E-sports giant Theta announces partnership with South Korean gaming platform

E-sports giant Theta announces partnership with South Korean gaming platform

By Benson Toti - min read

The collaboration has resulted in a system that allows Ludena users to access rewards based on their levels of engagement

Theta, the high profile Esports streaming platform that is powered by cryptocurrencies, has partnered with the South Korean social gaming platform, Ludena Protocol, to reward gamers for viewing or streaming content.

Users of Ludena will be rewarded for engagement through Theta’s TFUEL token.

As part of the collaboration, Ludena Protocol’s first decentralised app (dApp), GameTalkTalk, will be adding Theta Tokens to its platform.

“Theta Network will bring its high quality esports, gaming and blockchain content to our 3 million+ users. GameTalkTalk users will earn rewards with the TFUEL token for watching and sharing their bandwidth and videos with other network users and engaging with the content,” the announcement reads.

This collaboration marks the launch of an embedded app for Theta Live Mobile for android apps in South Korea.

The Chief Executive Officer of Theta Labs, Mitch Liu, said that GameTalkTalk is the ideal partner for the launch of the Theta Live Mobile Embed product. The arrangement between the two enables viewers to relay esports and game streams to their peers and work on earning TFUEL— all made possible by just watching and sharing their bandwidth resources.

The announcement also reveals that Theta Labs will continue to support the Ludena Protocol’s global expansion plans across a variety of marketing channels. Ludena Protocol will assist by leveraging their US and Europe community, bridging them and effectively onboarding new international GameTalkTalk users.

The Theta Network has also agreed to give an exclusive GameTalkTalk channel on Theta TV, which will feature content curated from the Ludena Protocol and broadcasted access to the user community of five million users.

Joshua Kim, the CEO of Ludena Protocol, expressed his hopes that the cooperation between the company and Theta Labs will help lead the way in developing a gaming ecosystem with marked contributions to the blockchain gaming market.

“We hope that the cooperation between Theta Labs, which showcases an excellent model of disruptive blockchain-based service, and the Ludena Protocol Foundation, which seeks to create an innovative global gaming ecosystem through a gaming social platform, will lead to achievements that are long remembered in the blockchain gaming market.” Kim said.

Blockchain has long been touted as a revolutionary asset for the gaming industry. The technology allows for a secure marketplace to buy and sell in-game assets. It can also change the way gamers operate with their profiles by facilitating the creation of interoperable profiles for gamers.