GIFcoin: Gambling Investment Fund – An Ethereum-based Token Supported by a Real, Working Business

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GIFcoin: Gambling Investment Fund – An Ethereum-based Token Supported by a Real, Working Business

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 20 July 2020

People have been placing bets for centuries. It comes as no surprise that gambling today has turned into a massive multi-billion dollar industry and has grown considerably since the internet launched.

Among the heaps of Initial Coin Offerings currently, there’s one that’s both revolutionary and remarkable – GIFcoin, the first Gambling Investment Fund globally.

The Gambling Market’s Astounding Statistics

In the period 2016-2017, the gambling market engaged millions of punters who generated over $500 billion solely in 2017. And this is not counting the unregulated portion of this niche, which is much larger.

By 2020, industry experts foresee a 3.3% industry growth yearly. Two things characterize these mind-blowing revenue shares:

  • The massive market bets in comparison to bets placed by gamblers in offline casinos or via lotteries.
  • The developments in both the legalization and authorization of online sports wagering, permitting punters to take part in gambling activities from anywhere in the world.

This already substantial industry growth is envisaged to expand even more in the following years. The expansion will result not only from an ever-growing, internet-using populace but also from advancements in the authorization of online sports betting in numerous country markets, including the U.S.A.

Your Unique Opportunity to Earn a Solid Share

The first three letters in GIFcoin stand for Gambling Investment Fund. The revolutionary project provides investors with the unique chance to gain a juicy share of the gambling market’s enormous profits.

The fact that the GIFcoin ICO is supported by an already functioning and moneymaking, betting website – – is what distinguishes it a lot from the majority of other ICOs that are merely ideas.

GIFcoin intends to collect funds, which will serve for upgrading the online platform of VitalBet, together with entering into many new and attractive markets, as well as popularizing the brand. These marketing, branding, and advertising steps will drastically increase the active users of VitalBet, and so will the website’s profits.

To reward its ICO supporters, GIFcoin will share 80% of VitalBet’s net profits with every GIF token holder. This profit share will happen once a year.

GIF tokens are ERC20, built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology. If you take part in GIFcoin’s ICO, your investment will help an already profitable business pave a way for an even more sustainable, long-term growth.

GIFcoin’s Team

GIFcoin and VitalBet’s team take great pride in a long history of sports betting, online gambling, and digital marketing.

The CEO, for instance, owns over 50 online betting projects. The rest of the team encompasses industry veterans and seasoned professionals in sports affiliate marketing, Blockchain development, eSports, odds, as well as advertising, branding, and marketing.

Become a Part of the Revolution

GIFcoin’s creators are eyeing a colossal $500 billion industry. The Initial Coin Offering will help them raise capital for VitalBet’s further advancement. During the ICO period, GIFcoin will release 300,000,000 tokens.

VitalBet’s goal by 2020 is to have 2.1 million users. According to the betting site’s experience, every punter loses around $360 per year (or $30 per month). 2.1 million users X $360 in lost wagers equals $756 million.

These more than three-quarters of a billion will be VitalBet’s revenues. 45% of them will be their net profits – $340.2 million. GIFcoin is going to share 80% of VitalBet’s net profits with token holders. This amount is $272.16 million.

If we divide the net profits of $272.16 million by 300 million tokens (shared once a year), this means that 1 GIF token will be worth $0.9072.

If you join the ICO and buy 10,000 GIF tokens (1 ETH during the ICO), your annual profit share will be 10,000 X $0.9072, which is $9,072. This sum will appear in ETH in your Ethereum wallet at the end of each calendar year.

In addition, the platform of GIFcoin will provide investors with a dashboard via which they will be able to determine GIF token’s price at any time, as well as keep track of their profits.

GIFcoin Token – Sale Summary

GIF — an Ethereum ERC-20 token.

Price of tokens during ICO: 1 ETH = 10,000 GIF + bonus

Total Supply: 300,000,000 GIF

Available Cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, and LTC.

Minimum Investments: 0.5 ETH; 0.05 BTC; 2 LTC


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