Cryptocurrency ownership reaches 49 million in the U.S.

Cryptocurrency ownership reaches 49 million in the U.S.

By Nemanja Marinkov - min read
  • Top 10 countries like the UAE, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia showcase mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.
  • The U.S. boasts 49 million active cryptocurrency owners.
  • With a 10.30% ownership rate, Ukraine emerges as a crypto hub.

In a world brimming with a myriad of cryptocurrencies, each vying for attention and market dominance, the global landscape of digital assets is undergoing transformation. Amidst this sea of possibilities, certain countries stand out as key players in the cryptocurrency revolution.

According to, the U.S., with a 14.36% ownership rate, boasts nearly 49 million active participants in the cryptocurrency market.

Here are the top 10 countries where owning cryptocurrency has become a mainstream phenomenon:

United Arab Emirates

With a population of 9.5 million, the United Arab Emirates tops the list with an impressive ownership percentage of 27.67%. Over 2.6 million residents of the UAE have enthusiastically joined the crypto revolution, making it a prominent hub for digital asset enthusiasts.


The Southeast Asian nation of Vietnam boasts a population of nearly 99 million, and a remarkable 21.19% of its citizens, totaling over 20.9 million people, have embraced cryptocurrencies. The country’s tech-savvy population has played a pivotal role in driving this surge.

Saudi Arabia

In the heart of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia stands out with an ownership percentage of 17.53%. With a population of over 36 million, more than 6.4 million Saudis have ventured into the crypto space, reflecting a growing interest in digital financial assets.

United States

Despite its lower ownership percentage of 14.36%, the sheer scale of the United States, with a population exceeding 339 million, means that nearly 49 million Americans are actively involved in the cryptocurrency market. The U.S. remains a powerhouse in the global crypto landscape.


This vibrant city-state has become a crypto hotspot, with 13.93% of its 6 million residents holding digital assets. Singapore’s reputation as a financial and technological hub has attracted a significant number of crypto enthusiasts, contributing to the global phenomenon.


With a population of 89 million, Iran has seen a substantial 13.46% of its citizens, around 12 million people, diving into the world of cryptocurrencies. Despite regulatory challenges, Iranians have found ways to participate in the global crypto market.


Boasting a population of over 117 million, the Philippines has witnessed a surge in crypto ownership, with 13.43% of its residents, totaling over 15.7 million people, actively engaging in the digital currency space.


With 10.30% of its 36.7 million population owning cryptocurrencies, Ukraine is carving a niche for itself in the global crypto arena. The country’s tech-savvy youth and a growing awareness of digital assets contribute to its rising crypto ownership.


Despite economic challenges, Venezuela stands out with a crypto ownership percentage of 10.30%. Nearly 3 million Venezuelans, out of a population of 28.8 million, have turned to cryptocurrencies as an alternative financial solution.

South Africa

With a population of over 60 million, South Africa rounds off the top 10 with a solid 10% ownership percentage. Over 6 million South Africans have embraced cryptocurrencies, highlighting the widespread appeal of digital assets on the African continent.

Max Coupland from CoinJournal commented on the findings: ”The United States, with its substantial population and widespread adoption, remains a formidable force in shaping the trajectory of the global crypto landscape. As individuals continue to explore and invest in digital assets, the findings reflect the enduring allure of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream financial phenomenon.”