Bitcoin Dogs outlook as Heroes of Mavia ($MAVIA) soars to new ATH

Bitcoin Dogs outlook as Heroes of Mavia ($MAVIA) soars to new ATH

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Heroes of Mavia ($MAVIA) price soared more than 10% to hit a new all-time high.
  • $MAVIA price has surged more than 440% in the past two weeks.
  • Will Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) see similar gains?

Heroes of Mavia, a free-to-play mobile Web3 MMO Strategy game by Skrice Studios, is seeing huge adoption as the crypto gaming world gets a major boost in rate of adoption. The project’s recently introduced crypto token, $MAVIA, has added a new dose of interest in the fantasy game.

This Heroes of Mavia price prediction article looks at the potential short-term catalysts for $MAVIA. Also featured is the price outlook for Bitcoin Dogs, a new gaming and NFTs project that just launched the first ever presale on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Heroes of Mavia price soars to all-time high above $10

Skrice Studios’ Heroes of Mavia allows players to explore the fantasy island of Mavia, battling for supremacy as they amass the in-game asset RUBY. Also, NFTs for items such as skins, statues and consumables have resale value.

Heroes of Mavia launched its native governance token $MAVIA on February 6, 2024, with its airdrop one of the largest in the Web3 gaming industry. The listing of $MAVIA on top crypto exchanges such as, Bybit,, HTX and KuCoin has helped with traction. Heroes of Mavia game downloads reached over 1 million earlier this month. 

With 30 million of the maximum supply of 250 million in circulation, the price of $MAVIA has risen sharply to hit an all-time high above $10 on February 18. At current levels, $MAVIA is up 440% since its lows on February 6.

Bitcoin Dogs presale nears $2 million milestone

Bitcoin Dogs brings the fun and investment that comes with NFTs and gaming to the growing BRC-20 ecosystem on Bitcoin. As a new project with 10,000 unique NFT collection and an immersive gameplay, the project is looking to tap into not just the legacy of Bitcoin but also the renaissance in NFTs and frenzy of dog-themed tokens.

$0DOG is the native token of the Bitcoin Dogs ecosystem and will offer holders access to the game and NFTs. The supply is capped at 900 million, 90% of which is minted for the presale that’s expected to end on March 15, 2024.

Interest has ramped up since Bitcoin Dogs launched the ICO on Bitcoin, with early bird investors allocating more than $1.9 million within just three days. The market is abuzz about $0DOG as the presale nears the $2 million milestone. For investors who missed the early trend spearheaded by Cryptopunks, BAYC, Tamagotchi, and Axie Infinity, Bitcoin Dogs blends all into one powerful project.

See the Bitcoin Dogs whitepaper for more details.

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Heroes of Mavia price prediction: What next for $MAVIA?

Heroes of Mavia’s tokenomics provides for a slow emission rate for $MAVIA, with only 12% currently in circulation. Future unlocks will occur every 90 days, with 1% of that in a presale. The next unlock happens in May 2024, which is a timeline that coincides with two major crypto events in the second quarter of 2024 – the Bitcoin halving in April and potential spot Ethereum ETF approval in May.

As the number of $MAVIA token holders surges amid the game’s rapid adoption, its likely market performance will see further upside trajectory. In a bull market, $MAVIA could see a significant surge. The key level is $10, with price discovery potentially coming into play.

Is Bitcoin Dogs worth investing in today?

While Heroes of Mavia stands out for its great price outlook after a stellar debut, investors are also keen on Bitcoin Dogs for its potential. The interest shown as the token’s ICO debuted on February 14 suggests the market is confident in Bitcoin Dogs’ NFTs and play-to-earn activity.

As noted above, Bitcoin Dogs is making waves in the BRC-20 market. The resurgence seen in NFTs and overall crypto gaming suggests the market could witness substantial spikes in investor interest. Combined with the bullish sentiment sweeping through the crypto market, the $ODOG presale might present a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolio.

$0DOG price today, in presale stage 2 is $0.0173, a great entry point given its targeted increase during the 30-day ICO. The potential for an explosive run after market launch is also high if market conditions and project development align in coming months.

Learn more about $0DOG on the official Bitcoin Dogs website.