Back to basics as Dogecoin retraces to 78.6% Fib level. Here is the potential price action

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Back to basics as Dogecoin retraces to 78.6% Fib level. Here is the potential price action

By Motiur Rahman - min read

Dogecoin (DOGE/USD) trades at $0.085. Just a week ago, the cryptocurrency had tapped the $0.15 level. The losses underline the meme tag associated with Dogecoin. The cryptocurrency remains under the mercy of bears if the price fails to overcome a key level.

Dogecoin’s recent recovery has largely been pegged to Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Had you bought DOGE before October 27, when he finalised the acquisition, you would have tripled your investment. That is if you exited your position on August 31. Now, days after sealing the deal, the excitement has subsided, and DOGE may need a fresh price catalyst.

Musk has kept mum over whether DOGE would be accepted as payment for the social media giant. The billionaire had in the past supported DOGE and hinted at its use in Twitter payments. So the probability remains, but the lack of open announcements has been slowing DOGE. Consequently, the token has lost the mojo it had started late last month. Consequently, we could see the price remain subdued even longer if positive developments fail to come by.

DOGE struggles to clear $0.09 after attempting recovery at 78.6% Fib. level

Source – TradingView

Turning to the technical side, Dogecoin has found little bullish footing since sliding to $0.07. The level is slightly below the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement zone. However, recovery has been muted by key resistance at $0.09, and DOGE is taking another dip.

Should you buy DOGE?

Dogecoin is a very surprising cryptocurrency. The smallest of news can make the buyers go crazy. Taking advantage of such moves can generate huge returns, irrespective of what the technical indicators show.

Nonetheless, the current sentiment is not only bad for DOGE but all cryptocurrencies. DOGE also suffers from the lack of positive mentions, such as the speculated use in Twitter payment. With this in mind, a bear market could be inevitable.

A technical outlook shows that $0.09 is a key zone for DOGE to break to go higher. To a technical reader, the meme cryptocurrency is not an attractive buy.

Where to buy DOGE


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