Authtrail integrates KILT Protocol DIDs for data provenance

Authtrail integrates KILT Protocol DIDs for data provenance

By Benson Toti - min read

KILT’s decentralised identifiers (DIDs) are set to enhance Authtrail's data integrity, helping offer data provenance for enterprise users.

Authtrail and decentralised identity platform KILT Protocol have announced a collaborative effort, with the former integrating KILT DIDs as it looks to improve on network trustworthiness and transparent data flows.

Moonbeam-powered Authtrail and B.T.E. BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH (BTE)-developed KILT are both projects within the Polkadot ecosystem.

The integration of KILT’s decentralised identifiers (DID) technology is set to help achieve data provenance on Authrail, a complete SaaS platform aimed at offering access to enterprise data secured by blockchain-based integrity.

Users across the blockchain ecosystem will be able to benefit from DIDs and other verifiable credentials, the two firms said in the announcement, with this happening via further integrations into data sources accessible to Authtrail.

More value for enterprise customers

The development gives blockchain developers access to tools by which they can create identifiers and credentials all manner of use cases and data sources. These, according to details the firms shared, include DIDs for humans, IoT, services and machines- basically all that needs authenticated/verifiable identity.

According to Authrail CEO Matjaz Sobocan, the integration will help the platform offer customers more value without compromising on their security.

By employing DIDsign, we can procure more value for enterprise customers who want to innovate their identity systems without compromising the security of personal or organizational data in their environment,” he noted.

Through KILT’s technology, Authrail users will be able to tap into digital data that are securely traceable to real-life identity credentials.

Enterprises can be created and verify the identifiers using DIDsign, a KILT technology that seamlessly helps large enterprises to streamline their onboarding process while at the same time be assured of the safety of their organisations’ systems.

End users do not need to have blockchain knowledge or be familiar with DIDs to tap into the process.

Data integrity is powered by AUT, the native token on the Authrail network that also opens up other investing opportunities for holders and ecosystem users.