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How to stake Algorand in 2024

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By Alex Raza -
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Algorand is a blockchain network that uses a pure proof of stake consensus to keep transactions costs low and data speeds high. Algorand invites developers to create decentralised applications for the Algorand network. There will only ever be 10 billion coins of Algorand’s native token, ALGO, which can be used to pay for transaction fees on the Algorand Network and can also be staked.

Algorand stands out from other blockchains due to its unique staking mechanism. ALGO coins are earned automatically by investors who hold ALGO in their non-custodial crypto wallets. This form of auto-staking is uncommon to most blockchains. What’s great about it is that Investors can deposit their ALGO directly into Algorand’s MyAlgo wallet. 

By holding at least 1 ALGO, users and investors are able to earn rewards in ALGO straight to their crypto wallet. The current yield can be found in the MyAlgo wallet. Unlike other staking mechanisms that require stakers to unstake their delegated coins, Algorand users can claim their rewards by simply making a transaction. 

Algorand’s simple staking method has attracted a large, dedicated community. Read on to find out about the process of purchasing ALGO and how to take advantage of Algorand’s auto-staking abilities. We’ll also go through some of the best non-custodial wallets in which to store your ALGO plus cover essential things to look out for when staking cryptocurrencies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is staking ALGO safe?
Staking ALGO is relatively safe and can be done by those who aren’t crypto experts themselves. If you stake on a crypto exchange, your funds will be secured by the exchange and whichever security settings you have set up for your exchange account. Passwords, multi-factor authentication and email confirmations are some of the many ways you can secure your exchange account. You can also stake using the MyAlgo wallet, where security measures include a wallet key phrase and password. Staking is also available through a Ledger hardware wallet. You can follow the steps to get to grips with staking using a hardware wallet by visiting Ledger’s website. 
How much does it cost to stake ALGO?
Staking on a crypto exchange is free. To stake ALGO natively, you may need to pay a small transaction fee in ALGO. Retrieving your rewards is free to do and can be done by sending a transaction of 0 ALGO to your own wallet. The action will trigger your rewards to be released and sent to your wallet within a few seconds.  
Is staking Algorand profitable?
Staking Algorand is generally profitable for everyone. The more ALGO that investors stake, the more rewards they’ll be able to collect. If you stake too little of an amount, you won't be able to benefit from the interest rate. When staking, you should aim to stake for at least longer than a month and be able to lock up a substantial amount of funds for that month or a longer time frame.
Where can I learn more about Algorand?
You can discover more about the Algorand ecosystem and what the Algorand team have up their sleeves by following Algorand on Twitter, reading their blog updates, following the official Algorand web forum or joining their discord server.