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Profit Revolution Review 2022 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Author: Diana Ngo Updated: January 25, 2022

Earlier this year, the cryptocurrency market hit $1 trillion, an unprecedented mark for the first time. For the ten-plus years, cryptocurrencies have existed; that mark was a distant dream, with the market coming close only once in early 2018. Even though the figure is a tiny fraction of the major financial markets share it is significant in that it shows crypto is finally going mainstream. Thanks to high volatility, crypto trading remains the most lucrative form of trading today. And accessing this market has been made easy thanks to auto traders. This piece will focus on determining the legitimacy and benefits of using Profit Revolution.

What is Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution is a next-gen automated cryptocurrency trader that uses sophisticated algorithms coupled with AI and machine learning to gather the crypto market data, decode it and make predictions of the like price movement of various crypto coins that are supported on the platform. This information is used to place trades on behalf of the user, and all that is needed is for the account owner to permit the bot to do so.

Profit Revolution: Our Verdict

The site claims a high success rate on trades

Easy to use and navigate

Easy to set up trading strategies

Access to a variety of top cryptocurrencies

Minimal knowledge of trading or cryptocurrencies is required to join

Excellent customer support

Who Created Profit Revolution?

As mentioned above, this bot is a next-gen trading robot reportedly created by Profit Revolution, a fintech startup that focuses on building blockchain software. The company is made up of experienced individuals within different industries, mostly finance and technology sectors. The auto trader is one of the company's flagship products whose goal is to offer different solutions to the cryptocurrency industry through building excellent software. The team behind the bot felt the need to introduce an auto trader that allowed automated trading of various coins on the same platform, something that was rare given that most platforms focused on a single coin.

Who Created Profit Revolution?

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Open a Free Account

Visit the bot's official website and enter your name, phone number and email address.

2. Make a Deposit

Select a payment method such as transfers, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and crypto.

3. Start Trading

Verify and once the funds hit your account, it's time to trade.

Pros & Cons of Profit Revolution


Easy to use and navigate even for beginner traders
Claimed high success rate
Excellent customer support
Instant payouts – the platform offers instant payouts immediately
Withdrawal easily, when you like, and requests are processed within 24 hours
Saves time with automated trading


The minimum deposit of $250 may be too high for some
Supports a handful of top coins

Key Features of Profit Revolution


Profit Revolution offers steady payouts, as you will see on its website. Depending on the initial investment, it's not surprising to make decent sums daily, as you will see with claims posted on the site. These claims are backed by user feedback found online.

Verification System

Once you sign up, you will be required to verify your identity before you can access trading. This is in line with various KYC regulations the platform has to follow. To sail smoothly here, you have to ensure you offer the correct details when registering your account. You will have to upload a photo of your government-issued ID and a utility bill to check if the personal details offered are correct.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process is simple and permitted any day of the week. The auto trader functions 24/7 since it caters to the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, as long as your account has funds, you can withdraw when you feel like it, and the request will be processed within 24 hours.

Costs and Fees

Profit Revolution doesn't charge any fees on its platform and depends on spreads between bid and ask price to make its money. This allows users to enjoy all their profits realised from trading on the platform. However, depending on the payment service you use to make deposits or withdrawals, some costs may be incurred.

User Testimonials

Part of our research was based on establishing what past users of this platform had to say. After some intense digging, our team found plenty of user feedback. Analyses of the statements reveal overly positive feedback where the majority are grateful for the auto trader and how it makes it easy to earn within the cryptocurrency market. The only criticism shared by a few was the minimum deposit fee that some felt was a bit high and was locking many from enjoying the auto trader's fruits.

Customer Service

This is one area our team felt overly satisfied with, and it tells a lot about the platform. Customer support is available through email, telephone, and a live chat window always accessible on the dashboard. The live chat feature offers the quickest way to get help on the trading bot.

Affiliated Brokers

Cryptocurrency trading is classified as a form of financial service in most nations. Therefore, various authorities will require these platforms supporting the activity to check a few boxes before operating within their jurisdictions. Since Profit Revolution is a global platform, it has a close working relationship with various reputable brokers who make it possible for traders to access the platform no matter where they are located on the planet. Most importantly, all these brokers are regulated within their areas of jurisdiction.

Is Profit Revolution Legitimate?

Our team sought to answer this question after coming across various claims online about the bot's profitability. The signup process was easy and fast. When it came to making deposits, it was swift, and there were many payment modes supported. The funds didn't take long to reflect on our Profit Revolution account. Before engaging in trading, the account had to be verified since the platform has to abide by various financial rules and regulations. 

The robot is also reportedly affiliated with various reputable and regulated brokers. Our team still checked how trading worked, the customer support, the demo account and found everything relatively standard like you would expect on any standard trading platform. They were particularly impressed with how the bot did most of the work requiring a few minutes to tweak the strategy before conducting the trades. 

The payouts were instant like advertised, and requests to withdraw were immediately acknowledged and processed within 24 hours. Additionally, user accounts are well protected using sophisticated encryptions, and there is an option to activate 2FA to solidify your account's security. Finally, the research team went through tons of user feedback online and found mostly favourable feedback.

5 Reasons to Use Profit Revolution for Trading

Trade around the clock

This is the advantage all auto traders like Profit Revolution have over manual trading. As a human, you have to rest, but the robot keeps trading around the clock since it doesn't require rest. 

Easy to get started

The robot is designed with the user in mind with different aspects made as easy as possible. You don't require prior trading knowledge to get started and set up trades using Profit Revolution. All that is required is basic computer skills and the ability to read and follow instructions, and you are good to go.

Beats manual trading

Since this bot uses sophisticated algorithms combined with machine learning and predictive AI technology, it can collect vast crypto market data, conduct millions of permutations within seconds and predict the likely direction different coins are likely to take. Something that is impossible for a human trader. 

Access different markets through regulated brokers

By associating with regulated brokers across different jurisdictions, Profit Revolution is able to inspire confidence among its users who are assured that their funds are secure on the platform. This is key given the prevalence of scam projects within the cryptocurrency space.

Saves time

Manual trading requires a lot of time to read charts, research the market sentiment, and preview different factors that are likely to influence the market. If you are an active trader, you will be spending whole days on your computer, but by seeking the assistance of Profit Revolution, you can save up time since the bot will do the hard work for you. All you need is a few minutes each day to tweak your strategies. 

What's the Best Way to Use Profit Revolution?

Think of Profit Revolution as your personal assistant when trading. You have all the power to dictate how much you want to invest and which market you would like to venture into, but you can delegate some of these duties to the assistant and allow them to ease the burden for you. The good thing about this assistant is that it's very efficient and will follow the instructions given perfectly. Additionally, the assistant doesn't need to rest since it's a machine.

As an experienced trader, you can use this automated assistant to supplement your manual trading. You can issue instructions to the assistant based on your strategy, and the bot will implement them for you even when you are not around. Less experienced traders can use this assistant to learn how to trade while still profiting from the crypto market since the assistant is getting the work done for them.

If used well, Profit Revolution should improve your trading and multiply your profitability within the cryptocurrency market. The robot's greatest benefit is how it eases the giant burden of having to use leverage while interacting with crypto CFDs manually on exchanges and brokers. The bot does the hard work of analysing, predicting, and placing trades on your behalf.

Has Profit Revolution Ever Appeared On TV?

The internet is rife with rumours of Profit Revolution featuring on top financial shows. Our team sought to establish if these claims were valid by digging profoundly and found out the following;

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a leading investment show that features aspiring entrepreneurs who have to pitch their ideas to a panel of wealthy business people, and if the judges liked the idea, they can invest for a share in your company. Over the years, the show has managed to raise millions for the entrepreneurs who have gone to establish their businesses. As such, it's quite popular due to the uniqueness in the ideas presented with the show favouring the most innovative ideas to feature. Despite Profit Revolution being a revolutionary idea by itself, we couldn't find any ties with this show.

Dragons Den

Another investment show that is quite similar to Shark Tank but produced for the British market. It features a panel of angel investors who have to listen to budding entrepreneurs' pitches before investing in the ideas they like the most. Our research found some mentions of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, but there wasn't a particular incident where Profit Revolution was featured on the show.

Has Profit Revolution Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Our team also came across various rumours of various celebrities endorsing Profit Revolution and decided to establish if they were correct by researching a few prominent individuals.

Bill Gates

Once the richest man on the planet thanks to his computer operating software used by almost everyone operating a PC, Bill Gates, as you would expect, is always in tune with the latest ongoings when it comes to technology. His opinion of Bitcoin isn't very warm, but he is known to be a fan of the technology behind digital currencies and has invested in companies offering blockchain solutions. Despite Profit Revolution being such a fantastic trading product, there was no link between the bot and Bill Gates.

Snoop Dogg

American Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg was one of the first artists to jump on the crypto bandwagon way before others joined. In 2013 after releasing a reggae album, he made it available for purchase in Bitcoin. One can only contemplate how much he earned and how much he has made so far, given the price growth of BTC over the years. Our research found several excerpts of the artist promoting different crypto projects, but none were associated with Profit Revolution.

DJ Khaled

The ultimate hype man DJ Khalid has managed to cement his name within the Hip Hop community after releasing several albums featuring all the top artists in the world. Incredibly he doesn't rap or sing in any of his songs, but still, the albums belong to him. Anyway, Khaled is a major proponent for cryptocurrencies who has been seen promoting several projects over the years. In 2018 he found himself in hot water after the SEC accused him of promoting a fraudulent ICO where he had to pay fines. Our research didn't yield much as per his association with Profit Revolution.

Floyd Mayweather

The money man or the greatest boxer of all time, according to some, is also big on cryptocurrencies. He has amassed vast wealth over his boxing career, and it is believed a substantial fraction of it is invested in cryptocurrencies. In 2018 he was charged by the SEC for promoting a fraudulent ICO, and together with DJ Khaled, they had to pay fines in excess of $767,500 for the charges to be dropped. Like the other celebrities on this list, there wasn't a link between him and Profit Revolution.

5 Ways you can Maximise Success with Profit Revolution

Our research offered some intriguing insights on what one needs to do to make the most of this platform. Incredibly, the process can be narrowed down to five simple steps that, if adhered to, improve your chances of success on Profit Revolution.

Start Small

It's key to keep your greed in check when trading on Profit Revolution. If you can do this, then you are off to a good start. This advice applies to any other type of investment you venture into; you must allow yourself sufficient time to learn the waters before putting in large sums that have the potential to multiply your earnings.

Save Some Profits

If you do what is required on this platform, you will amass plenty of profits. Part of what you need to do right is to implement the advice in this section. That said, once the profits start trickling into your account, avoid being too greedy to reinvest all your earnings for the next trade. Since the bot doesn't offer 100% guarantees and your success depends on implementing your strategy, be contented enough to save up some profits after every trade.

Follow the Advice of Experts

This is the surest way to learn the ropes when it comes to trading or any other endeavour you undertake in life. Of course, the self-implementation process will offer its own lessons, but things are relatively easier if you are operating with some foresight. Experts' advice helps you see around the corners and avoid mistakes they made in the learning process.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Various governments have been deliberating on how to regulate the crypto market without stifling innovation. Thus, most have chosen to let the technology continue to exist but as long as it's under their watch. Therefore, various tax authorities today require crypto traders to file taxes for profits realized from crypto trading. This is only possible by keeping a detailed record of your trades; otherwise, you could get into some trouble.

Only Invest what you can Afford to Lose

This has to be the golden rule of any investment you make. Profit Revolution will offer plenty of profits if you implement the advice offered here but don't get greedy. Stay in check of your emotions at all times and only invest what you can afford to lose. Suppose things go your way, great. If it's the opposite, then you don't have to kill yourself.

Our Conclusion: Profit Revolution

Even though our team couldn't find any evidence of Profit Revolution being endorsed by a top celebrity or featured on a top show, there is no denying its capabilities as an auto trader. Unlike most crypto bots that usually focus on offering trading solutions for a single coin like Bitcoin, this auto trader supports several top coins, and it's ideal for individuals who would love to diversify their trading. Bitcoin Trend, Crypto Profit and Bitcoin Champion are some other automated trading platforms that offer trading in CFDs. The signup process is relatively easy, and the user interface is simple, making this platform ideal for beginner traders. The platform is reportedly well regulated to protect users from fraud. Additionally, the security is also reportedly top-notch, ensuring user accounts are protected at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The minimum deposit on this bot is $250, which is recommended for beginner traders.
  2. This platform is accessible from any corner of the earth since it utilizes different brokers, but you can check if your country is available by visiting the official website and trying to signing up.
  3. There is no limit to the amount you can make on this platform, and the amount is mostly determined by how much you invest.
  4. Verification is required to be allowed to trade since this is a regulated platform.
  5. As many as you like since the bot runs 24/7.
  6. Nope. Since you will be dealing with derivatives for various cryptocurrencies and not the actual assets.
  7. All withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours and sent to your other account.
  8. There are a few limits imposed and can be seen on the FAQ page of the auto trader.

Disclaimer: All testimonial photos are stock imagery and do not represent the people behind the feedback.