchain that has reportedly solved the blockchain trilemma i.e., security, speed, and scalability and is ready to power the next generation of business applications.

Because of the technological advancements and the blockchain’s powerful features, several real-world businesses have chosen it as their preferred blockchain solution

Why Invest In Algorand?

Algorand is a blockchain built for businesses. You won’t see any 10,000-piece NFT collections here, and this is a good thing as business applications will be one of the major use cases for blockchain technology, aside from gaming in the crypto race.

Furthermore, several innovative businesses that integrate blockchain mechanics to improve their current offers are already running on Algorand, like Argentinain-based airline, Flybondi, that issues tickets as NFTs on the Algorand network.

The blockchain payment protocol is also one of the cheapest to use as transactions cost roughly $0.0002 and are atomic in nature, meaning that no escrow system is needed to ensure all parties to a smart contract fulfill their conditions.

Risks In Investing In Algorand

Algorand was named as one of the cryptos viewed as a security by the SEC, which in turn may dissuade US centralized and decentralized exchanges (and investors) from listing and buying it.

There is a caveat as the crypto will not be considered a security if the network becomes sufficiently decentralized.

The Algorand network is powered by the ALGO coin which has a total supply of 10 billion units, 7.2 billion of which are currently in circulation. To learn more, read our Algorand review.

You can buy ALGO on exchanges like eToro.

11. Gala Games (GALA) – Next Gaming Studio

Gala Games is the gaming arm of Gala Studio, a Web3 multimedia entertainment studio with games, film, and music. Gala Games is known for building crypto games that are as interesting to play as their legacy counterparts. Its two flagship games, Town Star and Spider Tanks attract thousands of users monthly (2,200 to be exact).

Why Invest In Gala?

Firstly, an investment in Gala games doubles as an investment in the entire studio and its growing ecosystem of media assets. The studio has proven its ability to design and develop games with engaging gameplay and rewarding financial mechanics for the best crypto.

The only issue Gala had was with its tokenomics, which was less than ideal and over diluted due to a total supply of 50 billion tokens.

However, thanks to an upgrade on May 15th 2023, GALA tokens have been redesigned. re-issued, and will no longer have such an outrageous supply. The total supply of the redesigned next crypto tokens has been slashed in half to 25 billion units.

The financial mechanics within the games also underwent a redesign to ensure that users earn rewards more frequently and effectively.

Risks In Investing In Gala

Gala recently implemented new tokenomics where the team slashed the total supply in half from 50 million to 25 million tokens. However, player data for the Spider Tanks game has dwindled in recent times. It may be a simple bear market conditions effect, but it’s worth looking out for.

Lastly, Gala Games is working with AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, to create a web3 game. They also have several games in the works.

You can buy Gala on exchanges like Coinbase.

12. Arweave (AR) – Next Decentralized Storage

Arweave is a decentralized storage solution that offers cloud storage to individuals and businesses using a network of decentralized storage providers.

Termed the Permaweb, Arweave offers permanent storage at a single upfront fee, making it one of the cheapest storage solutions, not just in crypto but in the world. So far, the company claims to have achieved potentially infinite scalability thanks to its unique transaction bundling technology.

Why Invest In Arweave?

Arweave may not be the only decentralized solution out there, but it is one of the fastest and cheapest thanks to its ability to lump transactions together to create transaction trees of near infinite depths.

Arweave also operates on its own blockchain and is therefore not limited by the scalability issues experienced on some general purpose blockchains and decentralized applications.

The network’s tokenomics are sustainable as node operators are rewarded in AR which users will need to obtain to store their files. AR has a total supply of 66 million tokens, 50 million of which are already in circulation.

The industry is moving away from centralized storage solutions even as blockchains like Sui develop solutions to store assets on-chain. Protocols like decentralized social media will look to projects like Arweave as a storage layer for their platforms.

Risks In Investing In Arweave

New layer 1 solutions are looking to build on-chain storage layers that may subtract from Arweave’s demand. A good example in OnMachina decentralized storage solution on the Near network.

You can buy AR on exchanges like Coinbase.

What is the Next Big Crypto Set to Explode?

We cannot definitively tell you the next big crypto set to explode. However, we can identify sectors that have immense growth potential and list leading projects within those sectors, which is what we did in our list above with thorough research.

Some of the sectors to watch include decentralized storage, scalable layer 1 solutions, Ethereum layer 2 solutions, DeFi, decentralized IDs, interoperability, and gaming.

For example, Metacade is a project under the gaming sector as it provides a hub for game builders, players, and enthusiasts to interact. A project like this has the potential to be the next big crypto after a comprehensive analysis.

How Do You Spot the Next Big Cryptocurrency?

The best way to spot the next big cryptocurrency is to evaluate in terms of the larger narrative. The crypto market moves in narratives, some are short term and some are long-term.

Firstly, identify the timeline of your narrative. Long-term narratives may not result in significant price fluctuations in the short term. However, short-term narratives do.

A good example of a short-term narrative is the AI boom experienced at the start of 2023. Thanks to the success of ChatGPT, AI tokens began to soar with significant price fluctuations as they were propelled by the narrative.

The largest crypto AI projects, and Fetch.AI, rose 1300% from $0.04 to $0.66 and 549% from $0.09 to $0.6, respectively.

Keep your ears to the streets to catch developments early before the other cryptocurrencies in that sector move.

Why You Should Consider Investing the Next Big Crypto

The rationale for investing in the next big crypto is straightforward, big moves equals big money. If you get in early enough with substantial capital, you could end up making some of the life changing gains that are often talked about in the industry.

This is not to get your hopes up, but to highlight the possibility and potential reward of getting in early on developing trends.

What Typically Causes an Explosion in a Crypto’s Price?

Demand and Supply

The first and most prevalent cause of price spikes are the market conditions of demand and supply. When a token is in high demand but has limited supply, its price is bound to rise. When the opposite is the case, prices tend to fall.

Project Developments

Project developments can reignite fresh interest in a token. This could be a change to the project’s tokenomics, the launch of a new service or offering, news of funding or the acquisition of other projects.

Note that the same could have the opposite effect. For example, news of a hack or crypto scam could cause investors or the growing community to dump their tokens.

Market Sentiments

During crypto bull markets, everything rises, oftentimes regardless of underlying value or long-term prospects. A general positive market sentiment could cause a token or entire investment to rise. However, you need to be careful because once the sentiment dies down, so does the token.

Things to Keep in Mind When Investing 

Entry Price

The price you buy cryptos at is important because it is the difference between “life-changing” gains and “a nice vacation” gains. Low price points allow you to buy more of a winning token for less.

For example, a $1000 investment in Binance Coin in 2017 would yield roughly 65000% at today’s prices, which is roughly $65,000. Compare that to a $4000 total value investment in 2021 which would yield roughly 800%, $32,000.

Long Term Prospects

The long-term prospect of any cryptocurrency project you wish to invest in is important as it is what will determine whether the project will live long enough to generate a return on your investment. One way to determine a project’s longevity is to consider the problem it solves.

If the problem is vital and perpetual i.e. is important to the industry and is always in demand, then the project that offers the best solution has a decent chance at making it long-term. The best solutions to unimportant problems don’t matter.

Market Cycle

Where you are on the market cycle should also influence your investment decisions. The rule is to exercise caution and avoid investing at the height of the bull market, which is a trap that people fall into because they invest when the news is permeated with stories of crypto millionaires.

Unsurprisingly, this is also the time where the market is at its peak, and is about to pop. Investments made at this time could lose value and take years to break even.

The ideal time to make investments is close to the end of a bear market. As Warren Buffet says, be greedy when people are fearful and fearful when people are greedy.

How to Buy the Next Big Crypto

To buy the next big crypto, you need to sign up on an exchange. Our top pick is eToro, but you can use any that is secure and convenient. To get started:

1. Open an Account

Go to the eToro website and click on the Start investing icon to create an account. You can download the mobile app from the Play Store/App Store and click on Sign up. Fill out the form with your full name, email address, and password.

2. Verify Your Account

Verify your account by setting up your profile and submitting KYC documents like a valid government ID and proof of residence document like a utility bill.

3. Deposit Funds

Once your account has been verified, deposit funds by choosing a payment method on the left pane of the page. Set the amount you’d like to deposit.

4. Buy Crypto

Once your account is funded, search for any of the cryptos mentioned in the Discover tab. An interface like the one below should load. You can then set your parameters and buy.

Where to Buy the Next Big Coins

To get your hands on new coins like Chancer that could be big cryptos but are not yet listed on exchanges, you’ll have to purchase them directly on their websites using a crypto wallet. We created a guide to walk you through this process.

Step 1: Download a Wallet

We used MetaMask for this guide. Download MetaMask on your phone or as a browser extension on your laptop and create a new wallet. Ensure you keep your seed phrase safe and offline.

Step 2: Buy Some Crypto

You’ll need BNB to buy new Chancer tokens. Buy some on an exchange like eToro and transfer to your wallet, or use a fiat onramp on the MetaMask web interface to buy with a credit card.

Step 3: Connect Wallet

Navigate to Chancer’s website and connect your wallet to join the presale. Buy CHANCER tokens using BNB. Ensure you have enough to pay for gas fees.

Step 4: Wait to Claim

You’ll need to wait until the presale is over to claim your tokens.

Latest Next Big Crypto Projects News

  • Developers are bullish on Sui as its horizontal scaling features make it suitable foor games
  • Crypto firm Ripple buys a Swiss crypto custody firm as the SEC’s crackdown forces more crypto companies to consider moving overseas
  • Metacade Starts developing games as the platform’s token, MCADE, gets listed on major exchanges
  • AltSignals new cryptocurrency presale Hits $585k as investors buy into its value proposition

Final Thoughts On The Next Big Crypto To Invest In

We explored the next big cryptos to invest in and chose Arbitrum as our typo choice because it is the largest layer 2 scaling solution and has serious institutional backing.

Nonetheless, any of the other cryptos listed are good contenders as they are all at the forefront of growing sectors, have sound technologies and use cases, and have competitive edge.

Remember that investments in the next big cryptos are investments in the future of that industry, so ensure that you key into long term narratives with robust tokenomics and that you are not at the peak of a bull market.

To invest in cryptos, you’ll need a low fee exchange whose charges are affordable, especially for frequent purchases. Our top choice is eToro, but several others, like Binance, Coinbase, and Bitstamp, are also suitable.

Methodology - How We Picked The Next Big Crypto To Buy

The projects covered in this guide were chosen through rigorous research. We paid attention to security, reputation, tokenomics, competitive edge, and growth potential.

The tokens listed are the best we found in the various categories we listed them. For example, we listed Metacade as the next big Web3 community because it is building a hub that integrates several games and creates an environment where various stakeholders in the gaming community can interact.

Check out our why trust us and how we test pages for more information on our testing process.


How to Find the Next Big Crypto?
To find the next big crypto, refer to the section where we outlined long term and short term narratives.
What Projects Give the Best Returns?
The projects that give the best return are the ones that offer sustainable solutions to important problems.
When Will Cryptocurrencies Pump?
We cannot say specifically when, but usually during the bull market.