CIRCLE (CRC) ICO Schedule Announced, to Offer Unique Reinvestment and Referral Ecosystem for Wealth Generation

CIRCLE (CRC) ICO Schedule Announced, to Offer Unique Reinvestment and Referral Ecosystem for Wealth Generation

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

CIRCLE, a provider of new crypto-currency solutions to the digital world, has announced the schedule for the Circle (CRC) token ICO. The Pre-sale will begin on January 21st, 2018 and run to February 18th, 2018. Circle (CRC) has a total supply of 21 million, of which 8.4 million will be made available during the public sale.

CIRCLE aims to build a long-term ecosystem that is unlike any other currently available. The innovative, hybrid platform will allow investors to increase their wealth sustainably through re-investments and referral commissions. CRC can be bought during the public sale and post that through the exchange program. The minimum purchase quantity is 50 CRC per single purchase, with a maximum cap of 5,000 tokens in a day. Early investors stand to make greater gains as the crowd sale will be held in the presale followed by four crowd sale stages of seven days each, with an increase in price from $0.75 to $1.75.

“None of the crypto-currencies currently available provide the innovative and creative financial problem-solving capabilities of Circle (CRC). Circle (CRC) not only provides continent safe, private and speedy way of conducting transactions but allows network members to make generous profits by allowing re-investment of all interest and capital as well as creating a referral network,” said a spokesperson from Circle.

Circle (CRC) is based on the Ethereum smart contract (ERC20) blockchain, and the distribution of coins will be as follows: Presale (10%), Crowd sale (30%), Development (55%), and Team (5%). The token can be bought by creating an account on the CIRCLE website.

Investors in Circle (CRC) will receive several lending and trading advantages that are not available with other crypto-currencies. During the ICO duration, the token offers lending services with capital return in 60 days. All interest and capital can be easily re-invested into the lending platform to gain more profit. The re-investment returns can be up to 1.6% daily, with an investment of $100-1,000 fetching interest rates up to 48% per month in 150 days, and investments between $1,010-5,000 generating up to 45% returns for a 120-day period.

Those who are unable to buy CRC can join a special affiliate program and earn commissions by introducing new investors. The CRC referral network can be spread as wide as possible, generating 10% income from F1 and F2 deposits together. Circle (CRC) is also protected against taxes and inflation, with sales tax not added to any purchase. The platform can be accessed from anywhere using its exclusive mobile app for Android and iOS, offering a coin wallet, and services such as deposits, transfer and lending.

Circle (CRC) is a golden opportunity tap into the new fountain of wealth that crypto-currencies are creating each day, enabling wealth to run freely and create a better and brighter future.

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