Grayscale’s GBTC tops ETFs, Standard Chartered bullish on BTC, Meme Moguls trending in BTC ETF buzz

Grayscale’s GBTC tops ETFs, Standard Chartered bullish on BTC, Meme Moguls trending in BTC ETF buzz

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • Standard Chartered forecasts $200K Bitcoin by late 2025, banking on ETF approval.
  • Grayscale’s GBTC outpaces 99% of ETFs, trading close to half a billion dollars.
  • Meme Moguls, a meme-backed stock market, enters the crypto space with presale buzz.

As the crypto world buzzes with anticipation over the potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US, major players are making bold predictions. Standard Chartered forecasts a staggering $200,000 target for Bitcoin by late 2025, contingent on ETF approval.

Simultaneously, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is making waves, outpacing the majority of ETFs in trading volume. Amidst this, a new player, Meme Moguls, is poised to capitalize on the ETF momentum.

Standard Chartered’s $200K Bitcoin projection with ETF approval

Standard Chartered, a banking giant, has made a striking projection for Bitcoin’s future. The multinational firm predicts a potential surge to nearly $200,000 by late 2025, riding on the approval and success of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US. This optimistic forecast, shared on X by Entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor Lark Davis, is underpinned by the belief that spot Bitcoin ETFs could attract significant inflows, ranging from $50-100 billion in 2024.

The bank’s Head of Digital Assets, Geoff Kendrick, and Precious Metals Analyst Suki Cooper base this projection on the assumption that US-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs could hold a substantial amount of Bitcoin by the end of 2024, potentially multiplying its current price by 4.3 times. Kendrick and Cooper draw parallels with the growth trajectory of gold exchange-traded products, envisioning a more rapid ascent for Bitcoin given the expected faster development of the BTC ETF market.

Grayscale’s GBTC outpaces ETFs in trading volume

While Standard Chartered makes forward-looking predictions, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has already demonstrated significant prowess.

According to industry expert Eric Balchunas, GBTC traded close to half a billion dollars on January 8, surpassing over 99% of the approximately 3,000 existing ETFs. Balchunas points out that if spot Bitcoin ETFs get approved, Grayscale will enter the market with substantial trading volume, giving it a significant advantage over its competitors.

Meme Moguls seizing the opportunities amid the ETF buzz

In the midst of the ETF buzz, a newcomer is entering the arena – Meme Moguls. This platform positions itself as the world’s first meme-backed stock market/exchange. As the crypto community eagerly awaits the potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, Meme Moguls aims to capitalize on the growing interest in the cryptocurrency market.

The Meme Moguls ecosystem is powered by the Meme Moguls Governance Token ($MGLS), featuring diverse meme-inspired assets and engaging community-driven features like a casino, trading platform, fantasy trader, and a metaverse world named Mogul Land.

Meme Moguls is currently in the presale stage of its MGLS token, offering participants an opportunity to get involved in the world of meme trading and potentially become part of a groundbreaking utility-based memecoin. With a $10,000 giveaway at the end of each presale stage and ambitious plans to create 100 millionaires within the first three months of launch, Meme Moguls is setting high expectations.

In the presale’s current stage, participants can access $MGLS for $0.0027, with a total supply of 3 billion tokens. Analysts predict substantial growth for $MGLS, aligning with the overall bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market.


In this dynamic landscape, where traditional financial institutions make ambitious forecasts, established entities like Grayscale showcase real-time strength, and emerging platforms like Meme Moguls strive to carve their niche, the crypto market remains an ever-evolving space.

As the spotlight remains on the potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, these developments mark significant steps in the maturation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.