Alice Leetham

Crypto Content Writer

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Title: Crypto Content Writer

Alice is part of the content team at CoinJournal, writing accessible and educational pieces on a range of crypto topics. Before joining the team, she was a freelance crypto writer, producing news articles, reviews, and copy for news sites, exchanges, and crypto social media. Alice also writes a puzzle page for a regional magazine and rings church bells.

Current Investments: 

Just waiting for the perfect opportunity to buy back in.

What Do You Like Most About Cryptocurrency?

The social and political possibilities that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology provide, and how they could create a better and fairer planet.


  • Blockchain
  • Bitcoin
  • Trading & Investing


Successful trader and investor who has tested and applied a range of strategies across the crypto and traditional financial markets.

Mathematician with a backgroud in both pure and applied maths, including previous study in the field of cryptography.


BSc from the University of Exeter in Mathematics with proficiency in French.