First multichain wallet releases feature to support Ethereum NFTs

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First multichain wallet releases feature to support Ethereum NFTs

By Daniela Kirova - min read

Nufinetes, the first multichain wallet built for Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and VeChain ecosystems, released a new feature to enable users to manage, view, and send Ethereum NFTs from special projects securely, a press release informed

The update extends the wallet’s support to NFTs on ERC-721 with an intuitive interface. It’s already possible to view VIMworld’s SmartNFTs on VeChain.

Sign multichain transactions 

Nufinetes allows users to sign multichain transactions. They can interact with dApps across different networks and send transactions to any blockchain using VeChain Thor’s signing feature or Ethereum/BSC’s Wallet Connect. 

These include token exchanges on UniSwap, PancakeSwap, and other popular DEXs and purchasing NFTs from OpenSea and other well-known marketplaces.

Enhanced security features 

The wallet owner manages private keys directly. Nufinetes users can export private keys and create digital backups on secure storage devices. 

Further security is offered through support for FaceID on Apple iOS devices. The wallet owner has to use biometric input or a pin code every time the Nufinetes app reopens or their phone locks. 

Universal device, browser, and OS support 

Nufinetes is accessible on all devices, OS, and browsers. It can also be used as a standalone mobile or desktop app. 

A seed phrase import enables cross-device capability. Users can manage assets any way they want and at the same time. 

After the user creates or imports a new wallet in Nufinetes, the wallet address is replicated across each blockchain available, improving the user experience by reducing the number of addresses they have to manage.

Fast, convenient transactions 

You can add addresses to your address book for convenience, security, and transaction speed. You don’t need to ask for a password for each transaction; instead, it’s possible to unlock the wallet in increments of up to half an hour. 

Appealing integration features

Finally, Nufinetes developers have integrated capacities that are highly appealing for project teams who may want to send rewards on one chain and snapshot assets on another.