Bitcoin Cash: Forecast and Future for 2020

Bitcoin Cash: Forecast and Future for 2020

By Benson Toti - min read

Bitcoin Cash is rapidly gaining ground as the cryptocurrency of choice. Many of its supporters claim it to uphold the original philosophy put forth by Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. With over 36,000 blocks mined in its network, the developers have worked hard to ensure that the creation of new tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain remains profitable.  These efforts include a hard fork to amend the difficulty of BCH mining. And so, since its inception, Bitcoin Cash has been heralded as the true peer-to-peer digital cash payment system, accessible to all.

Why the Price of Bitcoin Cash will Increase in 2020

Making a prediction concerning the future of a cryptocurrency is not possible with any absolute certainty. There are many contributing factors, such as community decisions and developments, world economic events and social or political news, but to name a few. All of these influence the value of a token, and a shift in the financial space can occur at any given moment. That said, many financial experts share very positive opinions regarding the future prospects of Bitcoin Cash and its value as an everyday payment system. Indeed, a rise may well be on the cards for BCH in 2020 if we consider the following facts: 

1) Strategic partnerships to expand your market share

The Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCH) continues to expand its market share. The latest agreement with YeeCall has over 33 million users connected to the global financial system and it is expected that this alliance will bear fruit in making Bitcoin Cash more popular for use and adoption by more users who migrate to the BCH network.

2) Increased acceptance of the currency on exchange and payment sites

When the currency was forked, few exchanges offered the possibility of trading Bitcoin Cash, but over time more and more exchanges are allowing the exchange of this currency, thus increasing its trading volume. At the same time, many payment sites such as Checkout and BitPay have begun to accept payments in Bitcoin Cash, so the confidence that reputable financial institutions have for this currency will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the demand for BCH, and its market price.

3) Indications to buy Bitcoin Cash?

The current price of Bitcoin Cash at $359, revealing that a sort of bullish run for the cryptocurrency began at the end of last year. As current political world events continue to unfold, the demand, and therefore the value of BCH seems set to continue to rise. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Future Forecast for 2020

It’s not easy to make a correct prediction of any crypt currency because of its high volatility, but if we look at the Bitcoin Cash graph, we can see that it has had significant growth when it started to have acceptance, even reaching its historical maximum of $3,785.82 USD at the close of 2017, which allows us to assume that its price will reach that value again and even exceed it in the next months or years. We don’t expect its market value to increase more than $3,800 by the end of 2020, but in such a volatile and speculative market as this, these spikes in price can happen and the fact that BCH is a hard fork from the original cryptocurrency, makes it likely that Bitcoin Cash will continue to reflect the success of Bitcoin. Its feature of extending the block size limit to 8MB and its faster trading speed than Bitcoin guarantees you significant performance to consider in future projections.

Bitcoin Cash 2020 Forecast

It is the opinion of many experts that the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may close the 2020 year at a value of $2,000 USD. This would be an incredible investment opportunity, providing a 457% ROI over the course of just 12 months. More conservative speculations place BCH at a price closer to $1,100 USD by the end of this year, which would still allow the courageous investor a truly impressive gain.

Expert Predictions on the Future of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

We present you with the predictions of experts and enthusiasts from the world of cryptocurrency regarding the future price of Bitcoin Cash, which vary greatly. Remember that this information is only a reference, stating the opinions of those who follow the path of this currency closely. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market, where prices can vary drastically between days, or even hours, so we recommend you to use your own judgement and discernment when speculating on any future value of the token.

The website puts a Bitcoin Cash price forecast of $6314.09 for December 2020. While the site that specialises in financial instrument price predictions;, believes that a price of $1,174.00 USD for BCH will be much more realistic by the end of 2020.

The CryptoClarified site set its BCH price forecast at a whopping $8200 USD by the end of this year. Cryptonaldo, a well-known and published user, shares a bearish prediction for Bitcoin Cash; believing that the crypto will be displaced from the top ten capitalization positions because Bitcoin’s use of Lightning Network.

The Italian site, Previsioni Bitcoin, also has an extremely optimistic view of Bitcoin Cash, declaring a predicted price of $8609.33 by 2020.

Is this a Good Time to Invest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

We feel that there are a lot of indications that would suggest a great time to invest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Many experts believe that we’re very close to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) minimums and that buying and holding the coin at this time would be a wise investment. If this opinion is true, you could be looking at a unique opportunity to invest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 

But there is one important factor that must be considered, and that is to define which Exchange or Broker will make your investment the most profitable. We conclude that Etoro is one of the best options for investing in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As a regulated broker that is safe and easy to operate, eToro comes with advanced tools which allows you to participate in social trading where less experienced investors can copy the strategies of more experienced investors. Here is a full guide of how to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with eToro.

What conclusions can we draw about Bitcoin Cash’s future predictions?

After a few difficult months for cryptocurrencies in general, we feel that a rare opportunity to take advantage of this exciting market may now exist. Bitcoin Cash may be one of these ‘investors choice’ tokens, for reasons outlined in this forecast guide. Without a doubt, the price of Bitcoin Cash is very low at the moment and its value will almost certainly increase over time. Experienced investors have already begun to take an upward position in order to obtain the best returns.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is ranked fourth in capitalization – not bad for a currency that has only existed for a couple of years. At this moment its price is very far from its historical maximum of $3,785.82 USD, so it seems we may be on the cusp of a great bullish turn for this currency. Additionally, let’s remember that its price will be very influenced by the price of Bitcoin and both currencies are in a moment of accommodation where the whole investment community is expecting a rally that will lead cryptocurrencies to reach new highs in the immediate future.

The confidence and popularity of this currency is beginning to produce a greater demand for purchase, which will ultimately lead to a rise in market value. The information presented here is not financial advice. The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one and everyone invests at their own risk. Only you can decide to enter the market or to let the opportunity presented pass you by.