Bitcoin Dogs presale ends with over $13.4 million raised: What next for 0DOG?

Bitcoin Dogs presale ends with over $13.4 million raised: What next for 0DOG?

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Bitcoin Dogs (0DOG) has officially closed its presale.
  • What next after the world’s first BRC-20 ICO raises $13.4 million?
  • 0DOG price in the last presale stage was $0.0404 – can it reach $1 in 2024?

The Bitcoin Dogs (0DOG) presale officially closed on Friday March 15, 2024. The project’s pioneering ICO on the Bitcoin network ended with over $13.4 million raised in 30 days.

As the community awaits the next steps, there’s anticipation for what the highly successful presale could mean for 0DOG’s price.

Bitcoin Dogs: What next after ICO raises $13.4 million?

Bitcoin Dogs is a new project aiming to become the leading BRC-20 platform. The GameFi project launched its native token 0DOG in presale last month, offering 810 million tokens over a 30-day ICO.

As planned, the presale ended on March 15. Details on the official website indicate early buyers allocated $13,486,238.3.

The Bitcoin Dogs team notes that while the presale is now closed, that’s just the beginning of what’s to come for the gaming and NFT project.

The presale has been an incredible success, and this really is just the beginning for Bitcoin Dogs… we’re finalising the exact plans for taking our token to public markets and we absolutely can’t wait to share the details with you once it’s all set in stone,” an update on the Bitcoin Dogs website states.

Other than exchange listing, the next steps also include how presale participants can claim their 0DOG before they start trading.

The team has also shared a similar message via its X and Telegram social channels, which have 129.2k followers and 29.3 members respectively.

Bitcoin Dogs price outlook: How high can $0DOG go in 2024?

As highlighted on the Bitcoin Dogs whitepaper, this project looks to tap into Bitcoin’s secure and reliable network. The goal is to unlock the next GameFi and NFT breakout project in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

That much is likely to happen as the BRC-20 market grows, with experts forecasting dominance for ordinal inscriptions, gaming and DeFi in this flourishing BTC landscape. Forecasts for Bitcoin in coming months, despite its latest dip, also support the price outlook for 0DOG.

MicroStrategy, BlackRock and other companies are also doubling down on Bitcoin, with spot BTC ETFs on a great upward curve.  

In this scenario, its possible Bitcoin Dogs could become one of the top performers in 2024. A total supply of only 900 million and 10,000 unique Ordinal NFTs are bullish catalysts too.

While the presale therefore closed with 0DOG at $0.0404, market trading could see it quickly rise. 0DOG could potentially spike to $1 in 2024.

For more on Bitcoin Dogs, go to the official website.