Chancer underscores future of online betting with epic presale

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Chancer underscores future of online betting with epic presale

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Chancer presale sees strong investor interest with over $835k raised just weeks into the token sale.
  • Chancer could disrupt the online betting industry via a revolutionary P2P betting model.
  • Early buyers of $CHANCER can now do so with ETH, USDT, BUSD and BNB.

A recent report from K33 Research revealed that the global crypto industry currently stands at $180 billion.

Meanwhile, the global online betting and gambling market is worth over $60 billion. Growth projections for these sectors point to an average of 11% CAGR to 2030. It is a scenario that alludes to the unprecedented growth investors anticipate for both crypto and online betting.

Tucked in between and out to underscore this future is Chancer, one of the most exciting crypto project for the betting industry whose presale has seen incredible interest and investment.

Chancer’s unique approach to the online betting

According to its whitepaper, Chancer is building the “world’s first decentralized social predictive markets platform.” The goal is to redefine the online betting market with a new peer-to-peer (P2P) model that puts control over market making into the hands of the user.

The project leverages blockchain technology to allow users be in charge of their markets, odds and rules – simply play your game at your own rules. 

No centralised power as is the case with current market where bookmaker have the biggest say in what bettors can access and how they do it. On Chancer, users can create a predictive market on any event, right from the local market’s most mundane occurences, to the world’s biggest sports and entertainment events.

Chancer is also not just another betting platform – it is designed to grow into a robust community spanning the global market. Its core features of blockchain and cryptocurrency support enhance the outlook of a project set to revolutionise the predictive markets space, likely attracting more and more users as all that is deficient with the traditional online betting platforms is essentially removed.

Powering Chancer’s P2P betting model is its native token $CHANCER. Apart from handing control to the user, $CHANCER opens up the platform to true decentralisation. It also promises to democratise social betting with integration of bet sharing and livestreaming features.

$CHANCER’s blockbuster presale

The crypto space currently has numerous token presales for projects looking to raise funds from prospective early backers. At any given time, these projects see varying degrees of success, including reaching targeted amounts to support roadmap milestones.

Chancer’s presale is proving to be one of the success stories already, less than six weeks into the event. After surpassing the $750k mark last week, the amount of $CHANCER sold has topped $835k and is poised to hit the landmark $1 million in record time.

The total supply for $CHANCER is 1.5 billion tokens, 65% of which will be available throughout the 12 stage presale phase. Investors can buy tokens using ETH, USDT, BUSD and BNB, the first two buy options recently added in a step that could see more people easily buy $CHANCER.

Buy $CHANCER here.

Will $CHANCER price reach $1 in 2024?

At present, the Chancer presale price is $0.01 and will jump to $0.011 in the next stage. The token’s price at the end of the presale is set to be $0.021.

Crypto investors might view these prices as an ideal entry point, particularly for a project that’s projected to take a big bite from a market expected to see significant growth all through to 2030.

With interest so high and crypto flying following Ripple’s recent victory against the SEC, it’s likely the token will sell out faster than anticipated. This even as investors eye a position in what could be the biggest investment opportunity of 2023.

As for price, its difficult to pinpoint future performance due to the factors that can be at play during given market scenarios. A confluence of factors could help catapult Chancer price higher, including a raging bull market fueled by approval for first US spot Bitcoin ETF, regulatory clarity and the mainnet launch.

However, while a token launching in a bull market phase – as $CHANCER is likely when it goes live in Q1, 2024 – opposite market conditions could hinder the would be price discovery.

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