Cosplay Token gets listed in two major exchanges in Japan – Here is what to expect

Cosplay Token gets listed in two major exchanges in Japan – Here is what to expect

By Motiur Rahman - min read

The Cosplay Token (COT) has been listed in two major exchanges in Japan over the last few days. This was done simultaneously. It is a big move for the token in an effort to get more visibility. Here is what we know so far:

  • The COT token was listed on Zaif and the SAKURA exchange

  • Both these exchanges are in Japan, one of the leading crypto and cosplay markets.

  • At the time of writing, Cosplay (COT) was trading at $0.194462, up about 10%.

Data Source: Coingecko 

Cosplay Token (COT) – What to expect from the listing

In most cases, listings are always good for tokens. After all, if coins are available in some of the leading exchanges, it's easier for potential investors to buy them. The fact that COT is getting listed in Japan is a huge plus. Japan is one of the biggest crypto and cosplay markets. 

News of the listing seems to encourage investors to buy up COT. At press time, the coin had actually gained some ground. It was trading at $0.194462, up 10% for the day. 

The listings on Zaif and SAKURA are now live. As more details on the listing hit, the coin will become widely available in the next 24 hours. We can expect to see some positive price action in the coming days. 

Should you consider Cosplay Token (COT)

The Cosplay Token (COT) is not one of the biggest crypto assets out there. In fact, it’s a niche-specific token that looks to target the $45 billion cosplay industry. 

It is however getting some traction. While we don’t expect it to make 100x in the near term, there is still some upside here for decent short-term gains. For investors willing to take a chance, buy it now.