Cosmos developer unveils GovGen ahead of AtomOne fork; Meme Moguls presale hits new heights

Cosmos developer unveils GovGen ahead of AtomOne fork; Meme Moguls presale hits new heights

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • AiB introduces GovGen for AtomOne fork, revolutionizing blockchain governance.
  • The All in Bits ((AiB) firm is led by Cosmos co-founder Jae Kwon.
  • The Meme Moguls presale has raised over $2.657 million so far.

Cosmos developer All in Bits (AiB) is making waves in the blockchain world with the introduction of GovGen, a new governance-focused network set to precede the controversial AtomOne fork of the Cosmos Hub.

Meanwhile, the Meme Moguls presale is gaining momentum, with the rising MGLS token price through the presale stages and expectations high as the presale nears its end.

All in Bits’ GovGen blockchain for AtomOne fork

GovGen is set to revolutionize blockchain governance by offering a decentralized decision-making process. Spearheaded by All in Bits, the firm led by Cosmos co-founder Jae Kwon, GovGen will play a crucial role in shaping the design and launch of the upcoming AtomOne fork.

Scheduled to go live on Tuesday at 9 am ET, GovGen aims to provide a platform for the community to vote on all decisions regarding the structure and deployment of AtomOne. This move highlights Kwon’s efforts to assert influence over the Cosmos ecosystem, despite disagreements with the wider community in recent years.

Cosmos (ATOM) token holders who opposed proposal 848 on the Cosmos Hub – aimed at capping the maximum inflation rate at 10% – will receive GovGen tokens. This proposal, which was approved despite Kwon’s objections, sparked considerable debate within the community regarding its potential implications for network security.

Meme Moguls presale

Meanwhile, in the world of cryptocurrency, the Meme Moguls presale has surged to new heights, signalling growing interest and investor confidence in the project. With the presale price of the Meme Moguls Governance Token (MGLS) on the rise, participants are eager to secure their stake in this exciting venture.

At the time of writing, the current MGLS presale price stands at $0.0042, with a staggering $2,657,772 already raised. The presale has garnered significant attention within the crypto community, with enthusiasts eager to capitalize on the potential of meme-based assets and the innovative gameplay offered by Meme Moguls.

With the aim of creating 100 millionaires within the first 3 months of launch, Meme Moguls could become a major player in the rapidly evolving meme coin market.

To take part in the presale, visit the official Meme Moguls website to purchase your share of $MGLS.


With the introduction of GovGen and the ongoing success of the Meme Moguls presale, All in Bits and Meme Moguls are making waves in the blockchain and meme trading industries, respectively. As GovGen prepares to shape the future of blockchain governance and AtomOne, investors are eagerly participating in the Meme Moguls presale, driven by the potential for substantial returns.

As both projects continue to evolve and garner attention, the future looks promising for All in Bits, Meme Moguls, and their respective communities.