Certific and Veriff partner to improve remote medical diagnostics

Certific and Veriff partner to improve remote medical diagnostics

By Daniela Kirova - min read

ID verification service Veriff and remote medical testing service Certific announced a partnership to improve and streamline the latter’s global expansion and remote medical diagnostics capabilities, Coin Journal learned from a press release

Veriff can verify over 10k ID documents in almost 45 languages and from more than 190 different countries. 

Faster and simpler ID verification  

There is growing demand from patients for options to validate identities digitally as the use of telehealth continues to increase worldwide. 

This makes sure their privacy is protected, they’re connected to the right medical history, and medical providers can avoid fraud, malpractice, and other issues.

Certific clients will avail themselves of Veriff’s cutting-edge, simple, AI-powered identity verification technology. They will enjoy a quicker and easier ID verification process, building trust and mitigating fraud risks within remote medical testing. 

Veriff CEO and founder Kaarel Kotkas said:

The pandemic compelled businesses to go digital sooner than planned to remain competitive, due to which the demand for safe, remote ID verification has kept growing across industries worldwide, including health services. In combination with Certific’s remote medical testing service, Veriff’s solution allows customers to access telehealth services and personal medical records more securely and effectively through cutting-edge biometric ID verification technology, helping to reduce security risks in digital health processes a great deal.

Certific CEO Liis Narusk added:

There is a growing demand for remote medical services, and Veriff’s technology will make it possible for us to expand securely and globally, minimizing the risk of identity fraud and malpractice on a major scale. Customers will enjoy a faster ID verification process, and the platform’s data and integrity will be better protected.

Certific reached another milestone recently. They raised $7.4 million in an investment round led by Plural, a European investment platform, to support product expansion, advance remote medical diagnostics, and facilitate entry into new markets.